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William Handler Set To Make ANOTHER Chillul Hashem at Anti-Vaxxer Event in Flatbush

Just a few weeks ago, William Handler and the anti-vaxxer cult made national headlines along with a colossal Chillul Hashem at a “vaccine symposium” held in Rockland County. We can expect that to happen again, as a large event is planned for Tuesday night at Ateres Chynka Hall in Flatbush.

At the Rockland County event, held at the Atrium Hall, the audience was privileged to hear from the dishonest conspiracy-theorist individual claiming to be a Rabbi.

But since Handler was the “Rabbi” at this event, the NY Times made sure to quote him in their coverage of this event. Disgustingly, Handler used inflammatory words about elected officials – such as describing NYC Mayor DeBlasio as a “sneaky fellow” and a closet German – “Wilhelm, his real name, was named after Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany.”

(In fact, none of this is true. Mr. de Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm Jr., and later decided to take his mother’s last name as his own after becoming alienated from his father.)

The event caused such a Chillul Hashem, that both Satmar as well as Agudath Israel of America both issued statements of condemnation against Handler. Satmar of Williamsburg went so far as to place a full page proclamation in their weekly newspaper “Der Yid” slamming Handler.

Sources confirm to YWN that the caterer at Ateres Chynka says he was misled and was told by those renting the hall that this was some type of Chinuch event.

[STAY OUT OF FLATBUSH! Leading Rabbonim & FJCC Denounce Planned Anti-Vaxxer Event Being Held in Flatbush]

The dishonesty is not surprising at all, as William Handler also claims to speak in the name of Hagaon HaRav Avigdor Miller ZATZAL, when in fact, YWN has confirmed with his children and grandchildren that he does not speak for them in any way shape or form.

Meanwhile, in Rockland County tonight there is a pro-vaccination event being held. All are encouraged to attend:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

38 Responses

  1. Can you please stop spreading false lashon hara? I’m appalled by this article. What a chillul Hashem.

  2. My sister in law had the measles before Purim and she was so sick Hashem yerachaim she is still not back to her koach

  3. This filthy swine is nothing but a ROTZEACH who puts thousands of lives in danger,he must be put out of his murderous business,,
    This event must be stopped by ANY MEANS,it is PEKUACH NEFESH (yes,by any means) we must show up by the thousands and break up this event and physically prevent this criminally insane from poisoning the minds of the ignorant masses and run him out of town

  4. It’s Not a Chillul Hashem. It’s Just Shtus. Stop elevating these Anti-vaxxers. You have to be a Baal Seichel to make a Chillul Hashem. You’re giving them Free publicity, for no reason.

  5. Apparently there’s a new Avodah Zara on the market. The ‘allure’ of being an conspiracy theorist anti-vaxxer nebach.

  6. William Handler CANNOT speak in the name of Rav Avigdor Miller because Rav Miller DID NOT oppose vaccination. When I lived in East Flatbush, I used the same doctor that he did. I happened to be at the Linden Boulevard and East 53rd Street office of that doctor, the same time that the Rov was there. This was during the 1960s. When the Rov came out of the doctor’s office, he told me about a certain “booster” shot that he received, and suggested that I ask the doctor that I should have it as well. So Mr. Handler is simply proliferating outright shekker.

