Agudath Israel Of America Releases Statement On New Horrific Murderous Abortion Law in New York


In a move designed to maintain and even exceed the sanctioning of abortion in the event the U.S. Supreme Court should overturn its longstanding Roe v. Wade decision, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) into law.

The law removes the need for a doctor to perform some abortions, moves abortion from the criminal code into the realm of public health issues and allows abortions up to birth where a doctor or midwife deems the fetus not viable, or its mother’s health threatened in some way.

[NY Gov. Cuomo Shrugs Off Bishops’ Calls For His Excommunication Over Horrific New Abortion Law]

Agudath Israel is long on record in opposing Roe v. Wade. We decry this even more life-unfriendly legislation.

In line with its support for religious freedom, Agudath Israel opposes initiatives that would make abortion unlawful even in situations where termination of pregnancy is mandated by religious law – as it is, for example, under Jewish law when the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother. However, it is not necessary to make all abortions permissible in order to protect the rare instance when abortion is truly indicated.

Jewish tradition teaches that a human fetus has status and dignity, and that abortion is prohibited in the vast majority of pregnancies. But even beyond that tradition, it should be apparent to all that termination of pregnancy raises profound moral concerns. Sadly, New York’s new law pays no heed to those concerns.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “…. However, it is not necessary to make all abortions permissible in order to protect the rare instance when abortion is truly indicated….”.
    This statement from the Agudah is truly irresponsible.

  2. The Agudah’s Rabbi Yechiel Kalish, who just became an Illinois State Assemblyman, announced last week his support for late term abortion, abortion on demand, and his full support for gay and lesbian rights.

  3. “and that abortion is prohibited is the vast majority of pregnancies”, Certainly incorrect. I don’t know of any halocho that prohibits abortion , not to say that it should be taken lightly, just that it is not a halachic matter.

  4. Dear Agudah
    These are the candidates that you supported.
    Please support the right candidates nest time –
    Vote for Torah values NOT $$$$$

  5. Very bland statement. Count on Agudah to avoid saying anything against Cuomo! If this is not worthy of strong language against Cuomo then what is?

  6. Rabbiofberlin even in today’s secular Berlin should be removed as a rabbi. He wrote in a comment here that it’s halachically permitted to abort a child. An arrogant ignoramus ! It’s in Mishnayos Gemara Shulchon Aruch and so many poskim. Learn Rav moshe’s many responsa how pained he was that it was legalized, how the Goyim are rotzchim about unborn Yidden will stand up for techiyah etc. Even if mother is in sakana it’s only in certain cases permitted. There is much more but I won’t write because you readers are in the bathroom.

  7. rabbiofberlin, you quote “halaka” of the Reformers.

    Abortion is absolutely forbidden according to halacha after 12 weeks for it is then considered a separate being from the mother. After three months an abortion is only allowed if the pregnancy is a danger to the mother’s health. Even under 3 months, most poskim do not permit abortions except in extreme cases.

  8. abortion is a sin and it is usually done by people who do not know how to take responsibilty for their actions and then they run away from their problems while taking the easy way out.

  9. If we can’t rely on our leaders to guide us to vote for responsible politicians it is up to every Yid individually to vote for politicians that will not bring more destruction of values and decency.

    It is up to every Yid to make a Kiddush Hashem and not allow those with political and money chesbonos to tell you whom to vote for.

  10. There is an issue here that’s the big elephant in the room,
    EMES EMES alluded to it,
    We as the frum community are a very unique demographic politically speaking
    Most people in the country, yes there are exceptions, fall into one of 3 categories, Liberal, Conservative or just apolitical meaning people who just tune out
    We as the frum community on the other hand are very mixed up, on the one hand we’re very conservative on social issues, abortion, gay marriage etc etc, but when it comes to financial issues we are for the most part very liberal, we want EVERY program .if we are honest with ourselves the kollel culture that we’re all on board with cannot for the most part survive ,I know there are exceptions, ie section 8 ,food stamps ,wic to name a few ,
    So didn’t we in fact sort of sell our souls and say it’s ok for us to elect Democrats straight down the line because they’re the ones who we will get us the most money for these programs while ignoring the fact that the vast majority of them are in a constant fight with Hashem and support the most egregious violations the Torah has strictly forbidden?
    Can we take it seriously now that the organization that supposedly represents Torah yidden are suddenly “shocked” and “bewildered” that the moment the Liberals took control of the New York State Senate making it one party control in NY that they would pass these terrible laws?
    Why does this same organization that supposedly represents Torah yidden continue to honor people like Chuck Schumer who could seriously be considered a Rodef against klall yisroel in his daily attacks against President Trump?
    What do you think the farmer down in Alabama who voted for his hero Trump thinks when he sees this ? One thing ,this one dirty jew is hurting my President!!
    Sadly the cycle of Galus continues we as the Jewish people repeat the same mistakes we made at every stop in this long Galus ,we find some freedom and we suddenly want to run things
    We just never learn!!
    May Hashem send us the geulah before the cycle completes itself