WATCH: The Lubavitcher Rebbe On Buying Lottery Tickets



  1. Maybe Chabad Shalucha can explain the inyan of only 1 ticket. Is that so one can experience the excitement of participation in the lottery w/o committing significant amounts of funds? Otherwise, hard to understand why a more affluent person might not be able to buy 10 tickets if he/she can easily afford it. If gambling is per se assur, than why is even 1 ticket OK?

  2. GH

    Your chances of winning b’derech hateva are almost nil. Buying additional tickets does not significantly increase your natural odds. The minimal hishtadlus of buying 1 is sufficient. G-d doesn’t need you to buy more tickets to make you the winner.

  3. Gadolhadora: this was the view of almost all Gedolim. One has to make hishtadlus and if Hashem wants you to win you will. All we need to do is our small bit and He will take care of the rest.

  4. money that we earn comes from hashem. but Hashem wants we make our hishtadlus, our kli, our vessel in which hashem’s bracha will come in. working harder will not get you one cent more then what Hashem had decided to give you. but you have to make the proper hishtadlus that’s needed in order to get the amount of money you need. buying only one ticket is enough of an hishtadlus to win the lottery if you are meant to win it. buying more then one will not make you win if Hashem does not want you to win. buying only one ticket demonstrates your realization that its all from hashem.

  5. What about buying 1 mega and 1 powerball? Is that too much hishtadlus because if H” wants you to win 1 ticket is enough or perhaps it’s ok because the winning amounts are different and H” may want you to win one amount and not the other?

  6. Everyone said it as well or better than I. @kako if its different amounts, it would seem its fine to do one in both as each amount to one chance per raffle.

  7. The government/state lottery is fixed, hence the payouts keep going up because they increased the odds.

    I’m assuming the reason for one lottery ticket is the same as I’ve heard given by a Rabbi I like to listen on podcast. You buy one ticket because that is all you need for a chance to have Hashem let you win. I’m thinking that means, if you were supposed to win, why do you need a 100 tickets when one was enough?

  8. It’s known amongst Chassidim that there are two types of horaos by the Rebbe: klalis and pratis. Often a letter by the Rebbe (printed in “Igros Kodesh”, a series of books containing the Rebbe’s letters to people) will be mistaken by people as being a horaah, whereas it was only told to that specific individual considering their specific circumstances.

    It sounds to me, knowing somewhat the yachas of the Rebbe in general towards various things, rather absurd that the Rebbe would ever outright suggest that everyone should have one try at the lottery. I’m not going to expound on this right now (unless per request…) but simply put, it seems here (especially if you look at the Rebbe’s smile as he says it) that the Rebbe is telling him to STOP doing the lottery. And as pure guesswork, it sounds as though the Rebbe is letting him one more time because the guy obviously has a thing for lottery tickets. Though some of the comments to actually make sense on some level, still there is a bit fault with the logic.

    At any rate this certainly does not seem to be a horaa larabim in this video… Regardless however the video is a unique one that I thoroughly enjoyed!! A somewhat rare occurrence…

  9. I’ll add my two cents to the above discussion on making a kli, parnassa coming from Hashem, etc.
    I adamantly hold that considering the fact that Hashem takes care of our parnassa, but we just have to make a kli and so on, then why would a person even have to buy a lottery ticket? Are you choosing for Him how to get your parnassa? Your job is to act bederech hateva, as you say; so why are you looking for a miracle in buying a lottery ticket? (I consider it a miracle since the odds, statistically speaking, of anyone winning the lottery, ESPECIALLY after buying just one ticket, is 0%).

  10. B”h, 14 cheshvan (30 days before 14 kislev) 5779
    Although i can not say definitely what the Rebbe had in mind, nevertheless it seems pretty clear to me from the above video that the Rebbe is not “giving in” to the guys requests and in fact is encouraging the man to buy a ticket as a vessel for Hashem bracha. (the Rebbe is very exact with his words). This is clear from other places as well in the Rebbe’s printed letters where the Rebbe writes about buying a ticket, but only one to make a Keli to win.
    i would like to take this opportunity to thank the online chabad database – for releasing this unique video and for all the incredible work they do in making the videos of the Rebbe accesible to the wider public.
    May we be reunited with the Rebbe with Moshiach now!

  11. In addition the Rebbe writes in his reshimos (diaries) that the Tzemach tzedek and Rebbe Maharash both used to buy lottery tickets (and they a letter of the Tzemach Tzedek asking that his son, the Rebbe maharash should win).
    A School Teacher also one asked the Rebbe how he can make a keli for more wealth and the Rebbe told him to buy a lottery ticket.

  12. To Gadolhadorah:
    (I am NOT a posek.) My understanding is that, if Hashem wants to bestow money on you, He needs you to have only one ticket. He makes all decisions. You only have to do your histadlut to create the vessel through which he bestows the gift. And, buying more than one ticket betrays a lack of emunah.

  13. YSiegel,

    How is that for over dramatization.
    The Lubavitcher Rebbe, in my opinion is saying exactly what the video shows.
    1) No horoah to buy a ticket and no lesson to not buy a ticket. It’s simple, you want to buy a ticket, go buy one.
    2) Eem kvar, you are into the lottery and buy a ticket, only buy one.

    That’s the whole story. Many gedolim agree with this. Either way, if YOU want to buy 2, a good way to do it, is to partner up with individuals and become a shutuf in the lottery.

  14. So does this extend to ANY gambling?? What about the lotteries for various mosdos, bingo games at some shuls (not too much these days), etc. Only one ticket, one bingo card, one round of blackjack at the casino??? I’ve seen ostebsibly frum yidden at casinos in Atlantic City playing for hours….clearly they are not chabadniks in good standing.

  15. GH!
    Government lotteries are not at all considered ‘gambling’ in a halacha sense. Tzei U’lmad! Obviously your moniker is loshon sagi nohor.

  16. Gadolhadorah: Your hanging out at the wrong casinos in Atlantic City. You need to hang out in the ones that DON’T have ostensibly frum yidden playing for hours.