Two Hasidic men were viciously assaulted in Newark, New Jersey on Thursday afternoon.

Sources tell YWN that the incident happened at around 3:00PM at Freeman Street near Fleming Street.

Shimon Klein and his adult son Yoel were in the offices of NFI Footwear when they buzzed an unknown number of individuals into their office, and were then beaten with a hammer and a fire extinguisher.

Hatzolah of Newark and NJ Statewide Hatzolah both responded to the scene.

The victims were rushed to University Hospital. The father was listed in critical condition with a serious head injury. The son was in serious but stable condition.

The exact nature of the incident was under investigation, though it does not appear to be random and is not believed to be a hate crime.

NJ State Police Chaplain Rabbi Abe Friedman along with the NJ Statewide Hatzolah Coordinators were at the hospital and assisting law enforcement personnel in the investigation.

Please say Tehillim for Shimon Yisroel ben Faiga (the father) and Yoel ben Kreindel Ela (the son).

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The story is published now with the names so caring Jews who believe tefilla is effective can say tehillim for their recovery.
    For people who are just nosey, you’re correct. They should wait for all the details before reading the story.

  2. Yaakov Doe I don’t believe there are any Jews living there. Hatzalah of Newark exists to serve the large number of yidden who work in Newark.

  3. There is a small population of Jews who live there as well as a large population of Jews who work there. Factories, IDT, and such. It’s nice to have the familiar resource of Hatzalah available there.

  4. Hashem Yerachem.
    What does “Hasidic Men” have to do with anything? Nobody cares if they’re Yeshivish, Chasidish or Modox.
    YWN, don’t make yourself sound like The Post.