MAILBAG: Attn Mayor DeBlasio: Enough Of The Policial Games. Our Lives Are On The Line; WE NEED GUNS – NOW


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Dear Mayor Bill DeBlasio,

I will try and be a civil as possible.

I am a proud Jew. I have a wife and children. All proud Jews. We are descendants of proud Jews. Proud Jews that were led proudly to the gas chambers in Auschwitz, Treblinka.

There is no question that terrorism and anti-Semitism is on the rise. We see that with the Pittsburgh massacre and so many other incidents both here at home and abroad.

Let me explain who you really are to those reading this, so there are no questions.

Unfortunately, your politicization of recent incidents, immediately cast blame on President Trump and Republicans. I want to remind you that in 2016/17 when HUNDREDS of Jewish schools and JCC’s around the country were receiving bomb threats, terrorizing thousands of children – you and your fellow partisans immediately cast blame on Trump. Yet when two arrests were finally made, it wasn’t a Trump supporter as you purported, but an African American male who was upset at his girlfriend, and a mentally disturbed teen in Israel. Not fitting the narrative you had put forward, you of course said nothing!

Just last week, when a sick deranged man living out of his van was mailing pipe-bombs to prominent Democrats around the country – you IMMEDIATELY (within 3 minutes) called it an act of terror. Yet in 2016 by the Chelsea bombing injured 31 people, you never once called it terrorism. Selective labeling for political convenience.

That being said, President Trump said it correctly on Saturday night. If the Pittsburgh Synagogue had an armed guard, this would have ended much faster, and less bloody.

You immediately tweeted an egregious response,  “We should never blame the victims in an attack like this, we should never suggest that a house of worship should have an armed guard to do religious observances. This is not America. And this is certainly not New York City.”‎

Mr. Mayor, nobody in my community thinks President Trump blamed the victims. What is even more disturbing Sir, at the very same moment you demonized the President of the United States for pushing forward the need for armed guards by Jewish institutions as anti American and contrary to NYC values, you yourself placed dozens of armed NYPD SRG teams at some of the very same houses of worship. So which is it? Guards but only some guards? On duty but not off duty? Mr. Mayor, leadership demands consistency not hypocrisy.

I would go further to say that the President understands maybe more than you, that worshipers are sitting ducks and helpless to defend themselves as long as current gun ownership rules favor criminals and not victims. Shockingly, you took a cheap political shot on the backs of the Pittsburgh victims whose blood was still warm. Disgusting and disgraceful.

While we appreciate your multi faith press conference on Sunday to denounce anti-Semitism, standing with Al Sharpton, a long time instigator against the Jewish community showed that today was more political theater than actual mourning for victims.

Here is the bottom line. We appreciate extra police and will always welcome them. But unfortunately law enforcement is just not enough anymore. Response times vary and minutes mean lives. Responsible leaders are beginning to understand that arming worshipers quietly and professionally can reduce fatalities in an active shooter scenario.

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Many believe that the time has come for Jews to finally do what our ancestors couldn’t do in Europe, arm ourselves. We want to be able to protect our own synagogues and Schools. Currently, laws in liberal States like NY make it nearly impossible to get a concealed carry permit.

If you really care about us as you say, gun licenses should be made legal right here in NYC on a case by case basis so that safety and security means just that.‎ We would be willing to work hand in hand with law enforcement professionals to devise a workable plan that provides oversight and security. The time has come to revisit how Jews protect themselves.

Jason Berger – Brooklyn (a democrat)

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


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  1. “Many believe that the time has come for Jews to finally do what our ancestors couldn’t do in Europe, arm ourselves. We want to be able to protect our own synagogues and Schools.”
    Jason, ever think of moving to a country which Jews do arm themselves?

  2. The whole idea of control was never to prevent crimes with guns. It was to disarm those with unpopular opinions (such as Jews and Catholics and other groups deemed unworthy).

  3. There is currently a legal pathway to have members licensed, certified, and insured to carry firearms to shul as qualified NYC armed guards.
    This entails applying and becoming approved for a pistol permit in NYC (or your county if you are not in NYC), which simply lets you keep it at home/range. Next you take the unarmed NYS security guard course, then the 47 hour NYS armed guard course, then you need to be an active volunteer for a security company (think of it like a hatzala member who is active, so he is allowed to stage his gear and car in front of a shul). This is only pathway I am aware of to conceal carry with you to shul in this area of the state. Areas upstate are more understanding and do grant conceal carry without going through these hoops, but obviously no matter how you get licensed you must be trained (ex. just like we trust Hatzalah because they went through training, the same applies here – and this could be brought to the Mayor’s attention anytime he claims “more guns will turn times square into the wild west”.)
    The process in NYC is definitely longer and more complex than the rest of the state, not to mention other states, but it is doable if we can get the city to work with shuls.
    Of course becoming an armed guard here in NYC depends on receiving the intial pistol permit from the NYPD. Currently it takes a long time to put in an application and become approved, so the Op-Ed should be focused on how shuls can work with NYPD to fast track permit applications (without shortcutting the investigative process). Currently it takes a several months and mounds of paperwork to even apply, and they have wide discretion to deny.

