VIDEOS: NYC Man Tells Neturei Karta “America Needs Jews Just Like You!”


Hundreds of Neturei Karta activists demonstrated outside the United Nations on Thursday, Chol Hamoed Sukkos (September 27) as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to address the world’s leaders.

As they chanted the usual slogans like “Israeli Nazis” and “Israeli government shame on you”, a spectator decided to enthusiastically show his support, chanting to the group “America needs Jews just like you”.

During his speech to the UN, Netanyahu revealed Iran is maintaining a secret nuclear development facility, years after they supposedly ended the program due to an agreement led by then-President Barak Obama.


  1. The satmer rebbe reb yoel said: that if a goy hates israel hes an anti semite.

    Satmer rebbe was one of the biggest anti zionists there was. Hepointed out that jews have a reason to be against israel because of the torah. But a goy who hates israelis because he hates all of us.

  2. these NK idiots are fighting a battle that ended some 70 years ago when the state became a reality and we who live in Israel have to deal with the government and get our rights recognized and this is done with the religious parties.

  3. This is a real big kidush hashen. Thanks to the jews that don’t bow to the golden calf (eigel) of the zionist state from today. Protests like this will bring moshiach

  4. After my last and final ever trip to a conservative synagogue from the things I heard during the sermon, I wonder why these two sects don’t hook up.

  5. Just about each and every one of these useless pieces of drek is descended from a holocaust survivor. To me, anyone who has the nerve to call any other jew, religious or not, a nazi, is not a jew. I don’t care if you wear the stupid clothes from the 17th century, YOU ARE NOT A JEW! Hitler did not care if you were frum or not, chasidish or not, but yet these oh so holy pieces of garbage, have the nerve to scream Nazi. Having just lost a very dear friend in Ari Fuld, this nauseates me.
    They should all be drafted into the army and be used for target practice.
    I dont care if you NK/Satmar dreks call me an anti-semite. Anti-semite means I dont like Jews. NK is not Jewish.

  6. boyswork your own words show your an antisemite

    you write

    I don’t care if you wear the stupid clothes from the 17th century

    you dont like a yid that dresses in a way that shows hes a yid you prefer we dress like all the goyim and not a destinctive way you dont believe that a yid is to be different in all manners than a goy. i believe you are an antisemite to ppl who are not of your version of yiddishkeit

  7. Comments such as those regurgitated by BoysWork are turning YWN into an anti-Jewish laughing stock. Actually, it’s not even so funny. All the world’s anti-Semites read how the Jews talk about each other. “Well, if they can talk like that about themselves — we (the anti-Semites) surely can!” The editors/ moderators are complicit in fomenting hatred and divisiveness in Klal Yisroel. True, NK also displays such divisive attitudes. So, should the response to their behavior be to descend to their pathetic childish level, or to display some maturity and adult responsibility? NK is beyond hope. Spreading frivolous idiotic nivul pe comments against them is not going to change a thing. Most likely ignoring them would cut off their oxygen supply more effectively than cursing their shenanigans. But, of course, if it’s eyeballs and clicks we’re after — nothing is going to change. How unfortunate.

  8. Dear Coffee addict
    Please do not generalize saying “Iranians”. There so many Persian (Iranian) Jews who love Israel.
    Even there are some Iranians of
    other religions who love Israel.
    There is a minority group who govern all in Iran who hate Israel, not all Iranians.
    Thanks for your understanding, please.
    Saying these kind of words like generalizing “Iranians” make life harder than usual on Jews who are “Iranians”.
    Some of Iranians live in Israel and
    love Israel. We are Jews and we should be kind to each other, no matter where we live. It does not matter if we are Sephardic or Ashkenazi or American Jews or Persians Jews or …. , please let become “one” till our Moshiah comes.
    Please let put differences away as one comment that I lover that Hitler (our enemy) do not care if we are Sephardic or Ashkenazi or this or that, they hate us if we are Jews then please let be kind and understanding to one an other.

  9. It’s so pathetic how excited these crazy people become when one African American Jew hater agrees with them.
    So scary that people that look just like us are bigger anti semites then the general goy.

  10. Look, it’s one of the purple jacket people! 🙂

    More seriously, who considers this newsworthy?
    And I think american_yerushalmi makes a good point.

  11. Dear Coffee addicts,
    Thank you for your “understanding” and “correction”. Iran was the land that Daniel prophet lived and our dear Queen Esther and Mordechai lived, and they were citizens of Iran at that time as well. Now as well some Jewish Persians like them still live in Iran. Like we could be American and Jewish at the same time, there are Iranians who are Jewish
    and love Israel.
    Thanks and appreciations

  12. Lbj___

    When they started dressing like that, in the 17th century, it was exactly like goyim at the time. So basically they defined yiddishe levush as whatever the goyishe levush was when they started out.

  13. If this guy in the purple suit KNEW what these smiling boychickles REALLY though about HIM, he would not be high fiving them! They have about as much respect for him as they do for Israel.

  14. joseph: I quote you “Those Yiddishe protesters against Netanyahu at the UN, who were mekadesh Shem Shamayim, are not Neteurei Karta.”
    So many mistakes in one sentence!1
    1. They are not Yiddishe protestors. This is not yiddishkeit. You satmar fools are fighting a 70 year old battle.
    2. mekadesh shem shamayim? Quite the opposite. The goyim do not need more excuses to hate us, but you ignormanuses just keep giving them fodder to hate us even more.
    3. Satmar or Neturei Karta? Same drek. NK is just bad satmar DNA.

