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TOTAL BLOWOUT: 50 Anti-Vaxxers Show Up To Flatbush Event, 1,300 Empty Chairs

As of 9:30PM ET, a whopping 50 anti-vaxxers have shown up at the anti-vaccination symposium at Ateres Chynka Hall in Flatbush. The event was called for 8:00PM, with “buses leaving Williamsburg every 10 minutes”.

With the NYPD standing guard outside, and with the media outside filming, the overflowing crowd of brave anti-vaxxers have shown up to hear dishonest conspiracy-theorist William Handler preach to them.

The anti-vaxxers were expecting to charge $12 admission to 1,300 people to cover the expense for the hall, the sound system company, massive screens, cars with loudspeakers riding around Flatbush, Boro Park, and Williamsburg announcing the event; the harassing robocalls made to tens of thousands of phone numbers, the signs hung on street-poles, and other expenses.

Hopefully, those people were all paid in advance…

People arriving to event with their faces covered, reminiscent of a “perp walk”

[Message To All Those Attending Anti-Vaxxer Event in Flatbush Tonight: DRESS NICELY]

As YWN has been reporting, Flatbush was bracing for another epic Chillul Hashem by the anti-vaxxer cult and its guest speaker, dishonest conspiracy-theorist William Handler of Boro Park, who seems to be the Rabbi of the cult.

Many have been protesting this scheduled event by contacting the hall and voicing their outrage. Ateres Chynka says they were misled and was told by those renting the hall that this was some type of “Chinuch” event, and were never told that this was an anti-vaxxer event.

The FJCC (Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition) released the following statement denouncing the event:

The FJCC has consulted with Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva in Flatbush, including Rabbi Elya Brudny, Shlita, Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, Shlita, Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff, Shlita and many others, about the anti-vaccination event scheduled for tonight in Flatbush. Under their guidance we release the following statement:

The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition expresses our grave disappointment and dismay with the organizers and hosts of tonight’s anti-vaccination event. The Flatbush community does vaccinate. The religious and lay leaders of our community are unanimous in encouraging vaccination.

We resent that participants are being bussed in from other neighborhoods. Our community will not participate.

While the Flatbush community and its Yeshivas have not suffered a measles outbreak, we do suffer from the anti-religious backlash caused by the ignorant few who tarnish our good name.

We beg you – stay in your own neighborhoods and out of Flatbush. The charlatans who will present tonight do not reflect the sentiment of the Flatbush Jewish Community.

YWN notes that William Handler previously spoke at another anti-vaxxer event in Rockland County, and made national headlines. The event caused such a Chillul Hashem, that both Satmar as well as Agudath Israel of America both issued statements of condemnation against Handler. Satmar of Williamsburg went so far as to place a full page proclamation in their weekly newspaper “Der Yid” slamming Handler.

[Message To All Those Attending Anti-Vaxxer Event in Flatbush Tonight: DRESS NICELY]

Previously, YWN noted that Handler claims to speak in the name of Hagaon HaRav Avigdor Miller ZATZAL, when in fact, YWN has confirmed with his children and grandchildren that he does not speak for them in any way shape or form.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Yeshiva Word , you by far run best advertisement to this event . Is more you push against the more it attract attention !

  2. Stop saying after the Seder next year in Jerusalem. Moshiach not going to come when Jews treat other Jews this way. Sinat chinum at its fullest we have here. Shame on you.

  3. If the sponsors of the event misled the owners of Ateres Chynka regarding the true purpose of the event, than why are those idiots issuing press releases bemoaning the fact they they were misled insteading of locking the doors and telling those who show up to go home. I’m so tired of reading about demonstrations and asifos about the internet or some other shtus but when it comes to matters of critical importance to the well being of the tzibur, we don’t see any similar passion or active opposition. Hold those responsible for providing the forum to these anti-Vaxers responsible for their efforts to facilitate the spread of misinformation. It defies credibility that the owners of a hall would be so dumb as to not inquire as to who is renting their facility and for what purpose.

  4. Ateres Chynka is smack in between Boro Park and Flatbush. Indeed, the demographics of the neighborhood the hall is in is now more of the Boro Park crowd than the Flatbush crowd.

