WATCH: Chabad Shliach To Pittsburgh Speaks Outside Of Scene Of Shabbos Morning Massacre


Rabbi Yisroel Rosenfeld, of Chabad of Pittsburgh, speaking tonight at a vigil in Pittsburgh.


  1. cute speech, but
    I Dont know which Rambam he’s quoting. It’s not the Rambam in hilchos taanis- spreading kindness…?
    If he wants to change the Rambam’s message then dont use the Rambams name
    Why doesnt he just make up quotes in the name of his rebbe?

  2. Rabbi Yisroel Rosenfeld: “we all know the famous quote from the Rambam”. Wonderful words but most if not all of the people who frequent that temple have never heard of the Rambam let alone read anything he wrote, nor do they have any idea what Klal Yisroel means or what ahavas Yisroel is. The untimely death of any human being created b’zelem Elokim is a tragedy but we do not need to get carried away here giving the movement this temple is affiliated to any degree of Jewish legitimacy as a result of “an occasion like this”.

  3. i think Rabbi Rosenfeld is referring to rambam hilchus teshuva perek 3 halacha 4
    עשה מצוה אחת, הרי הכריע את עצמו ואת כל העולם כולו לכף זכות וגרם לו ולהם תשועה והצלה,

  4. Someone can perhaps answer for me . Is a candlight vigil a Jewish thing? I’ve never seen it or heard about it anywhere for Frum or traditional Jewish tragedies. #2. Would it have been better to allow a vigil but ask Jews participating to please not light candles during shabbos? . Tehillim- fine. Singing- fine. Hugging- fine. Candles on shabbos- disappointing

  5. To be fair it looks as though the candlelight vigil was in the dark. That still doesn’t make it right, but it does not seem that it was during Shabbos. Rabbi Rosenfeld spoke about “the famous quote” from the Rambam which I cannot place, at least not from the way he gave it over. It is vaguely like the halocho in Hilchos Teshuva refered to above but if that was what he had in mind it was somewhat twisted out of shape to fit the message of worldly brotherly love he wanted to give. He spoke about how we Yidden should always look for the positive even on “an occasion like this” and that everyone should take on another mitzva, however small, like saying hello to someone you have never said hello to before. Not that being nice to ones neighbors is not a good thing but maybe suggesting at a time like this – occasion seems a strange choice of word – keeping the mitzva of Shabbos, would have been a stronger message from the good Rabbi. My understanding is that the Eibishte asks that of us before saying hello to our neighbors. It was the usual Chabad thumping stuff, with arm waving and hoping to soon welcome the Moshiach. We Yidden are not B”H like the umos haolam; why pretend to be?

  6. with your mention the usual chabad thumping stuff {as if chabad dos not engage all day in getting more and more yidden to do mitzvos) shows were you are coming from and what you want. so trying to answer us extra. perhaps to another mitzva yourself and be nice and be dan lchaf zchus