MAILBAG: Time to Stand Up to the Anti-Vaxxers


As has been covered extensively here on YWN, a dangerous new cult threatens the health of our children, our elderly, and our infirm.

These people, with no thought of the risks that they pose to others, foolishly refuse to vaccinate their children against diseases that were thought to longer be a danger. Well, now measles is a danger again, thanks to the reckless, careless, and dangerous actions of a few fools. One child has died so far in Yerushalayim; countless others have been sickened in Monsey, Lakewood, and Boro Park.

As has been reported here on YWN, there is a hotline claiming to direct and support these dangerous crazies. This hotline has falsely informed gullible parents that they are allowed to send their unvaccinated children to school. Not only is this against the explicit instructions of health officials, but it is against the wishes of the parent body who do not want their children to be placed in danger for no reason.

This hotline has advised gullible parents to come join an an anti-Vaxxer meeting, to be held on Monday Nov 5 at 8:00 PM at 17 Highview Rd. We, the outraged victims of this dangerous new cult, should be there, out in force, showing our objections to this dangerous cult, and trying to protect gullible parents from being duped into putting both their children and our children at risk!

Outraged in Monsey

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  1. Isn’t it ironic that the ones advocating against vaccinations for their idea of “protecting” their children, have no problem putting the rest of the klal in harm’s way.

  2. Hi I’m very surprised by your way of describing another jew! I have a new article for YWN!!! You can title it sinas chinam!! The reason the beis hamikdash isn’t being rebuilt! Think about that! Forget about vaccines think about loving all klal Yisroel!! That’s what Judaism is about!

  3. I have a neighbor that doesn’t vaccinate his kids and every time I try to convince him to act responsible he quotes me statistics and studies that have been done proving vaccines do more harm then good.
    Honestly, I don’t know how to answer him.

  4. listen Sylvia its sinas chinam to jeapordize the world wait until a non jewish kid gets infected with the measles because some moron in the jewish community decided not to vaccinate then you will know what sinas chinam is

  5. Hashem is the protector you are taking things into your own hands and causing baseless hatred try having some emuna that your kids will survive the “threat” of non-vaxxed kids!

  6. Sylivia: Protecting our children and the Klall in general is not Sinas Chinam!
    berry95: How many children have been hospitalized critically ill due to vaccination.
    If they want to establish their own community in their own sheltered location with their own schools and shuls with pleasure but they have no right to put others at risk!

  7. @Sylvia – Sinas Chinam? This is your issue?

    I have a child that has an auto immune disease and can’t get any vaccines right now. The anti-vaaxers are endangering her life. If chas veshaolom something were to happen, I would personally sue every single last one of you, including Doctor Eilenberg, Rabbi Kotler, Rabbi Kaminetzky and his wife and the rest of the cult. Every one of them . My husband and I are petrified every day she leaves to school right now.

    And you are worried about SINAS CHINAM?!

  8. I can’t believe the hate spewed out by that person.
    As much as we try, there is no one in the ‘forced vaccination’ camp willing to talk to any Doctor, scientist or epidemiologist who disagrees.
    More the pity.

  9. > berry95

    There is an old saying – to their questions there are answers, but to their answers there are no answers. That means there is nothing that you can say, there is no evidence you can give, to someone who has a closed mind.

    Before there was the measles vaccine in 1963, there were 4 million measles cases a year in the United States – 6,000 deaths per year from measles (at the beginning of the 20th century in the United States) and untold numbers of crippled. What changed? For anti-vaxxers – it is just co-incidence.

    Remember, the United States population today is some 5 times what it was then, so the 6,000 deaths per year at the beginning of the last century comes to (say) 30,000 deaths per year in today’s numbers.

    How the vaccine is allegedly “worse” than the aforementioned numbers is way beyond me.

  10. ****NEWSFLASH****

    The Monday night cult meeting has been cancelled thanks to the push-back and awakening of the masses against these reshoyim arurim, and the rabbis that are part of this cult.

    Instead, they will be having a “phone conference” on Tuesday night.

    Thanks YWN and great work!

  11. To RochelS. Please contact me through YWN. I am an attorney, and I will be more than glad to sue your child’s school in advance. This entire debacle is out of control, and I will be doing this pro-bono. I am terribly sorry for the situation that you are in.

    Please email YWN and get my contact info. I will start legal proceedings immediately. And yes, there are legs to stand on, and the school will pay a price or this. I will not hesitate to file suit against any of the doctors manipulating the charieid community, nor will I hesitate to sue the Roshei Yeshiva mentioned above. This is Shfichas Domim.

