WATCH IT HAPPEN: Garbage Truck Flips Over Onto Multiple Cars In Williamsburg – See Video Who Caused It [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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A garbage truck overturned and destroyed multiple parked cars early Wednesday morning. It happened on Flushing Ave between Lee Ave & Nostrand Ave.

Miraculously, despite multiple vehicles totally destroyed, only minor injuries were reported.

YWN was provided with security camera footage from a nearby camera which shows how this crash happened: A NYC Sanitation broom truck made an illegal u-turn directly in front of the truck, causing it to swerve, lose control, and flip over onto its side.

Heavy tow trucks were on the scene on Wednesday morning as they worked to clear the totaled vehicles as well as debris.

The NYPD was investigating.

The crash was reminiscent of two incidents – both reported by YWN. One was a garbage truck crash in 2017 in Williamsburg that left 12 cars destroyed. The second garbage truck crash happened in Boro Park on 60th Street on a Shabbos morning – which left 9 cars destroyed.

(YWN World headquarters – NYC)


  1. It’s time to ban the extra tax burden/cash cow called alternate side/street cleaning parking. Those trucks don’t clean anything.

  2. Not getting involved :
    i don’t understand your contradiction, you not getting involved but you make such a stupid comment about abolishing street cleaning.where do u live? definitely not in wmsbg or boro park…just visit any street before the sweeper comes and after they cleaned. we live in a world where kids are not trained to throw waste in a garbage can.
    i live summer in a bungalow colony and the shmutz you see Sunday morning from Ice foxies,super snacks,loli pops is a real chilil hashem. if you would travel to any State park or public amusement park you would never see a Goy throwing waste on the floor, they are trained to use receptacles. anyhow Me Keamchu Yisroel but we need major improvement when it comes to bo proud of being called Atu Bechartuni Mekol Huamim