WATCH: Amudim Profiled on NBC News About Fighting Drug Addiction in the Orthodox-Jewish Community


Talking about substance abuse and addiction in the Orthodox Jewish world is a difficult endeavor that Rabbi Zvi Gluck is well acquainted with. He grew up in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Borough Park, Brooklyn and said that, “any insular community likes to remain in their bubble so that they deal with things themselves and not have to mix in the outside world into it.”

Gluck knew early on that helping others was his calling in life because, as he says, “at the end of the day, every time we lose somebody, no matter how old or young, you’re not just losing that person. If we can even just save one life, as the Talmud says, you’ve saved an entire world.”

In 2014, with the support of Jewish philanthropists and community leaders, Gluck created Amudim, a crisis support organization that has taken on two of the most controversial issues in the Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish worlds: sex abuse and addiction.

Since inception, Amudim has helped over 5,000 clients, from across the Jewish spectrum. They provide treatment and services for those that need help, whether they are victims of abuse or addicts. But there’s another critical component of their mission: raising awareness, battling stigma, and education.

(Source: NBC News)


  1. I love Amudim as long aa they focus on helping people. But when they start with the disease stuff and how you don’t choose it but it chooses you thereby completely exonerating the addict that’s where they lose me.

  2. there is nothing ” controversial” about abuse & addiction ; NO ONE IS PRO…rather it is a BURNING QUESTION for which no one has great answers …i have noticed that every org. that started out helping addicts or victims ends up changing direction and focusing on prevention ( mask, yes,priority one, ….) the reason being that once someone is tangled in this yetzer hora oy vavoy as yiddin we have 2 klolim; 1. hatzad hashaveh shebahen SHEDARKAN LEHAZIK ushemirasan olechoh 2. tayves are motzi es haodom min haolam

  3. Why do people put this stuff on National news?!?

    I understand there’s a problem, but why do we need this exposure, or any exposure at all?!?

    Are we trying to show the world “We are just like them”, ch”v? They don’t understand our being the am hanivchar. They don’t and can’t understand our specialness. But this they will grasp on to.

    What are we trying to show them?!? What’s the purpose of this exposure?!?

  4. Addiction is a disease, check with experts if you are doubtful, no different than cancer r’l. As such of course they should be involved in prevention like any other disease. We should also be aggressively going after the dealers who in our community many are Jewish, as well.
    Would anyone object to Chai Lifeline or a bikur cholim, for example, getting national exposure? This helps get the message out to those who need help and adds credence to the organization.
    The Ribbono shel Olam should bentch the people of Amudim who are involved in pikuach nefesh mamash.

  5. anon 9:16 the reason its on NBC is not because tzvi wants publicity rather it is because many frum philanthropists dont invest heavily in these kind of worthy orgs. for various reasons. so they are dependent on gov & grants to operate. and in order to be put on the top of the list you need to show that you are doing big stuff, which is difficult because of the confidential nature of the business. as an example; when “our place” was desperate for funds and bikur cholim of bp needed a new project to show albany under pataki they made a shidduch it was a win win as a drop in center grant
    when someone is working hard for the klal the least we can do is give him the benefit of the doubt

  6. Meir G, I get it. But it doesn’t justify the chillul Hashem caused by this publicity. I cannot believe any Rov was consulted before going public

  7. Rt there you go with the disease stuff. Once one is an addict yes he has the disease. But it’s because of bad choices that he made. For you to compare that to cancer is so highly offensive to ppl that are really sick with serious diseases. And this is the problem today

  8. Rebyidd23
    A lot more than the first time is a choice. He made many many bad choices for him to be in the situation he’s in. Of course we need to help him. But if your looking for prevention the first thing you can do is to hold these addicts accountable. Letting them off the hook completely only encourages this lifestyle.

  9. Perhaps those interested could contact Rav Elya Brudny, the advisor to Amudim, including all the “experts”.
    Some “choices” are foisted upon people against their will, abuse etc
    A very wise man once said, when the Mishna says to judge everyone l’kaf zchus, that’s bidieved, l’chatchila you shouldn’t judge at all.