PEACE PARTNERS? Ariel Terrorist Who Murdered Two Israelis is Honored With Monument


While the families of Rabbi Achiad Ettinger HY”D and IDF Lt. Gal Keidad HY”D mourn their loss, as both were killed in the recent Ariel Junction attack, the heinous terrorist is idolized in the PA.

The terrorist who perpetrated the attack, 19-year-old Omar Abu Leila, was killed rather than be arrested by IDF forces. He has been martyred in the PA (Palestinian Authority) as is the case with other terrorists who murder Jews indiscriminately.

The accompanying photo shows the monument set up for Omar YM”S, yet another signal of the true intentions of Israel’s so-called peace partner. When pressured by Israel and the United States, PA Chairman Abbas insisted he will not stop his government’s policy of providing financial aid to the families of slain and imprisoned terrorists, providing incentives to continue such attacks, money and martyrdom.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. He should have been shot at the bus stop before he killed the soldier Gal Kaidan and took his rifle to continue his rampage. The other soldiers just run away apparently, because the IDF instruction for opening fire are now totally ridiculous and you cannot just kill a terrorist when he runs towards you with a knife. He should have been killed first, and then wrapped in pig skins or dumped in the sea. If Bennett becomes minister of Defense maybe there will be some hope.