    You’ll need the Boro Park community to object if you want to get any traction.

  5. I took the initiative to contact Rabbi Guttfreund directly. He is the menahel of The Cheder(school) and the owner of Chynka Catering Hall. I am enclosing his exact responses so there is no confusion. While this event was planned well before yesterday, it was only formally announced in the last 24 hours. The reason for this is likely that there would only be a limited time to pressure the hall to not allow the group. Surely Rabbi Guttfreund and the caterer knew that this would attract much attention. It is shocking that any mechanech would allow his school or catering hall to be party to what amounts to a . crime during a public health emergency such as the one we are experiencing.

    From Dr. Ditchek-

    Dear Rabbi Guttfreund:
    I wanted to share with you a blog from the people running the event in your venue tonight regarding me. The ” dr” who is appearing labeled pediatricians as murderers. The anti vaccine group hosting the event named me personally and publicly as a murderer. I am happy to share the post with you. They removed my name once they were threatened legally. This is who you are hosting. It is highly inappropriate for you to host them . Clearly that was a financial decision. I am shocked at the lack of judgement

    Response from Rabbi Guttreund-

    I Am saddened by what you told me however i am just a landlord and I don’t control what is going on i did try to convince the caterer about cancellation he was under contract he went to ask is his Daas Torah I am sorry for your anguish

    From Dr. Ditchek-
    Unfortunately, Chinka and the Cheder will be forever tainted. People are angry and will not forget the support given by the yeshiva and the caterer. If this were a group planning mixed dancing or allowing inappropriate activity , you would never allow it. Being a landlord is no excuse. I am a landlord and would never allow this Chilul Hashem to be perpetuated at my property.
    You would cancel it if you felt strongly. You obviously don’t. If they sue you, we will bring pro bono representation for you hands down.
    It’s not too late. Unfortunately, there will be blood on the hands of all that assist this evil effort that is harming Jewish neshamos. I feel that you and the caterer have allowed profit to cloud your judgement. That is something you will have to resolve after 120. I know of active measles cases right now that are suffering terribly. Very shameful attitude for a Menahel to have. Truly a boosha
    And it is no coincidence that it was declared only last night while it was planned well before. This was by design to minimize pressure on you canceling. There are coincidences here. You share the blame and it will be known for many years.

  6. @good attitude:
    If what your quoting is true (there is no way to prove what you’re saying) and accurate without any additions, than Dr. Ditchek made a complete fool of himself. What he fails to realize is that Rabbi Guttfreund doesn’t have to answer to anybody. He owns all his buildings. He doesn’t have to kiss up to Rechnitz or any other askan. He won’t be bullied by any sanctimonious double talking phony. No outsider built him up, so no outsider can tear him down. This is not Lakewood. Ateres Chynka happens to be one of the best halls in Brooklyn. Yes, B”H we made a Chassuna there last year. First class people. The Dr. thinks his little immature text is going to threaten Rabbi Guttfreund?! Dr. Ditchek is a little immature idiot.

  7. Good attitude: How do you know this was planned well in advance? The hall may have had a free/unused date and the anti-vax organizers rented it at the last minute.

  8. How about posting a TRUE picture of 9:30 or rather from 10;30?…

    Comparing to yesterday pro in Monsey there are here 4 times the amount of PPL

  9. Considering so few people showed up to this event, why doesn’t everyone just calm down. Ateres Chynka is a business and if it booked this event in good faith and the sponsors were not forthright, the hall is not required to cross examine these folks in advance and if they signed a contract, unless there is a clause that gives the hall a right to cancel the event, not much they can do.

  10. Calm down, everyone. HKB”H manages our affairs better than we ever could without His help and intervention. This showing turned out to be a huge embarrassment for the cult. May they continue to fail at their destructive efforts.

    We all do need to be on the lookout for people collecting “tzedokoh” to compensate for the losses and to pay up their bill. They do not deserve a dime.

