HATE: Two Jewish Girls Assaulted In Crown Heights On Friday Afternoon


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The following is via CHI:

Two Jewish girls were victims of a senseless attack in broad daylight, just hours before shabbos.

The incident occurred just after 3pm on President Street between Utica and Schenectady Avenues. Two Jewish girls were walking to their house, when a black female in front of their house approached them, and punching one of the girls in the face, as well as hitting her with a rock.

The assailant fled down President St towards Schenectady Ave, and turned down Schenectady towards Carroll St.

911 and Shomrim were called, and although they arrived quickly, were unable to locate the assailant.

The girl assaulted sustained injuries to her face, and was treated on scene by Hatzolah. The other did not sustain any injuries.

(Source: CHI)


  1. As anyone with memory knows, Crown Heights is a flash point for anti-Semitic attacks. What will the mayor do about this? Will there be any intensification of police presence and activity? I suspect that the anti-Jewish mayor will do nothing, seeking to emulate Dinkins. Normally, we daven for the peace and welfare of our governmental leaders. There are exceptions, and DeBlasio has merited being among those exceptions. May we never know from the kind of mayor he has been.

  2. If it was the other way, it would be on all the news and there would be protests or worse.
    Did the black girl say anything? Maybe it wasn’t racial and she just has problems.

  3. It is bigoted and hateful to suggest the mayor is “anti-Jewish”. Especially contradicted by his comments on the Pittsburgh massacre and the actions of local law enforcement.