  12. @Rochel S- How dare you be mevazah Rabbonim like that, shaming them in public. This is going to far, if you are upset at the anti-vaxers that is one thing but it does not give you the right to shame Rabbonim. In the name of bashing anti vaxers all has become permitted. How shameful!!!

    I am shocked that Yeshivaworld allowed your comment to be posted!

  13. Let’s play ‘replace a word’:
    “Hashem is the protector you are taking things into your own hands and causing baseless hatred try having some emuna that your kids will survive the “threat” of VACCINATION!”
    See how we can spin ’emuna’ however we want? That’s why we follow the Torah, and not our whim. Torah dictates that hishtadlus in healing is using the medical knowledge of the day. If mainstream science comes out that it’s worse to vaccinate, most rabbonim will change their psak. Until that day, we vaccinate and trust in Hashem.

  14. Barbara Rose.

    First, there is no ‘forced vaccination camp’. You are making this up, there are normal people that follow the advice of professionals this is not limited to vaccines, this goes with all their medical and prevention stuff. The only ‘camp’ is the ones that are part of a ‘movement’ and listen to nonsense hotlines and nonsense magazines.

    The professionals and known experts are not hiding, they have clearly stated their opinion and have real data to back up any claim, the claims that the anti vaxxers are making are anectodal and cannot be proven or disproven, it is unethical for any ‘side’ to resort to scare tactics, present the facts and let people make their own decisions.

    What nonsense is this creating hotlines and groups, is this a religious thing?? if yes then it sounds like a cult, Otherwise why not just do as you or the people you trust have advised you to do?

  15. The only way this will be brought to a stop is if we start exposing the four rabbonim like Rabbi Shmuel Meir Katz of Lakewood who won;t even give his child Penicillin if he gets strep throat. These people are so insane that it is just unreal.

    Just take vitamin B7, E6 and drink some pomegranate juice, and be healed of everything…. or some other brilliant ideas.

    Tiupishim gemurim.

  16. I was born in the early fifties, and I had the measles in the early sixties. I only remember being diagnosed, and going back to school 2 weeks later. I was told later that I had a fever of 105 and was pretty sick. I only wish this on those who have not been vaccinated.

  17. listen berry 95 and Sylvia rabbonim can commit shficas dfamim as well and its only a matter of time before a non jewish kid under the age of 2 who is not yet fully vaccinated gets the measles and then all the real problems will begin, Pharmucitcal companies are tzadikim and they have more olam habba then anyone of these so called rabbis who are anti vaccination , get out of monsey Brooklyn Lakewood and wherever else people who don’t vaccinate their children are reshaim

  18. -georgeg

    In 1963 there were only around 450 deaths from measles that is a pretty drastic decline from the around 6,000 at the beginning of the century which you quoted. clearly indicating that the disease was in decline for many years before the vaccine was introduced.!!!
    Any chart will clearly show this.

    I am wondering why the vaccine is taking the all the credit.
    I guess we can invent a vaccine for the Black plague and then say that it disappeared because of the vaccine.

  19. ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH. I too am strongly pro vaccine but the chilul hashem and sinah on this site have to stop. Naming rabbonim saying awful things hasn’t changed minds. Sinas chinam destroyed the bais hamikdah which killed more yidden then measles mumps polio etc.. combined. Let’s try and convince everyone to vaccinate but not at the cist of destruction and machlokes in klal yisrael.

  20. It’s bad enough that anti-vaxxer parents in Yerushalayim killed their child, and I sure hope they go to jail for it. If anti-vaxxers choose to put their children at risk, that’s terrible, but keep them away from my children! NO ONE wants those children in our schools! NO ONE!!! Get them out and home-school them until you get some sense. You have no right to put my children at risk! Vaccines have virtually eliminated many serious and fatal diseases. They work. There is no need for any more data-there’s tons of it already. Measles was almost eliminated in the US before this dangerous movement started. Again, you’re entitled to your decision (but not really since you’re making a dangerous decision for your children who can’t yet make their own decisions and I daven that you don’t need to suffer the consequences like those parents in E”Y) but keep your kids out of our schools!!! Right now!!!

  21. The anti vaxers are reshoim. They should not be given any kibudim in shul and their children banned from school. Perhaps all anti vaxers should make a commune and live together. Place someone with polio or smallpox there. Oh there is no more smallpox or polio I wonder why.