  11. ditchik has violated HIPPA and bullied parents and schools into shunning and dehumanizing people who just take a natural approach to life and refuse to put monkey fetuses mercury etc int their bodies g-d did not put us on this planet to have to inject ourselves with 72 vaccines

  12. Thank you YWN for helping the anti-vax movement rise!
    Many people are questioning vaccines after the way you are dealing with it!
    I want a vaccine free USA!!
    Thank you, thank you! YWN is making it possible!

  13. If at the end of the day only 50 people showed up to an event for 1300 , then what started as a chillul Hashem has become a kiddush Hashem. Now we can proudly say that they have no support , it would be a nice thing if news showed this low attendance picture

  14. looks a lot better than last nights event in the atrium…where there was no one being scared off by YeshivaWorldNews, actually everyone was begged to come.. why doesn’t YWN post some pics of last nights event????
    And here, after all the narishkeitin and scare tactics, still so many people? wow

  15. This is angry…and derisive…and gloating….but it isn’t reporting. Reporters report facts, without their own opinions seeping through.

    We have no idea of the mindset of people who attended…were they curious…do they vaccinate but wanted to hear the other side…do they not vaccinate? Yet here they stand condemned. It’s certainly easy to condemn people, but much harder to hear and learn and have a dialogue.

    If in fact (which is hard to know with such reporting), there were only 50 people, then I am sorry to know that only 50 people were willing to hear out thoughts that might be contrary to their own. Or that only 50 people were not intimidated by the threats/paid advertisement here of having their photographs taken and placed on social media.
    And even sorrier that this is how we would consider treating people.

    But most of all, I am sorry I didn’t attend. Next time I will, simply because I was taught to always seek out the truth and it is not possible to do so only hearing one side of the conversation. I will also show up for no other reason than I believe we should not treat people the way I see them being treated here.

  16. Yeshiva World- get your facts straight. There were over 300 people who attended and 243 on Livestream.
    let us speak about misinformation.

    Moderators Note: Let’s wait until the photo of every attendee is published and you can count for yourself.

  17. Stop with this sinas chinum garbage if someone is coming to harm you and you speak out against & ostracize them that is a mitzva and the total opposite of sinas chinum its ahavas yisroel ani vaaxers are the Omalek of our times

  18. Please publish my photos that I did not give consent for! I have my attorney on speed dial and can’t wait to make some money off you losers.


    Moderator Response: The (attorney that you never spoke to in the first place) should know that anyone can take a photo of anyone they want on any public street and use them. Welcome to the United States of America. But it’s ok, since not only didn’t you speak to an attorney, you also weren’t even at this event.

  19. Sorry, but I had to create an account just to comment. Mod, post whatever you want. It will be hard to believe anything you post from now on because, I was at this event. Arrived 9:20 and there were at least 150-200 ladies on our side. You come out the fool in this scenario. You speak of misinformation being spread about vaccines? Here is some real misinformation FROM YOU! Even if you believe one way, no need to be a hypocrite.

  20. ditchik has violated HIPPA

    No, he did not. Next lie.

    g-d did not put us on this planet to have to inject ourselves with 72 vaccines

    So now you’re a novi? I think He did put us here for that, just as he put us here to engage in agriculture and mining and all kinds of unnatural activities. He certainly did NOT put us here to “take a natural approach to life”. He said so explicitly when He told us to tame nature and exploit it to its fullest. מלאו את הארץ וכבשוה, לא תוהו בראה לשבת יצרה

  21. YWN – I’m done with you – goodbye!
    Conservative talk radio is by far more kosher way of get meaningful news!
    This has become a true Maaseh Satan!
    Stop embarrassing the true Yeshiva World, by calling your Loshon Haraah site this way!

  22. is Chynka being disinfected now? Because there are immuno-suppressed people that go to weddings at Chynka all the time, and I don’t want any of them to die from this.

  23. To those complaining about YWN, YWN is a business as well. It is entitled to take a stand about anything it wants on its website. I do not recollect the moaners coming out slamming YWN when it took a stance against the dangerous Shlomo Helbrans cult. Of course, in law Rabbi Guttfreund can do whatever his contract permits in his building, which given that he is reputed to be a smart man, is probably quite a lot. As a shomer Torah u’mitzvos, he cannot however just do whatever he likes; he is bound by halacha as interpreted by Daas Torah. The public can also do what they like as well, which may include excluding Ateres Hynka from consideration when a simcha is next made. I think the anti-vaxxers are wrong, foolish, selfish and insensitive to needs of the klal. At the end of the day each of the parents of children not vaccinated has to answer to the Eibishte, not me. However, encouraging others to adopt the same cult rules is a disgrace.