  7. Blimi Marcus, a newly grad, has quickly risen from graduation in 2018 to a self-
    proclaimed “nurse-scientist” assuming all authority regarding Jews and vaccination.She has appeared on dozens of secular news outlets and claims to attempt to counter the vaccine “misinformation” that has been circulating in the Jewish
    Community.She has now seen the need to create an event in the Atrium to educate the masses regarding vaccination. It would be quite unlikely that if the community leaders would know what this woman stands for, that they would follow her leadership regarding the “needs” of the community.
    She is, in her own words, an “angry liberal” and an open gay sympathizer, who believes strongly
    that baby-murder should be a right and talks candidly about how she stood by while a husband killed his wife (by disconnecting the 02). As a matter of fact, she fought to ban Bikur Cholim from advocating for their patients. She stated “They should not be advocating [regarding end-of-life
    issues]. They should be delivering chicken soup and leaving.”
    She publicly writes about R’ Shmuel Kaminetzky that he is “way too far gone for logic” and writes about her own grandmother that “She is a terrible, terrible person” who “can probably wobble over to you if you’d like to host her for a meal.” Blimi sympathizes almost exclusively for leftist causes such as a transgender human that died in custody and for the recovery of Ruth
    Bader-Ginsberg by posting her Tehilim name. Reveling in Secular culture is another one of her
    pastimes, boasting about her $200 Broadway tickets, The Bands Visit, inappropriate Disney
    parades and other places where a proper Bas Yisroel would never be found.
    It would be one thing if Tznius values would not have been lost to her, but she is a fierce advocate for “gender equality” and takes strong issue that the Republicans have predominately white male
    leaders… She believes that a woman belongs in “The [white] House” and she shows a picture of herself on her way “to propose” to a non-Jewish actor. Among other repulsive posts is a photo with
    friends in a pool, as well as an essay how she settled a patient in as room as “he flirts with us.”
    All this while claiming that she is not a “fake Jew” because she “wears clothing which reflects my
    personal take on modesty.” It’s precisely the fact that she masquerades outwardly like a frum
    Jew while inside she is rotten to the core that makes her such a threat.
    Blimi consorts with the likes of Paul Offit and Dorit Reiss. Both being Jews, Paul Offit is the
    author of an entire book against religion entitled “Bad Faith” and Dorit Reiss is a contributing
    author on Skeptical Raptor. Offit’s book is sarcastically dedicated “To all those who perform
    good deeds in the name of their faith” while Skeptical Raptor’s manifesto proclaims, “As a
    skeptic, Skeptical Raptor doesn’t accept the existence of a G-d.” It’s quite telling that everyone
    that is involved in “vaccine education” are either monetarily involved (FOIA’s reveal 4.3 million dollars being funneled to frum organizations toward that end) or if they claim to be involved altruistically, they stand on the wrong side regarding every single angle of Torahtrue Hashkafa. More perplexing is that Rabbi Handler was attacked for being fringe while somehow this girl became the darling of Klal Yisroel. Yes, it may be radical to stick up for the right to practice milah as we have for millennia, for the purity of Jewish education, or the deliberate shmad that is now
    occurring in Eretz Yisroel. However, that sure beats sticking up for nothing other than repulsive
    liberal values. In the past, the needs of klal Yisroel were decided by Gedolai Yisroel. Who do we have calling the shots now?

  8. Just because there are 2 people in Columbia Presbyterian Hospital ICU right now on life support from measles, doesn’t mean that everyone needs to get vaccinated. Don’t just take what every single Frum doctor has said to heart. Be open minded and listen to people who you’ve never heard of before. This is how you remain healthy.

  9. “poisoning the mind of the ignorant masses” are you really taking society for such idiots? shame on you. Education is great, go to the event tonight, go to the event tomorrow, and make an educated decision of what makes sense, no? why do you think people will only get convinced from the anti vax stance and not from the importance of vaccines?

  10. Just an addition to my previous post…the doctor that Rav Avigdor Miller DID use in East Flatbush was Dr. Solomon Slepian (check with the family) who DID administer vaccinations to Rav Miller

  11. Personally, I think EVERYONE should come out in the masses to demonstrate against this asifa! Someone who knows how to talk should go and explain how SELFISH they ar

  12. YWN, are you crazy to publish chugibugi incitement of violence/terroristic threat!!! This comment should be referred straight to FBI! If something happens by the event – Your company will be held criminally accountable!!!

  13. Our family are all vaccinated
    have the anti vaxers got a argument?
    or is it old granny tales
    Has R.Hoffman written a halachic article
    on the pros and cons
    Or is the halocho simply go after the majority ? or the expert medical opinion

  14. Excuse me Be Nice – No one cares about these people when it comes to Hashkofa. They are medical professionals that are telling the truth to the Frum community. Now the Antivaxxers – their Hashkofa is even worse than those people!

  15. You people are proving a very interesting point. You simply parrot what you hear with NO research done to verify. Vaccines are safe and effective. period. measles is deadly. period. No more questions asked. How is it proven?
    I found it strange that R’ Avigdor Miller was quoted as anti vax so I listened to Handlers speech he delivered in Monsey. He said “as a Holocaust survivor, I ask..why was I the only baby surviving me hometown? what does hashem want from me> My Rebbi, R’Avigdor Miller Zt”l said: If Hashem gives you a talent, you have to use glorify his name.. My family didn’t want me to speak here tonight..they told me its dangerous..ppl. have their eyes and ears closed..they are hyped up by the media…We are experiencing hatred, derisiveness, rechilus, loshon horah..all born from stupidity. ppl are not bad..they don’t know better…made to believe we are rotzchim-murderers rodfim-chasing to kill and they are ready to kill back…we need to respect one another whether they choose to vaccinate or not…there are gedoilei torah on both sides….

    THAT is the most he mentions about Rav Miller. Nothing about vaccinating or not. yet someone said it and then we have a whole slew of people hocking and knocking with no verification at all. just like with vaccines. parrot what youre told. its deathly, dangerous and vaccines are totally safe. and effective.period.