  22. It is amazing that you selfish, ignorant anti-vaxxers are still trying to convince people not to vaccinate after a baby died in Yerushalayim and another is in the ICU. You have caused a tremendous amount of damage and have put numerous people at risk, including those too young to get vaccines and those with cancer or autoimmune diseases. All because of lies and stupidity. As I have mentioned in many of my other posts, your arguments make no sense. If vaccines were so dangerous, I think that I would have seen this bear out after having given thousands of vaccines in my career. But amazingly enough, none of my patients ever became autistic, developed seizures, or developed any of the other crazy, conspiracy theory nonsense you people spew. On the other hand, I have had several non vaccinated children and adults die of the flu, pneumonia, and meningitis, and many more become seriously ill or suffer permanent health issues such as brain damage. You people are like the flat earth society – you will believe your stupid nonsense to the very end.
    And berry95, the reason fewer people died from measles in the 60’s than during the turn of the century is because of better medical care not because it is declining. There were millions of cases of measles a year in the US up until the vaccine came out. And even though BH most people survived, any death or permanent damage is a shame.
    Again, I urge any of you who have not been vaccinated to not listen to these fools and protect yourselves. Unfortunately its only a matter of time before some other horrible disease will make its way here.

  23. כל הבא להרגך השכם להרגו

    With their foolish antics, the anti-Vaxxers are putting us all in danger. We are justified in using force in self-defense.

  24. Replying to RochelS If indeed you are a real poster and not a fake and you really have a child with an auto immune disease I have to ask why you would….


    Yeshiva World News with it’s biased coverage of this topic obviously must have some financial benefit from their slanted coverage. I would guess that they get advertising revenue from some of the “non profit” health organizations that in turn get vaccine compliance grants from the CDC.

    Moderators Note: YWN was just wired 73 million from the drug companies.

  25. Some love is missing from this argument in order to win. It shouldn’t be let’s stand up to the antivaccxers but rather let’s educate them. If we attack them they will not listen if we act with empathy they might. Or perhaps let’s try both angles but I don’t see the empathetic angle any where , the one that understand that they are doing this out of ignorance and not evil. Sometimes they just don’t understand how it affects you if your kids are vaccinated but is not that simple..
    Instead of doctors rolling their eyes making the patient think he is alone the doctor can seat down at least fake listen and then show the medical journals that point out that vaccines don’t cause x or y. The doctor can explain the danger that this causes to the community.
    And if there is a way to perhaps “ lower the risk of autism “ by delaying a few months or by doing the vaccinations not all in one day etc that can perhaps apeace these parents who are fearful out of ignorance.

    I find the same thing about supplements for example: doctors roll their eyes, articles come out saying vitamins are not effective in curing disease or extending life’s therefore they are snake oil but the articles fail to notice that patients are taking them for a reason and just because they don’t for example extend your life doesn’t mean that it won’t relax you or energize you.
    Global warming in the media is hardly a an argument with empathy but rather if you don’t believe in it you are an uneducated ignoramus..
    A doctor with empathy should write an article that speaks to the hearts of the antivaccers. While there is no guarantees that it will work there is better chances that way they will at least read it.

    Also not all vaccines are as urgent as measles .. so that’s also a way to talk then into it one by one.
    I personally wouldn’t be surprised if In fact vaccinations do cause cognitive issues but while I believe so I think the danger of the illnesses we vaccinating against seem worst of two evils ( based on probability) but that’s just my personal assumption.

  26. Why are people here acting like babies and hurling such dirty talk towards the anti-vaxers??? But going to the point, I have 4 beautiful girls, but only the 2 oldest ones have received their young childhood vaccinations. The 2 youngest ones have not received any, and there is absolutely nothing I can do, due to the fact that a nutritionist that sells some vitamins in a basement and plays with a pendulin in his hands managed over the years to take over my wife’s mind (and money!!! a lot of it!) and my home and be the sole advisor and decision maker. Today we are not living together anymore, with the chances of fixing this marriage getting slimmer by each passing day, thanks to this nutritionist and his darling wife.

  27. Yeshiva world has become a sick place, woe to all those involved inflaming this nonsense. The Nazis also believed they were doing good. You can keep censoring my comments, but know that Hashem has a day of judgement and you won’t be spared.

    Moderators Note: BREAKING NEWS: Anti-Vaxxers Compare YWN To Nazis.

  28. before you scare ppl. with the story about the 18 month old who died in Eretz yisroel. Do you have any background on this child? Well I Do. for one thing they are an extreme neturei karta family, extremely poor, undernourished and neglected. Such an immune system doesn’t have a chance at fighting strept. but hey there’s no strept vaccine. so stop scaring ppl. that their well taken care of healthy children can die just like this child died. Hashem decides who should die and who should live and if someone should die they can die from measles, a car accident or cancer. There are not any more healthy children today than when measles was rampant in the 1950’s. Then children had the measles, today Hashem sent cancer to show that YOU CAN NOT RUN THE WORLD by creating vaccines.