  24. Dr Ditchek is a normal pediatrician and a professional with a huge clientele , not like the phony’s pretending to be drs here tonight ! He did not violate Hippa regulations! You probably don’t even know what Hippa means! I am shocked that this hall would accept such a gathering and I git one will NEVER make a simcha there! There are plenty of halls in Boro Park to choose from!

  25. “But most of all, I am sorry I didn’t attend. Next time I will, simply because I was taught to always seek out the truth and it is not possible to do so only hearing one side of the conversation”

    Vaden will be seen by “Jews” for J so he can know the other side without blindly being a Jew

  26. Why the need to cover your face? Embarrassed that you know the REAL truth and are just a coward to some pressure???
    If anti vaxxers believe they’re doing right they should walk in proudly displaying their confidence in this belief rather than hiding in shame.
    One word- Anti vaxxers = COWARDS!!

  27. Kudos to YWN for staying on top of this story and successfully “promoting” this shameful event so that only 50 lowlifes showed up.

    In true fashion, FJCC was a johnny come late on this but leave it to them to claim credit for this defeat.

  28. People making simchos in the future should and must opt out of using Ateres Chynka, unless economic situations dictate otherwise.

  29. YWN should be ashamed of their biased reporting. Shaming Jews for seeking knowledge outside of the crooked mainstream medicine is pure sinas Chinam, it’s bad news, and it’s plain ignorance. People who don’t vaccinate have PLENTY of reasons starting with the fact that vaccines DO harm and kill people (how many is what’s debatable) and ANYONE who argues otherwise is either an ignoramus or is making money on vaccines. YES, all your doctors actually make money on vaccines shocking isn’t it. Do a favor for the Jewish world, YWN, leave your own opinions out of the news and just do the news. Period.

  30. Mods, can u pls post clear rules of whose post is allowed here and whose not? I see many antivax comments, but somehow mine are rarely approved. And I try to keep my language very clean. If Ill change my name to pediatrician from Brooklyn do I stand a better chance?

  31. @sariray,
    Even if you find prove that vaccines are dangerous you still have to vaccinate because Not Vaccinating is even MORE dangerous. Think about that!
    Just like you understand not to go to public places when you have strap or flu the same reason you cant walk around in this society unvaccinated.
    You are free to find a different society to move to. But make sure you ask your Rov about this because he certainly isn’t getting paid off from big pharma.

  32. In response to my last comment:

    No you cannot take a picture of someone and slander them on social media. That is defamatory?

    I didn’t go to the event? How do you know?

  33. sariray -“People who don’t vaccinate have PLENTY of reasons starting with the fact that vaccines DO harm and kill people”

    Prove your statement! Even the Amish – once they had an outbreak, they went to get Vaxxed.

  34. Why is YWN working overtime to dis-unite the Jewish community?!?!? This has become a forum for venting negativity at different sides.
    This has no longer become a professional news source. Moderators now take the liberty of going head on collision with commented posts. Very impressive.

  35. What we know now, is that Yeshiva news is fake news! Hundreds of people came. But I’m sure if not for your encouragement of bullying anyone who makes their own medical decisions and likes to hear both sides of the story, much more people would come. Yeshiva world if you were here to actually give people information, you would for example show some of the disturbing evidence against the cdc that was shown at this event. But it’s too dangerous to plant any ideas in people’s minds… So let’s show the empty seats an hour + before the presentation started.

