VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Hundreds of Yeshiva Bochrim Attend Yehuda Green Kumzits in Lakewood on Chanukah


Hundreds of Yeshiva Bochrim in Lakewood were given a free night of entertainment on Chanukah.

In an event held in a warehouse this past Thursday night, Yehuda Green held a spectacular Kumzits attended by hundreds of Bochrim.

The event was totally free of charge and was headlined “By The Bochrim, For The Bochrim”.

It was organized by local Yeshiva Bochrim, and the expenses were sponsored by some generous Baalei Batim.

“It was an absolutely amazing night with two hours of non-stop singing and dancing,” Yehuda told YWN.

“I have never been part of such a powerful event totally organized and arranged by Yeshiva Bochrim. I absolutely loved singing with the Bochrim”.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)