UPDATE: The 50 Suspended Bochrim Allowed Back Into Mesivta in Lakewood [SEE THE VIDEO]


The Mesivta in Lakewood that suspended approximately 50 Bochrim for attending the Levaya of the Skulener Rebbe ZATZAL have Boruch Hashem been allowed back into Yeshiva.

The attached video shows the Bochrim listening to a Shiur by their Magid Shiur, HaRav Michel Handlesman.

The Yeshiva starts their Pesach Bein Hazmanim today, Wednesday afternoon.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Oy vey, so now what are the yentas going to talk about?

    The Yeshiva was 1000% right for suspending them. and they’re probably lucky, the suspension didn’t last till the end of the Yeshiva year.

  2. Theyd rather go to funerals then help out at home.
    Aylu de arim sh’aiyn lahem shiur….
    *Levayas hames*
    Does not mention helping mom at home.

  3. 50 bochurim suspended for attending the Levaya of a Holy tzaddik.
    1000 bochurim originally called spreading Hafganos for the cancelled concert.
    Measles cases galore in LW becuz the “daas torah” said can’t keep out anti vaxxers.
    Me thinks common sense has gone out the window in LW due to Gavah and belief in oneself.
    No smart phones, no internet, no TV, just dry books all day. And my word in the Law.
    If thats not Gavah , what is?

  4. in those days we taking a major risk by suspending boys because they have option number 2…OTD
    i believe in punishment but NOT suspension. If you pass a RED light or STOP sign there is 4 points on your license but they dont suspend because every human being knows taking away privilage of driving will cause loss of job and not being able to function, after 13 points you suspend.
    Those bucherim deserved a punishment but NOT such a harsh one.
    I am glad its over and now they can celeberate Zman Charoysynee .

  5. in todays day and age any boy of that age who learns torah while the world is busy with other thing is to be respected for that the yeshiva doesnt realize that they went to a lavara of a godol not to a baseball game

  6. Some of the yeshivos are starting the pesach break earlier and earlier, ostensibly to allow the teachers to prepare their homes for yom tov. The problem of course is that it creates child care issues for working parents who have to find someone to care for the kids in addition to the normal break for the yom tovim.

  7. Ahhh, so teachers are there to provide child care for working parents. Now I know. I always assumed that it was to teach them torah! Silly me…