  36. sariray:

    Daven your head off that you never get sick. Because you will then be stuck accepting treatment from crooked mainstream medicine. Let’s review. No vaccinations, no stitches, no tetanus shots, no OTC medications, no anti-hypertension medications, no anti-inflammatories, no laxatives, no chemotherapy, no anti-biotics, etc. If mainstream medicine is so corrupt and evil, then you should refuse any involvement with it. However, the Torah tells us not to do that. Try this – מכאן ניתן הרשות לרופא לרפאות. You may examine the Poskim of the many generations who were a whole lot smarter than you, and they followed medical experts. They sought the guidance from them, No not the ones who conduct “research” and publish fabricated conclusions that convince the imbeciles of the world that there are causal relationships that do not exist. If you had an ounce of Torah morals in you, you would recognize that since you are not a scientist, you should heed what the overwhelming majority say. You would listen to the piskei halacha from true poskim, not William Handlebar – some guy that was granted smicha by the anti-vaxx cult.

    But arguing logic with an anti-vaxxer is futile. Your mind was made up, and you are still searching for some support that is reputable. Keep looking, but take out some time from your useless search to review your children’s homework, go shopping, and daven three times a day. תורה מה תהא עליה? Who needs that? Just fabricate your own Torah like you do your own “science”.

    I am not debating until I find someone that can present something with factual basis. Anti-vaxx has failed horribly in this, and that is why they deserve to become extinct.

    As for YWN, I do not speak for it or anyone else. The news is that there was a failed attempt to cause huge harm to Klal Yisroel. May the anti-vaxx movement encounter failures everywhere, and may all children be vaccinated and protected from dreaded disease.

    Is there a vaccination to protect us from anti-vaxxers?

  37. Talmidchochom / Good attitude,

    While I agree this event is an issue, but your attitude toward free speech is even worse. You have NO right to impose on ANY hall not to rent it out to one that wishes to express his/her views, unless its hate or goes against halacha etc.

    The attendees have a right to except his stupidity or not. The very approach of denying one to express his shitos, even if its absurd and a Daa’s yachid, is dangerous.

    Where would you draw the line?

    You can indeed launch a campaign to inform all that his views are dangerous, baseless etc as others have done.

    Asides, I doubt that any of the attendees/ant Vax’s derived any decision because of this event, they obviously were already on the Anti Vax side.

  38. Gaon:

    I don’t think you get it. The anti-vaxxers do not need this forum. They are already believers. If this was a party to celebrate, with good food, drinks on the house, and great entertainment, perhaps i might understand. If the intended audience is the majority who do vaccinate to convince them not to, then it is something that threatens public health. And it should not just be banned, but the organizers, who are baalei aveiroh for trying to sicken us and our children, need to be apprehended and punished.

    This was more of a publicity stunt. If it wasn’t dangerous, we might sit back and enjoy a good laugh. But when junk scientists seek to endanger us all, it is a major event, and requires the backlash from the community to stop it.

  39. TLIK,
    ” But when junk scientists seek to endanger us all, it is a major event, and requires the backlash from the community to stop it.”

    That is again is an ‘opinion’ (though agreed). They have a right to express their own opinion and WE ALL have a right and duty to inform all that its “junk science” etc.

    Otherwise, where do we draw the line?

    Can one say that all using plastic bags are destroying the world and, anyone disagreeing has no right to express their opinion…

  40. OK, so you’re showing the school bus that only 10 woman our stepping off. But how about all those who were arriving with their cars or with taxis? That’s not relevant at all?

  41. GAON:

    I did not advocate arresting them for a crime. The focus is not about legality. It’s about the correctness of what they are doing. I have no problem publicizing that they are trying to inflict damage on the public, and I am as free to say that as they are free to voice their opinions. The legal side of all this is the governmental responsibility to public health. That is not the matter at hand. They make a public event to push their agenda, and I join the public to protest it.

  42. > GAON

    > Can one say that all using plastic bags are destroying the world and, anyone disagreeing has no right to express their opinion…

    No comparison. Disease has a track record going as far back as recorded history, and even farther back into archaeology. An alleged “plastic bags” allegedly destroying the world has no such track record.

    It makes no more sense than saying that it is only an “opinion” that cutting off someone’s head will lead to death. Isn’t that also only an opinion? And I justify that by saying that too much celery will kill you is also only an opinion and can be argued either way.

