WATCH THIS: Pittsburgh Liberal Jews Say “Blood of Victims is on President Trump’s Hands” and He’s Not Welcome to Visit


Following the massacre at a synagogue in their city on Shabbos morning, a group of Jewish “leaders” in Pittsburgh, have published an open letter telling President Donald Trump not to visit until he denounces white nationalism.

Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, however, said he would welcome a visit from the president.

The letter, posted on the liberal Jewish action website Bend the Arc, was signed by 11 Jewish leaders and had drawn more than 22,000 additional online signatures Monday morning.

“For the past three years your words and your policies have emboldened a growing white nationalist movement,” the letter says. “You yourself called the murderer evil, but yesterday’s violence is the direct culmination of your influence.”

It adds that Trump is “not welcome in Pittsburgh until you fully denounce white nationalism.”

[President Trump, First Lady to Visit Pittsburgh on Tuesday Following Synagogue Massacre]

Lynette Lederman, a former president of the Tree of Life Synagogue, said Trump was a “purveyor of hate speech” and that she would not welcome him.

Myers, however, said the president of the United States would always be welcome.

“I’m a citizen. He’s my president,” Myers told CNN. “He is certainly welcome.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It is certainly the fault of the murderer. Whether statements like there are fine people among neonazis and white supremacists effected him is unknown for now.

  2. Liberal “Jews” only care about Jews when they can use us as a “weapon” to attack their political opponents. Liberal “Jews” where cheering Obama and Co when he was giving nukes to Iran to wipe Israel off the map.

  3. come on, stop with the vitriol. Our job isn’t to be waiving banners for so-called “liberals” or “conservatives,” no matter how you and I stand on immigration or anything else. We need to primarily align ourselves with Torah, not with a political brand. It’s not a sports event, and so your angry and simplistic words just lead to more problems. You can call them ‘confused’ or whatever, but why are so many of us infected with this anger that both cnn and fox peddle? With all respect, please consider.

  4. Honorable President Trump,

    These “progressive” Jews do not represent the millions of Jews who respect you and what you’ve done
    for the USA, and your support of Israel.
    The radical left Jewry is an abomination ; an anti-religious , mostly Democrat cult, and is Jewish in name only.
    This group is an embarrassment, and the on-line signatures , if vetted, will show thousands on non-Jews
    who like them, are against the values that we Americans, both Jewish & non-Jewish cherish dearly.
    They are being used by the evil media as another way to discredit your presidency and to take it out.
    However…..G-D sees, and with His help , you will continue to succeed, and your party will be victorious next week to help you with your wonderful agenda.

  5. After all the pain these women have been through, and the loss to klal yisrael that we all sustained this shabbos morning(yes, even non frum Jews matter), how could a Torah Jew, or a “yeshiva” website, have any issue with their justified point of view?
    Add my name to the signatories.
    President Trump embodies every bad mida that every mussar sefer i have ever learnt has warned Jews to stay away from like airborne ebola.
    The party of “family values” has failed to deliver a better society. If you want to stop the crum liberals, better chose a real person to lead.


  7. POTUS, stand strong.
    Media fed Liberal, Democrats are what all of these low life’s are all about.
    They can’t forgive you for Conservative Judge Kavanagh.

    Shame on these Liberals, Intermarriage ends their Judaism completely.
    They are hypocrites, fake news.

  8. You Liberals, Judaism is not a religion of “pic n choose”, No grey areas., either you are or you are not.

    And you liberals are NOT Jews in the real sense of the word, you aren’t even fooling yourselves, let alone the rest of the world.

  9. It is a mystery to me: what delusional sick leftist morons are doing on this site? Could it be that they are Democrat trolls paid to pollute frum Jewish website?

  10. Dog, meet whistle. Jews were mowed down in a house of prayer and what concerns us? Which segment of Americanism “caused” it and which segment of Jewry abetted it. The overwhelming majority of sane Gentiles loudly condemned the few Gentiles who went that way. But not us.

  11. Stupid idea but I can understand why some feel this way. Within an hour or two of calling for unity, the Trumpkopf was off his meds and Tweeting about the fake media being “the enemy of the people” and several hours later leading the “lock her up” chants etc. He might have let it go until the niftar had been buried but he couldn’t help himself.

  12. MoisheInGolus: your mind is in golus if so much of your passion as a Jew depends on who likes or hates Trump. chareidi amiti is polluting the site for noting that our president doesn’t exactly measure up to Torah middos? Kind of a nice reminder, I’d say, even if we vote for him. The problem is if so much of your Jewish passion is based on politics. Are you similarly passionate about Shabbos? One comes away on this site that we’re a little bit too passionate, a little too hysterical about the opposition. Yes, we need alliances in office. But remember that if Yidden wearing yarmulkes are so crazy about one president (who like it or not is controversial) and you show hate against the others, then the next president and 1/2 the country just might not be here for you when you need it.

