WATCH: Rav Yaakov Bender On The Pittsburgh Massacre


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Rabbi Yaakov Bender is the rosh yeshivah of Yeshivah Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway, New York, and the author of Chinuch with Chessed (Mesorah Publications)


  1. I quote Rav bender “The maloch HaMovess knocked on the door of a shull in Pennsylvania” Outrageous! The chief Rabbis of Israel wouldn’t call it a shull and were ridiculed for their kiddush Hashem , and here we have a Rosh yeshivah calling it a shull???!!!!!!

  2. Actually, Reb Dons, if you see the follow up reporting and read a transcript of the actual interview in Hebrew with R Lau, you will find out that the initial report was false, and Haaretz just wanted to vilify him. He dafka rejected not calling it a shul, and said the real differences in hashkafa aren’t relevant to our response at this time.

  3. Reb Dons, a kiddush Hashem is running into a burning building to save a human life. A kiddush Hashem is Hatzolah running out in the middle of the night to rush to save someone having a heart attack, in rain, sleet, or snow. A kiddush Hashem is a Tomchei Shabbos is spending 6 hours on a hot and humid July Thursday night preparing 500+ meals for poor couples, families, and singles so they have bread on the table for shabbos, AND working a full time job. Educating thousands of precious children and alumni (as if they were his own), acting like a mench with the NYPD meeting at your yeshiva in order to protect everyone you care about, with such humbleness is a kiddush Hashem (<—yes, I'm talking about Rabbi Bender). There is zero kiddush hashem in refusing or insisting to call a physical building in this physical temporary world a Yiddish word. I will join Rabbi Bender and countless other Rabbonim in calling it a shul, not because it's a kiddush Hashem, not because I will personally daven there, not because I identify myself as a conservative Jew, but because middos tovos matter so much more in olam hazeh. Reb Dons, I'm glad you won the "battle"! Take you prize and get out!

  4. They were killed for one reason only. Because they were Jews. For that reason alone, they are kedoshim who dies Al Kiddush Hashem.
    Rabbi Bender goes on to elaborate that they are Tinokos Shenishbeu. It doesn’t mean we agree with their philosophy or hashkafos, but that they were proud to be the Jews they knew how to be.
    Take it or leave it. No need to knock it.

  5. I would like to see if someone degraded your father how would you react?
    There is no excuse for pepole to be like that (going to temples and fighting the TORAH etc.)
    The difference between a person and a animal is:
    HASHEM gave a person brains in order to work things out and come to the truth ,that is his obligation(even a goy 7mitzvohs beni noach)
    An animal has no way of coming to that conclusion because he has no brains
    That is the reason why man is accountable for everything including not getting to the truth


  6. TGIShabbos: You say: middos tovos matter so much more in olam hazeh. Reb Dons, I’m glad you won the “battle”! Take you prize and get out!
    Well we can all see your middos….
    Besides the fact -‘middos tovos matter so much more in olam hazeh’???? what a load of tripe….

  7. For the seven noahide categories of Commandments there is no Escape valve of Tinok Shenishbah

    Makkos 9 That presumably would apply for Jews also

    furthermore it seems for personal sins Even grievous ones may be Tinuk Shenishbah such a category If one was submerged in that atmosphere

    For one who however promotes and and attempts to influence in public (e.g a parade) there never Can be categorized as such

  8. Reb dons, another insult from you. We aren’t here to talk about my middos or my personality. This YWN isn’t about my middos. We are here to talk about your distaste and your dislike of Rav Bender using the term “Shul”, and the outrageous things in life you consider as a kiddish Hashem.

  9. I think it is important for everyone to listen to Harav Moshe Weinberger from Aish Kodesh , a Adam Godel Meod, speaking about the Kedoshim who died in the Pittsburgh massacre , you can leave me a email and I can send it to you ,

  10. To reb dons:
    If your true intention was only LeShem Shamaim, you would have sent to Rabbi Bender a letter. Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway. Tell us the real reason why you chose to put your comment on the internet so the whole world can see your comment. Don’t you think it would have been nicer to contact Rabbi Bender first.
    Is that the way you want to be treated?

  11. REb Dons
    Ignore the Attacks upon yourself

    I have neither the time nor the inclination to differentiate between the incompetent and the merely unfortunate” – General Curtis E LeMay