    @RebYid: Thanks for clarifying about the clothing. Same reason Skver chasidim wear boots. It was started by the Russian noblemen.

    And finally to @LBJ: Who said these clothes define the clothing of a yid? Do litvish dress like this? Do sefardim dress this way? By the way, tell me how many 1000s of you have cut off your payos and trimmed your beards, but yet you wear the levush because you want to please your parents, or need to get your kids into schools?

    So go ahead LBJ and Joseph and whole lot of you ignoramuses. Keep cursing our holy land. G-d forbid if another Hitler should come along, its the first place you and all the satmar chasidim will run. Or perhaps your holy rebbes will hop on a zionist plane and leave you all behind.

  15. @joseph “Over one third of first graders in Jewish schools across the entire New York metropolitan area are in the Satmar school system.”

    Too bad they are all teenagers.

  16. They’re Satmar.
    Satmar has nothing to sell as far as Yiddishkeit is concerned except hatred for Israel. Except for that, their chassidus is butel umvutal. The masses of their Chassidim don’t even believe this garbage anymore but are afraid to speak out.
    They live in this malchus shel chessed where they get EVERYTHING ( Hameivn Yovin), and have time to make ‘prutessts”
    every Mondig & Dunershtig.

    Unfortunately, there are loads of Litvishe chevra, who while they don’t endorse these spectacles outright , endorse their shitta 100%.
    Too bad, they’re stuck in the past.
    EY’s going mechayil el chuyil. These people are irrelevant, forever.

  17. @ZionGate I don’t believe Satmar hate Israel, the Dati Leumi or you, but it is clear from your comment that you hate Satmar Chassidim.

    Whether this is a small fraction of Satmar, a large faction if NK or whoever I have no idea, although you’re happy to jump to conclusions built only in your own mind.

    How a Jew can speak in such hateful terms about other Jews is something truly troubling. To insult Satmar who are renowned as gomlei chassodim par excellance (their many gemach, the incredible Satmar Bikur Cholim who h help all yidden no matter their affiliation) and their excellent work ethic (the primary chassidus to promote taking on any job from sewer cleaning to electrician) and who won’t take money from the Medinah just on a matter of principle – beats me. They have contributed this and plenty more to yiddishkeit.

    I don’t understand, condone, like or support public protests against the Medina in the USA like this. But just as each individual in that protest should examine whether he’s faithfully following his Rebbe’s and his family’s mesorah, so to should every commenter examine their attitude to people they disagree with.

    I would not condemn all dati leumi based on ZionGate’s hateful polemic. And you, ZionGate, shouldn’t hate all of Satmar because this small crowd may be composed of Satmar chassidim.

    ZionGate Shame On You!

  18. american_yerushalmi’s comment is so spot-on it deserves requiring:

    “All the world’s anti-Semites read how the Jews talk about each other. “Well, if they can talk like that about themselves — we (the anti-Semites) surely can!” The editors/ moderators are complicit in fomenting hatred and divisiveness in Klal Yisroel. True, NK also displays such divisive attitudes. So, should the response to their behavior be to descend to their pathetic childish level, or to display some maturity and adult responsibility? “

  19. Absolutely disgusting that this isn’t condemned by everyone starting with the gedolim.
    It is one thing to have a machlokes regarding the gimel shavuos but to agree and side with sick anti Semitic rhetoric such as “occupation” “oppression” and worse such as nazi is traitorous and a din “roidef”.

  20. ASH,
    Cry me a river…!!
    When you call the Medinah, Nazis, it doesn’t matter how much kasha varnishkes your Bikur Cholim distributed today.
    First of all , they DO take money from the Medinah, every child that’s born in EY gets money from the Medinah.
    Second, Everybody else also has Bikur Cholims, Gemachs, Chesseds, & lukshen kugel for the needy & ill. Satmar doesn’t own it. Be that as it may, it doesn’t absolve them from calling Jews, Nazis, in front of the whole world.
    Lemme tell you something, Ash.
    I’m not from yesterday.
    These spectacles have going on for decades… Yes, Decades…!!
    Satmar has harassed even gedolei Yisroel whom they suspected of having Zionist sympathies.
    They do an annual Israeli flag burn on the streets publicly.
    They’ve chased a prominent Chassidishe Rebbe out of Williamsburg decades ago.
    They’ve threatened , burned property of Zionists sympathizers in Willy , and offices of a prominent Yiddish weekly..
    I know Satmar… Individually, I have friends in that community. But the theme of their rabbinic leadership is based solely on an obsession with Zionism… Nothing else, no other Torah values to teach their chassidim..
    These 2 brothers are in secular courts.. There’s hatred between the 2 groups and between families…

    I can go on and on, and on. They pay for ads in newspapers desecrating and cursing other Jews & the Medinah…. a Medinah that has mote Torah Jews in it than anywhere else in the world.

    Never mind Bikur Cholim kreplach soup for the sick.
    Respect healthy Jews too. They teach their children to pray for the destruction of EY, Chas Vesholom.
    Their Grand Rabbi was save by the Zionists and there’s more to say on that , but I’ll be quiet for now.
    Cry me a river…!!