  13. er, i am not going to remain silent when people like chareidi amiti or you accuse president Trump who has done the most positive things for Yidden in US history of murder committed by a Nazi Trump hater, even “our president doesn’t exactly measure up to Torah middos” according to your standards.

  14. Did we forget that we’re in Golus? Our best political defense has always been to be agreeable with the powers that be, not to antagonize them. And as if we need reminding, Trump has shown himself to consistently be a staunch supporter of Jews and Eretz Yisroel, his son in law is Jewish, etc. These are not talking points; these are the facts. Not to chalila to politicize this terrible tragic attrocity; the point is that our hishtadlus in addition to tefilla is to align ourselves with the lesser of evils. You don’t have to like Trump but leftist antisemitism is the threat of the day.

  15. Maybe the narrative should change to be in line with the Paris Kosher Supermarket when the president called it a random attack on random folks. That way we wouldn’t have to hear this nonsense. In that case, they would be silent.

  16. A Jewish soul are not conservative, reform, or orthodox. A Jewish soul is not liberal or conservative. A Jewish soul is a part of Hashem, and connect to Hashem with Torah and mitzvos. We need to focus on doing all the mitzvos that the matyred can no longer do. They wanted to pray to Hashem but were silenced.. We need to raise the voice of prayer in this county once again to pray for a better future.

  17. Moishe in golus
    We both are gun enthusiasts, also, right down to apreciating the merits of glock pistols in .357sig. I bet we could agree on a couple of more things, too.
    But look where your midos have brought you. Your passions for american politics, egged on by an apparent religeous extremism foreign to True Torah values, has taken you to a place where you have no reservation about equating or comparing me to a nazi whos victims havent even been buried yet ?!?!
    It is obvious from what you write that you too share a similar view with this rasha: Liberal Jews are not worthy to live.
    I wonder if you ever asked G-d what he thinks?

  18. chareidi amiti, you better look “where your midos have brought you”. re: ‘Add my name to the signatories.” do not preach us about your “True Torah values”. Your values are values of deranged misguided leftists liberals.

  19. It is Utterly Shameful how you can use this Tragedy to Promote your Political Agenda Against Trump.
    At a time like this when the President of YOUR Country wishes to come and pay Respect for the Fallen, there Families the Community and Yes for All Jews, you Act like A Petulant Child.
    Let me make the Very Clear to You No Matter How Many Votes or Signatures you have You DO NOT Represent the Majority of Jews, by a far Margin.

  20. Stupid Jews. Do you want smooth talking Obama back? He stabbed all of you in the back, along with the U.S. and Israel.
    You liked the smooth talking muslim, anti-Semite? You are all morons and should appreciate Trump, even with his mouth It is hard to take. But, you Jews were hard to take in the last administration. As as Jew, I hate you, too. You have no smarts. I haven’t said this previously.

  21. CHAREIDI AMITI-You are the biggest phony around. Trump embodies the beliefs that most of the real chareidis value… The move of the embassy was long over due and this is daas torah that eretz Yisroel belongs to the yidden and that was so from the HAVTACHA OF HASHEM TO Avraham Avinu!!!!! There is no real entity as Palestine!!Yes Palestine is Jordan as it was for millennia BEFORE 1948!!!! WHY DID THE PALIS NOT FIGHT FOR A STATE BEFORE 1948???????? Because the had a state Jordan ——which they still have today!!! Their fight is not about a state…It is about eradicaiting the Jewish state because of their rabid anti-Semitic feelings that are ingrained of their children from a very young age… There can b e no peace with them because they would ONLY be satisfied with the total demise of the Jewish state c”v.

  22. Trump did one huge embassy move that i am gratefull to him for. It was the right thing to do.
    That does not negate the fact that he embodies narcissistic personality disorder, as is on full public display.
    Perhaps this is beyond his control and he can not be criticized for it. But when frum people decide that real Torah values as specified in pirkei avos and sifrei mussar can be trampled underfoot to shamelessly embrace a man whose entire being reeks of moral decay, then it is time to stand up and call you out on this.
    There is only one petulent child in this story. He sits in the oval office.
    In the meantime, I await seeing the day when moish in golus gets the help he so desperatly needs. He might have to pay out of pocket, though, as trump is replacing obamacare with no coverage for pre existing conditions.
    I will be busy until then shooting my glock 32 at targets portraying liberals trying to disarm me, and chazzering pirkei avos.