  16. Nothing is totally safe and effective except for Dvar Hashem – aka Torah!
    Marbe Torah – Marbe Chaim!
    Vaccines are by definition not 100% safe, as you are exposing yourself to subdued disease causing elements in controlled environment. Your immune system is being forced to react to them to develop antibodies!
    If vaccine manufacturer messed up – those elements might be potent enough to cause disease.
    If vaccine developer messed up – other vaccine ingredients may cause disease.
    If your doctor messes up in making sure that you are in good enough health to be vaccinated – you can be hurt by vaccine or vaccination maybe ineffective.
    If vaccine distributor messes up in storing or transporting the vaccine under the required conditions – your vaccine might be ineffective!
    Always remember who is really in charge of your health and all other circumstances of your life!

  17. statisticaly, you have a better chance of getting into an accident on the way to an anti vaccination gathering than getting hurt by a vaccine. stay home and stay safe.

  18. Be Nice -“No more questions asked. How is it proven?”

    That’s So Nice that you went to the Antivaxx circus! Are you going to the one in Flatbush too?
    BTW, the medical personnel have proved it time after time.
    The problem is – you Antivaxxers aren’t listening!
    Btw, Do you get paid for posting your Antivaxxer comments?!?

  19. I am not anti-vaxxing, but I am a Jew, and this article and some of the comments are disgusting. Honestly, I am not surprised mashiach has not come. If you’re all so worried about making a chillul Hashem, why don’t don’t you keep the mitzvos of the Torah? Like V’ahavta Lereacha, Shmiras Halashon, refraining from Motzi Shem Ra, and many more… Have we lost our minds over stupid measles?? If we would really believe that Hashem is the master of the world and is in charge of everything, including our health, we would watch how we label other Jews and stop acting in such disgusting low ways. I’d rather read the Times than see Jews killing each other like this.

  20. Yes I know an adult male in Williamsburg that caught measles. Everyone ask the Dr to make a simple blood test called titers because ocasioblnally your shots get weakend and then you need a booster

  21. “IHateCommunism”, apparently you hate the first amendment as well. Chugibugi’s comment is not incitement, it’s protected speech, and if someone ch”v gets hurt neither he nor YWN can possibly be held liable for it.

  22. HateCommunism:

    You’re being ridiculous. The stores selling you groceries might be as bad as the vaccines. Just think, if the manufacturer goofed, if there was a microbe that got into the batch of food during production or packaging, if the store shelf came loose and fell on you, if there were mice in the bakery of other food sections of the store, oy vey! Such events have happened, and there have been recalls. Yes, these producers continually test their stocks for problems. And when they find one, they hold back the merchandise. If it already shipped, they identify the batch numbers and recall. The endless what ifs are disabling.

    So you folks decided to direct your obsession to vaccines, claiming that “you can never tell”. I reject the absence of logic, and I consider your efforts to impose the risks you take on others an aveiroh and a crime. I join the masses of Klal Yisroel who follow the Gedolei Hador in condemning all of you, and wish all your efforts to endanger Klal Yisroel complete failure.

    I hope every event you folks attempt gets stopped.

  23. Every adult that was vaccinated can be at risk to get the measles.
    The vaccines need continued boosters MOST of the time.
    You can not compare measles at age 5 and age 45.
    The media will soon have many deaths from measles to write about and those will be many 50-70 year olds thta will get measles because their vaccines have worn off and the boosters do not help much.
    If these people wouldn’t be vaccinated and had it at age 5 they would have a simple virus for a week and then not need to fear that measles can take them to the grave at an older age.
    That is the case with many of the childhood illnesses.

  24. And how about Polio, dear Happyparent? Would you be a very ‘happy parent’ if your child contracted that,c”v lo aleinu becoming paralyzed for life? Hmmm… me thinks not… Not a week, a lifetime…waiting to see if your tune changes when THAT’s the newest outbreak c”v.

  25. Be nice: nobody cares about blimi marcus. We are for vaccination because the TORAH says we follow the medical consensus. Not just frum doctor consensus (but even that is overwhelmingly pro vaccine) but all doctors, no matter what their other views are. Want to be anti vax and hurt kids? Find another religion

  26. Everything IHateCommunism writes is true when substituting the word broccoli for vaccine. Or milk. Or tuna fish. Does he/she refrain from eating these things?

  27. @Happyparent,

    You may pretend to be a happy parent but which Rov agrees with your logic?
    In this society we go by majority. You are free to go somewhere else.

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