Biden: Trump Can’t Relate To The Average Family’s Struggles


Joe Biden is responding to President Donald Trump’s latest attack on his candidacy, saying Trump can’t understand the difficult decisions that struggling families must make.

Speaking Tuesday to high-dollar donors in an Orlando suburb, the former vice president referenced Trump’s criticism a day earlier that Biden had deserted his native Pennsylvania by moving as a child to Delaware, a state he represented in the Senate for 36 years.

Biden says, “I was 10 years old, man.” Biden says his family had to move after the coal industry slowed and his father lost his job.

Biden says he still vividly remembers the day his father took “the longest walk any parent has to make” to tell him he would have to leave his Little League team and school.



  1. Biden: Trump Can’t Relate To The Average Family’s Struggles
    and Biden can relate by smelling every ones hair what a great man

  2. and biden can; he is being sucking off the public dole for the least 50 years. Also he is involve with forcing business deals from china and ukraine for his son. This is honest. He needs to be investigate now

  3. This guy sounds like Eric Holder reminiscing about being pulled over on the Garden State Parkway. Bring me the violin.

  4. For a older white wealthy male heterosexual and non-Muslim Democrat- when you can’t use your race, gender, age, marriage preference, ‘Islamophobia’ or financial situation to your advantage I’m not sure what other ammunition you have to prove a case for your party.