HATE IN SPRING VALLEY: Jewish Man Assaulted in Unprovoked Attack on Shabbos


A Jewish man was assaulted in an unprovoked attack in Spring Valley on Shabbos, in what Police are investigating as a hate crime.

Sources tell YWN that a Hispanic man driving a taxi stopped his car on South Madison Avenue near Singer Street, got out and approached the Jewish man and his brother walking together.

He started screaming “this is not Jewland and you have no royalties here!”.

The Jewish men ignored the man and continued walking.

The man then exited the American Latina taxi, and walked towards the victim and his brother. He shaped his fingers like a gun and poked it into one of their faces. He then punched him in his stomach and fled after they began screaming.

The Spring Valley Police Department is looking for the suspect and being assisted by Rockland County Sheriff Department.

Chaveirim of Rockland ate adding additional patrols in the area.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. Trump has become the jew , he is the scapegost for EVERYTHING even when it’s clearly anti Trump people like in brooklyn twice, here in Monsey and in Pittsburgh. Thank you ywn for reporting this as no mainstream news do.

  2. There is something definitly missing in this story. The hispanic in rockland county have gratitude for giving them an opportunity to earn money. 2nd of all they usually dont use these kind of words such as “royality” . They may not even be hispanic for that matter. Some wrong here. Any updates on story?

  3. China, are you so naive to believe that all Hispanics are carbon copies of each other with the same feelings, thoughts and opinions?

    And are you an anti-Semite where goyim can never do wrong, it’s always the Jews’ fault?

  4. Philosopher, are you even from rockland county? The hispanic here do not speak like that. Mean the word royality would not be part of their vocabulary. I do not beleive he was a hispanic.

    Further what does my comment have to with being anti semetic? Dont go there. My point is thete is something missing from this story. The fact that he came out of a taxi which he was driving and would be easy to track down, doesnt make sense. Dont beleive it