DEGEL VS AGUDAH: We Will No Longer Make Do With The ‘Crumbs’ We Receive In Yerushalayim [VIDEO]


In the beginning of the attached video, we see Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush speaking at an assembly, warning that Degel Hatorah cannot receive more than them, the chassidish Agudas Yisrael party, as Agudah insists they have more voters and a larger tzibur in Jerusalem.

Degel Hatorah on the other hand, representing the ashkenazi litvish tzibur in Yerushalayim, insists it is larger and as such, it will not longer make do with accepting the “crumbs” given to it by Agudas Yisrael.

In the second video, we see only Moshe Gafne, who promises the party will no longer accept the fact that Agudas Yisrael is the majority and Degel Hatorah the minority, speaking of the Degel hashkafa and following the path that was laid out by the rabbonim shlita, Gedolei Torah, and this is the path that will be followed with pride.

Clearly, the rift between the chassidish and litvish factions of the Yahadut Hatorah party has resulted in the split in the upcoming municipal elections around Israel, scheduled for Tuesday, 21 Marcheshvan. The factions are backing opposing candidates in a number of races, including Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Elad and Haifa.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: קבוצת רוטרניק)


  1. דאס פעלט אונז נאך אויס
    There are so many splits among us! How can משיח possibly come? Who will accept him? This is not good news for anyone!

  2. I live here and if the Chasidim (AGUDAH) would play “fair” and also abide signed agreements – it wouldn’t have happened

    Besides – it is clear that ther are more Litvaks in Yerushalaim than Chasidim and the almost signes agreements where it was changed from 40 Litvaks : 50 Chasidim — to %0 Litvaks : 50 Chasidim – and the Chasidim agreed just shows that the Kitvvaks are really more

    So if u r from Chots lAArets – pls understand that Rav Chaim SHLITA and Rav Gershon SHLITA are not looking to make Machlokes and IY”H only good will come out of this as when Rav Shach ZATSAL split and started Degel Hatorah

    Do u not have Emunas Chachomim?

  3. Agudah stabbed Frum Judaism in the back the last two elections in a row
    They even stabbed their own faction member Porush in the back
    the lack of conscience is astonishing

    They will have much to answer for in heaven

  4. yerushalmit – Mixing Rav Schach zt’l with the current “sarey” Hatorah is a distortion of factual history. Rav Schach zt’l eventually created unity, excluding Chabad, the current leadership have created a peleg, anytime through history when you try to force your concept of “emunas chachomim”, you create a machlokes. Bnei Brak decided that they only they are the “sarey Hatorah” By them forcing their views on everybody they created a machlokes. There existed chilokey deos between Rav Schach and R’ Moshe; The Brisker Rav and Chazon Ish etc….. nobody came out saying you have accept MY daas Torah.

  5. It’s kind of sad that people are making so many negative assumptions about good people in klal yisrael. I have spoken to people who are very familar with the inner workings of what is going on and it seems like the news outlets are distorting the truth.
    There is a disagreement about what parentage of the Charedi population is Litvish and Chasidish, and each side believes that they have more people, therefore each side beleives that they deserve more seats in the municipality to represent their community. Instead of taking some sort of costly census or poll to figure out how much of Yerushalyim is Charedi or Litvish, they decided to just run separately and be able to get an accurate picture by how people vote. It is not a major machlokes.

  6. TorasEMES

    When it was daas Torah
    of one then perhaps
    However when it was a collective daas Torah of more than one or two
    they certainly did say you must adhere and follow

    It was only about a seat or two then who cares.
    I wouldn’t would you?
    what it is about is far more
    It is about the future spiritual direction of the still holy city

  7. Toras Emes

    Rav Schach made peace and unity AFTER the NATIONAL electins that took place
    And anyone who lives in the Charedi neighborhoods in Yerushalaim know that there aren’t that many Chasidim here
    And As I wrote above – even the Chasidim agreed to go 50:50 (so I think one ccan assume that they too kn ow they are not a majority )
    Who said that after the elections there would be no unity????
    Are u Chas VeShalom speaking out against Rav Cahim Shlita and Rav Chaim Shlita????

  8. It is time for truth – Bnei Brak and it’s followers have been pushing and threatening the general public that their dass Torah is the only way. R’ Shmuel zt’l and many others tend to disagree, which they are definitely entitled to do. They are not forcing their views on the public or on the tzibur in Bnei Brak. Never in any generation was the tzibur forced to sign allegiance with any dass Torah. When you force your dass Torah on the public, you create a pilug in klal Yisroel, a Peleg, and a machlokes.