KosherFest 2018 – Celebrating 30 Years; Record 400 Booths, 6000 Visitors [VIDEO & PHOTO GALLERY]


Kosherfest, the world’s largest international kosher food business show is celebrating three decades of progress with a number of key events.

The show is currently taking place at the Meadowlands Convention Center, November 13-14, 2018 with record 400 booths and an estimated 6,000 visitors from 21 countries.

To celebrate the milestone, Kosherfest is hosting a series of in-depth conference sessions on trending developments within kosher which will include several keynote addresses, and panels with prominent kosher experts as well as chefs. The show will also honor nearly a dozen exhibitors who have been with the show since its inception.

Kosher food industry officials credit the show for having played a key role in the remarkable growth of the industry. Bringing together representatives from all sectors of the food industry who are interested in kosher, they point out, is an extraordinary fete.

The show has emerged as the showcase of the industry where a large of new products are unveiled each year with an extensive focus on such holidays as Passover and health categories such as gluten-free and organic.

Join YWN as we walk the floor at the 30th Kosher Fest at the NJ Meadowlands Expo Center.



  1. I’ve been begging to have a kosher nacho cheese spray from a can. The trief ones in the store look so tempting. Trief version is called “easy cheese”

  2. TGIShabbos, I think you mean non-kosher unless there is meat or meat derivatives in the can.

    Two observations:
    1. A lot of overweight people.
    2. Men and women mingling together

  3. laughing, correct. I use words like “treif” and “muksa” generically. I was on a flight once, and received a double wrapped hechshered “Glatt” Kosher dairy meal once, I’m still trying to figure that one out.
    Two observations
    1. I’m not looking at other Jews in a negative light based upon their weight or looks.
    2. I don’t see any inappropriate attire or touching from either gender. I see male and female frum business owners trying to grow and enhance their business and the kosher food industry. Let’s try to stay away from prejudice, as this isn’t a Beis Medrash during davening.