  43. It’s interesting to note how people jump to conclusions without knowing or seeking the truth. As much as the anti vaxxers are irrational, aggressive and misinformed, the pro-vaxxers behaved aggressively and abusive toward the establishments that hosted the event. Without knowing the real facts, they had no right to call with threatening and abusive language.
    Us mortals do not have the liberty or right to play G-D ; for only Hashem knows the inner turmoil and true intentions of the parties involved.
    Based on the facts that I sought to clarify, Ateres Chynka, and The Cheder were innocent victims of a group of people who seek to undermine authority and would stop at nothing to avenge those who just dare stand in their way.
    So please… before you pick up that phone and call with your unsolicited comments or threats, get your facts straight.
    Or better yet. Take out your tehillim and daven for peace, harmony, yeshuos and refuos for ALL of klal yisroel.
    It’s what Hashem really wants of us.

  44. @Faigy from Brooklyn: If you post a good comment with links to back it up you can be sure it will not be posted. I’ve tried a few times. If you rant and rave it may be posted.

  45. George,

    “No comparison”

    Of course its not. That’s my point (i.e. taking an extreme example. )

    Who decides what is and what is not. Where do we draw the line of free speech.

    Not vaxing is not exactly פסיק רישא …though what are the chances etc ?
    I guess that is precisely what this topic is all about, though they are simply misinformed, ignoramus and delusional.

    In any case, Its ridiculous to demand one should not rent out a place for anyone who is just expressing his views.

  46. This is an interesting website. When people protest [enter whatever thing here] anywhere in America, the television and print media always zoom in one the 3 people protesting something, and call it a major event. And look what we get out of New York. I guess it really is a different kind of town.

  47. Most of the Jews in Germany protested the first Zionist Congress which was supposed to take place Munich Germany in 1898. They openly displayed their hatred for the zionists and fermented Sinat Chinam.

    They pressured the halls and succeeded to stop the Jews who wanted to gather and talk about going back to Eretz Yisrael from gathering in Munich.
    The Zionist Congress went on in Basel Switzerland.
    A few years later the Nazi party was founded in Munich Germany the SAME place where they rejected the Zionists.

    Looks like history is repeating itself, and some people can be proud to say they were part of the Jews who spread Sinat Chinam and brought the upcoming catastrophe among the American Jews. I just hope Hashem protects the peacfull Jews and Non Jews who are seeking truth.

  48. Our Gedolim have already stated that to vaccinate to a Torah obligation and 99+% of the medical doctors (including the frum one the community relies on) say the same thing. Therefore, can you trust the kashrus of the anti-vaxxers who are B’Massat no longer Torah observant Jews and are Mazick Bi”Rebbium? Are they now Posul for Adius?

    When they are no longer allow to daven for the Amud or get Aliyahs, will they become another off branch of Judaism that will die out?

  49. I would expect YWN to publicly acknowledge their part in spreading deception and fake news.
    The dishonesty that you have publicly displayed is now making waves in the non Jewish world. How embarrassing! Everyone is noticing that the picture you’ve posted of the supposed 50 person event has different color chairs than the actual event
    Talk about chillul Hashem. Talk about outright dishonesty. You’ve lost our trust

    Moderators Response: You mean the red and white chairs in this video? This chillul hashem you seem very worried about, but Handler causing a colossal chillul hashem is ok. Right?

  50. Yeshiva World, If you’re going to post something, It would be nice to post the truth instead of lies. The hall in Ateres Chyinka which this event took place in had Red chairs, NOT white. Not only did you get your numbers wrong, but you also posted a different room. Please remind me, is lying not part of the 10 commandments?

    Moderators Response: Actually, they had both. Stop trying to go with the fake news chant. This was a blowout by all accounts. At best, there were 50 ladies and 50 men and another few cronies in the room working.

    Enjoy the video below where you see both color chairs

  51. Moderator, I think you assume that when you will need to give a din vcheshbon for the Chillul Hashem you have perpetrated (MANY times in this issue) Hashem will accept your claim that since Handler has made a Chillul Hashem, your CH is canceled!

    Stop creating the Chillul Hashem you are perpetrating!

    I hope you will very soon have the courage to also include the deaths, and risks caused by unvaccinated reshoyim.
    May it not need to be another Yiddishe child!

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