  4. Jason, your letter is ridiculous, and I think you too are taking advantage of the shooting in Pittsburgh to advance your political agenda to carry a gun. No we do not need private people walking around shuls carrying their guns. a security guard or police surveillance will do the job, it worked in the past and will work now. Thank God the pittsburgh shooting doesn’t happen daily that we need to get all hyped up and demand gun permits to carry guns in shul. I agree that antisemitism is real and on the rise, it was always there and always will be, they always hated us and always will, but it’s not a reason for us to live in fear and demand to walk around with guns. We lived though much worse and scary times before when terrorism and isis threats were on the rise, we did well and never had an incident like this, we did just fine with police protection, we didn’t need to bring our guns into shuls, we can do the same now. And for all the gun and “protection” lovers out there, before asking for a permit from deblasio, did you get a permit from Hashem or a Rov to own and carry a gun? did you ask a shaila? did you ask Hashem if He would like you to bring guns into His shul?? Also for YWN, it would be more appropriate and appreciated if you would post an article from Gedolai Hador about the massacre, what they have to say about it and how to go forward in regards to protecting ourselves in shuls. That would be more appropriate and appreciated than to post random letters from every Joe shmoe who has two cents to say.

  5. Isn’t this guy protected by gun toting guards?
    He wants to send extra police?… You mean the cops whom he disrespects?
    When the slain officer in the Bronx was memorialized on a special night, dePlatzio ran off to Germany.
    If his crony Obama said ” If they bring a knife, we bring guns ” is ok, then why can’t we bring guns to counter guns?

    Get rid of Nadler…!!!!

  6. Kshomron. How about a country like America where the Constitution is the law? Not liberal cesspools like NY, NJ, and Kalifornia? In Texas we have many congregants who are armed and nobody bats an eyelid. Don’t take it personally, but people in NY are complacent pushovers with a victim mentality who think they’re tough because of their Brooklyn accents. Try living in middle America where people are actually tough, but also warm, and friendly. Being rude and inconsiderate isn’t the same as being tough. 😉

  7. To Gamanit who posted the link to the NYPD permits page.

    They take 6-12 months to review, and if you have ever had driving violations or, HVS, had your DL license suspended and even got it back, or had any non violent misdemeanor offense going back DECADES, they will deny the permit.

    They also give out virtually NO carry permits, and insist that if you ever want to go to a pistol range to practice (which all gun owners should do as frequently as possible, as well as take a serious class), you have to get PRIOR PERMISSION fro the NYPD to leave your house with your own property.

    This, I remind everyone, is after the Feds do a complete background NICS check (look it up), and the Feds make you buy or have shipped any firearms purchase through a Federally License Firearms Dealer, who has annually (and surprise) even deep procto-level exams of their businesses…

    Of course CRIMINALS and terrorists ignore all the above.

  8. It is sickening that counselman Chaim Deutsch stands behind the anti Semitic Al Sharpton. He the ONLY “Frum” elected official to stand with Al Sharpton while Al Sharpton pretends to be outraged by the murders in Pittsburg. A lot of people in the black community are smart enough to know how bad Al Sharpton is, to bad Chaim Deutsch is that stupid not to know. He is a sellout.

  9. jason u just want more security money from the gov stop whining, the 3 officers unfortunately got shot means they not only couldn’t get the animal they couldn’t even protect themselves … you want get a premise permit and leave blasio alone

  10. Meir g, thats because he was able to get inside and take cover first. When he encountered a police officer, he fled inside- if the congregation had been armed the high casualties would be much less likely.
    There’s no way the current laws in nyc are constitutional, there needs to be a strong lawsuit against the city, and if brought before the supreme court its almost certain now to win.

  11. Trained police officers frequently miss their targets and at times wound or kill innocent bystanders. Imagine what poorly trained mispalalim would do in a crowded shul.

  12. yaakov doe: Who says they would they be poorly trained? Just so you know, Regular patrol officers (as opposed to specialized units) only have to qualify annually or semi annually with only several dozen shots at the range and it is VERY hard to fail their test. Few if any seek out additional practice time or training.

    And this just boils down to having giving good, responsible, capable people a fighting chance instead of being to restricted by a gun-free zone. There is such a thing as firearm safety rules and training that teach people how to avoid hurting innocents. There is also a method to establishing guards inside/outside as a deterrence.