Trump Task Force Recommends Ways To Boost Postal Service


A task force created by President Donald Trump to evaluate ways to stem billions of dollars in losses at the U.S. Postal Service is suggesting a range of options, including proposals that could significantly boost the cost of sending non-essential mail.

The report recommended that the Postal Service develop a new pricing model that would remove current price caps and charge market-based prices for both mail and packages that were not deemed to be “essential postal services.”

That recommendation could raise costs for Amazon and other major businesses that are currently using the Postal Service to supplement their delivery operations.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says that the report “contains achievable recommendations.”



  1. Good. Let the USPS be forced to compete with FedEx etc. They will not be able to, thanks to kamikaze union contracts. They will then go out of business. Good riddance.

  2. Let Trump visit a few Brooklyn Post Offices and see what a lousy service they serve their communities.
    It’s time to overhaul the Postal attitude towards customers.
    Just try to drop a letter in the 51st street postal office at night and its impossible to open the letterbox because its overfilled. You can wait 1/2 hour to buy a stamp or mail a letter.
    Also all those free envelopes should be stopped, rather sell them and apply the postage towards mailing and using the envelope. Its unbelievable how many billions are being wasted .Good luck Mr. Trump dealing with a government agency which is rotten from day one.