Agudath Israel Action Alert: Take Action Now To Restore Needed Funding To Our Schools!


For over 30 years, New York State reimbursed nonpublic schools in designated localities for complying with a mandate to keep extensive student immunization records at the rate of .60 per pupil, a rate set in 1984. A comprehensive survey undertaken by Agudath Israel in 2016 demonstrated that the actual cost was closer to $30 per pupil. In both the 2017-18 and 2018-19 budgets the legislature allocated $7 million to properly fund this mandate.

This allocation did not appear in the 2019-20 executive budgets or in the preliminary Assembly budget. In the Senate preliminary budget the total amount allocated was only $996,000.

This cut will be devastating to our yeshivas and schools. Especially when we are seeing a measles outbreak, and the governmental authorities are urging all parents to have their children immunized and requesting of schools to have proper recordkeeping, it is more crucial than ever to have this mandate fully restored to the $7 million previously allocated.

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