Levaya of Chazan Sherwood Goffin Z”L, Cantor at Lincoln Square Synagogue For 50 Years


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YWN regrets to inform you of the Petira of Chazan Sherwood Goffin Z”L.

Goffin served as the Cantor at Lincoln Square Synagogue for more than 50 years – since 1965.

Cantor Goffin also served as a faculty member of the Belz School of Jewish Music at Yeshiva University, where he taught college-level classes in Jewish Liturgy and music – teaching a new generation of young cantors/Baalei Tefilla who will carry on the tradition he loved deeply and to which he dedicated his life. He is the Honorary President of the Cantorial Council of America, the only Orthodox organization of cantors in the world, an affiliate of Yeshiva University.

The Levaya will take place tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 10:30AM, at the Lincoln Square Synagogue, 180 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10023.

Kevurah will follow at Cedar Park Cemetery, 735 Forest Avenue, Paramus, NJ 07652.

Chazan Yaakov Lemmer (brother of Shulem Lemmer) posted the following on Facebook:

It is with tremendous sadness that I inform you on the passing of our beloved Chaz – Sherwood Goffin Z”L.

Chaz… your sterling character has positively impacted thousands of people throughout your 50+ years as a Chazzan, teacher & activist. While your caring teaching and communication style was unmatched, it was by example that you taught us best.

Without fail, every time before I stepped up to the Omud you’d shake my hand, make full eye contact, give me a great big smile and say ‘Hatzlocho U’brocho’! You said it not only because you wished ‘me’ the best. The responsibility you felt toward your Kahal ‘needed’ the Davening to be with Hatzlocho.

Dear Chaz, we might never sing in harmony again but I will forever feel your presence in our Shul and beyond.

Simcha Leiner took to Instagram to post about the passing of Goffin, who was Leiner’s voice teacher and mentor for many years:

A part of my heart is lost forever… My friend
My teacher
My inspiration
My Rebbi
No words….
Chazan Sherwood Goffin Z’l no one influenced my life as much as you.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…

It is with tremendous sadness that I inform you on the passing of our beloved Chaz – Sherwood Goffin Z”L. Chaz… your…

Posted by Yaakov Lemmer on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Wow, I hardly go on YWN, and then I saw this! I was a student at Touro many years ago and would come once a week to teach at Lincoln Square Synagogue after school program.

    Cantor Goffin wasn’t just a cantor, Rav, etc, he truly and I mean TRULY, cared for the students who all came from different backgrounds that they would get a proper chinch and -be happy.

    Rest In Peace. You are in better world.

  2. i recently heard a telephone interview with him. He sounded very knowledgeable on Chazonus Nusach etc and a real mentsch. He seemed to know a lot about the Maharil’s opinions and Pesokim on nusach etc. a lot of which was quite new to me although I have been a Baal Tefiloh for many years. Yehi Zichro Boruch

  3. It is with great sadness I heard of the Petira of a childhood friend and schoolmate from New Haven Hebrew Day School. B”DE
    A wonderful man from a wonderful family, he will be sorely missed

  4. Sherwood’s impact on klal yisrael is profound. We sing his tunes in shul, even if you don’t know he wrote them.

    What a pure, angelic neshama. Anyone who saw him do havdallah with the local kids, teach a new class of chazzanim in the hallacha, hashkafa and kavannah of the oft forgotten classical nussach… This was a man driven by his love for HKBH and am yisrael. His work in kiruv, for Soviet jewry, for Jewish education, what a trailblazer. What a pure, honest, good man.