Residents Protest in Williamsburg Against Jewish Landlord [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


A group protesting the actions of their Jewish landlord was held in Williamsburg on Monday evening.

The protest was held in front of “Lee Avenue Shipping and Communication”, located at 199 Lee Avenue.

It appears that the protesters chose this location because this store has a mailbox service, and rents boxes. The landlord they are protesting rents a mailbox at this address.

Video and photos via Heshy Rubenstein:


  1. They should take the guy to Beis Din. That was actually done years ago in New York by the tenants of a building which was so dilapidated it was hazardous. They took the frum landlord to Beis Din, and the Beis Din ordered that all the rents be paid into an escrow account until the repairs were done. That was one very surprised landlord – and he made the repairs as per the p’sak.

  2. Why do you use the headline “Jewish landlord” and. It just “Landlord” I do not see anywhere on their signs that they are protesting because he is Jewish so why are you bringing his religion into it? They are just protesting a slumlord that can be of any faith. YOU made it about him being Jewish.

  3. Midwest2, why do you assume the landlord is doing anything wrong, or that a beis din would find against him? If they thought they could succeed in city court they would be suing him there; and if they could not succeed in the city’s courts, which are incredibly biased against landlords, then they would surely not succeed in beis din either.

  4. Why are they picketing the mailbox place? What has it done to them, and what do they think gives them the right to harm its reputation and income?

  5. I like it how in every city in the county there are “protests” featuring more “news” reporters than there are protestors. I wonder if NYC requires a permit for those microphones since they’re on stands.