DUELING TIMES SQUARE PROTESTS: Hikind Against Rep. Omar, Neturei Karta in Support [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


Hundreds of supporters for the fight against antisemitism congregated in Times Square on Monday to call for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s removal from the Foreign Affairs committee for her repeated use of antisemitic tropes and her recent support for Hamas while they were firing rockets on Israeli civilians.

As expected, several dozen Neturei Karta folks gathered across the street to support the anti-Semite. They held up anti-Israel propaganda, while several young boys were seen burning the Israeli flag.

Said to Dov Hikind, who was one of the featured speakers at the gathering: “What’s become clear is that Omar, and along with her, Rashida “the Holocaust gives me a comfortable feeling” Tlaib, are mainstays in the Democratic party, and no amount of hand washing will wipe away their stain and “taint” of antisemitism. Leaders Pelosi and Schumer, all of the Democratic presidential hopefuls, and certainly, above all others, the host of Jewish congressmen and women who have remained silent or outwardly supported and reinforced these two scathing antisemites, are collectively responsible for what they produce.

I can tell you this. We will not be silent; nor will we stop fighting for Ilhan’s removal from the committee and the casting out from the Democratic party of unabashed antisemites who masquerade as anti-Zionists, neatly cloaking themselves as liberal humanitarians. We see right through them, and we’re moving full force ahead.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Why do the Anti-Zionists have to wear Palestinian scarves? The answer is that they are funded and supported by Iran.
    To oppose the existence of a secular Jewish state in the Holy Land is a legitimate opinion.
    But to show support for the PLO and Hamas who’s main objective is to annihilate the Jews exactly as was the Nazis, is the worst Chillul HaShem possible, pure Redifa and Kefira.
    They must get the message loud and clear that they are in Cherem. Why are we scared to see beneath the Levush and call them out clearly? Why dont Satmar and Tildos Ahron and everyone else loudly ban them from their institutions?

  2. NK has proven time after time that not only are they amazing in that they have NO brains and yet can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, but that the main body of Jewish orthodoxy hasn’t beaten the crap out of them……

  3. I despise the NK, and their marching with and cuddling up to our sworn enemies. However, I have to agree with them on this issue and I strongly disagree with Hikind on this. Yes, I will admit some of Omar’s and Talibs comments were not appropriate. However, this is where I disagree. These people were brought up with a certain belief system. They grew up among muslims who preach in their schools and mosques the Palestinian version of history. Why does Hikind think that all of a sudden they will support Israel and if they don’t they’re an antisemite? I had this same argument about Obama. His whole life he grew up listening to Rev Wright preach against jews and Israel. He becomes president and people thought his view on Israel will change. Why should it? I remember Netanyahu giving Obama a lecture. Why would Obama listen to him more thanto his reverend? I said this when Omar and Talib were elected. They will be the first of many to be elected to office. It’s not far off that a Muslim will be elected in NYC. We should say to them, let’s agree to disagree on Israel. The fact is. we aren’t changing their minds. But there are many issues we can work together with them such as school choice, Bris Milah, Schechita (PETA), burial and many others. These protests are only making it harder to work with the muslim community on issues we both agree on.

  4. Neturei Karta are the greatest tragedy to klal israel in decades.
    They are the “minim” of our times, and we daven to Hashem everyday to uproot their “malchus harasha”

  5. ” They grew up among muslims who preach in their schools and mosques the Palestinian version of history”

    That is precisely the point why MANY Americans are against them. It is only the Leftists that support them.

    Are you aware that many Muslims are against what they are causing as well?

    Also, are you aware that per FBI statistics , the district represented by Omar has the highest rate of Terrorist recruitment in the USA?

  6. To GAON I really don’t care if Americans are for or against them. I’m also against them. All I’m saying is that this year we have these two in Congress. In the next election, there can be many more muslims or supporters in various levels of government. Having these types of protests doesn’t solve anything. The muslims aren’t changing their position concerning Israel. We should be working with them on many issues that we have in common.

  7. ah Yid
    This irrelevant shitah not to protest never worked …..I remember very well when the “gedoilim” were against protests when Communist Russia was tormenting Jews …. it was the “ketanim” like Meir Kahana who protested and put these protests on the front page of the NYT and pressure was finally put on the Russians…
    During WW2 “gedoilim” were against the protests and boycotts against the Nazis YM”S…. a lot of good that did …
    they finally woke up a little too late when they marched to Washington DC on Shabbos….
    Funny how all those against protests are first to back the fanatical deranged Peleg protesters in our holy land ! Interesting!!