  29. I have to complement Yeshiva World News for their creativity in substituting the word “editing” in place of the word “censoring”. I would like to point out that YWN did not “edit” any of the comments calling anti vaxxers “Rodfim” “Rotzchim” or any of the other threatening, bullying, and insulting, terminology that has become acceptable on this website. I also would like to make a protest for Kavod Hatorah of the Anti Compulsory vaccination Rabbonim that were insulted,vilified,and demeaned, on this website by numerous posters. Finally for all the tough guys and gals threatening lawsuits bring it on but be careful what you wish for. Calling someone a Rodef might be construed as a felony and a very real threat of violence and murder for which you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

  30. @didbrook
    that has about as much of a connection as potato kugel dancing in a mikvah
    but in all seriousness is has become a springboard for loshan harah and sinas chinam

  31. RochelS your comment is quite harsh everyone I’m sure is praying for your child post a name and I will bh personally pray for her! But if you do proper research you may find out that your own children getting vaccines become carriers of these scary diseases!
    Also your comment about suing another jew sounds very much along the lines of being a Moser (snitch)!

    Do you know how many people have gone to court because of side effect happening to their children because of vaccines. It’s been brushed under the carpet… Research, research, and more research Needs to be done on your part!!
    Your not the only one with a sick child… My mother had to take care and worry about my 2 yr old sister since she had kidney failure shortly after being vaccinated and has to deal with that all her life! So don’t victimize yourself!

  32. @ YWN moderator:
    Great job!!!!
    Please keep not posting these idiotic anti vaxxers stupidity!!
    They are playing with people’s life’s and they think it’s a joke.
    Please keep on having articles bashing their stupid baseless ideology.
    Please keep on reveling how they are taking the words of gedoilem out of context.
    Please keep on exposing that some DRs don’t want patients vaccinated because then they won’t be able to bill for all the visits to them for treatment.

  33. YWN claims to have a chashuve posek who guides the site. Does he sanction the derision of gedolei Torah by those who feel suddenly warranted to do so? Does he allow the unproductive sinas chinam? How many anti-vaxxers have now vaccinated their children because of these writings? As such, where is the to’eles? (And even to’eles would not warrant the derision of gedolei Torah.) Will the divisive words of these pages serve to protect our children, or ch”v to put them in harm’s way?

  34. I am personally hopeful that love and education can go a long way, rather than shaming anti-vaxxers. That being said, those claiming people are exhibiting Sinas Chinam need to remember:
    Sinas Chinam means groundless hatred, hate without any basis. Any שנאה or hard feelings that are being shown here are most certainly NOT without basis (aka, they have a very strong basis). When people are recklessly putting the klal in danger, literally make people afraid for the safety of their children, any hard feelings stemming from that are extremely valid.
    As well, please understand that many people have no hope for the love and education method, b/c people are b’shita anti-vaxing simply have closed ears and exhibit very strong confirmation bias (i.e, they are only open to hearing views which support their own).
    And it is not lashon hara to publicize information about people who are putting lives at risk.

  35. “Moderators Note: YWN was just wired 73 million from the drug companies.”

    At least someone still has their sense of humor intact! Keep up the good work.

  36. I’m truly puzzled how parents can deny their children protection when the consequences of not vaccinating children is OBVIOUS. Measles has spread like fire to those who are unvaccinated and the consequences are severe. And yet this very open occurrence is being denied?! It is beyond belief how seemingly normal people deliberately choose to be blind. And it’s not like I don’t understand them, when I was younger I was also hesitent in giving shots and I pushed off giving shots to my older kids but ultimately decided that the risk of them getting the diseases and the consequences of those diseases are greater than the supposed consequences of giving shots.

    To the person pointing out that the baby who died was from a Neturei Karta family, it is idiotic to blame it on the family hashkafa association. Today, with all the organizations, Neturie Kartas lack for no food, b”H and they are hale and hearty. This is not 50 years ago…it is quiet obvious that meshagas has led to this death. This is not the first time someone in those circles had a child who died because of neglect. I know someone in Meah Shaerim who didn’t take their sick child to the hospital because of fardreite “frum” reasons and the child died. Not that these people are like that at all, just some individual loonies ( I dont support the Netirie Karta in general, I’m just pointing out facts).

  37. Before the measles shot came out in 1963 the death rate was 3 in 10 million and it hasn’t changed since. There was one measels death in the USA in the last 10 years but there was 108 deaths from the measles vaccine during the same period.