DEAL NJ POLICE BLAME OWNERS: Thefts Of Expensive High-End Vehicles Continue [Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Bentley’s]


The Deal NJ community is on edge, after many high-end vehicle were stolen recently, with the rash of thefts continuing.

As YWN reported at the end of June, expensive vehicles were stolen, including a Porsche SUV, a Range Rover an an Audi.

But it hasn’t stopped, and since then there have been multiple additional vehicles stolen.

Among the vehicles that were stolen include 3 Ferrari’s, 2 Porsche tucks, a Bentley and a BMW X6M.

Meanwhile, Deal Police are placing the blame of the thefts on the car owners.

Deal Police released the following statement:

Over the past week we have AGAIN taken reports for multiple stolen vehicles. Every single vehicle was left unlocked with the keys inside. This is gross negligence on the part of the vehicle owner. Our officers have been involved in multiple attempts to stop the vehicle thefts from occurring. There is absolutely no excuse for this. Our officers have been placed in very dangerous situations because our residents refuse to LOCK their vehicles.

With repeated alerts through social media, Nixle, reverse 911 alerts and our officers speaking directly with our residents, it still seems to be falling on deaf ears. In some instances, doors were left wide open with the vehicle running.

YOU continue to invite a criminal element into our community due to your behavior. You must LOCK your vehicles and remove the keys and key fobs. These criminals are well aware that your vehicles are unlocked and you leave the keys inside. Without your cooperation and due diligence this problem will only get worse. LOCK YOUR CARS!

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Maybe its time for our brothers in Deal to get the message that spending more money on cars than most of us spend on our homes, is nothing short of בעל תשחית regardless how much the give to charity. It’s nothing short of insanity and just pokes out the eyes of the goyim. What does it do for their נשמה? What kind of lesson does it teach their kids?
    Let the thieves keep the cars. Keep them away from our קהילות קדושות

  2. Which idiot leaves $100,000 out on the street unlocked with keys in engine? They wont get a penny from insurance and they dont deserve a penny.
    Is it too difficult to press the button on the fob to secure the vehicle? Nebach, very strenuous.
    Why don’t they just set up a table outside their house and give out $50 each to the needy.

  3. Isn’t that Elementary ABC? What is wrong with the Police being frustrated that the cars are left unlocked and with the keys inside!!???

  4. Chevraman
    be careful, dont speak bad about deal nj
    Just last week they raised over $400,000 for torah umesorah!!!
    And that’s one of tens of campaigns

  5. As a matter of fact in Israel if you don’t have your keys ( such as leaving then in your car) insurance will not pay and unfortunately as a locksmith we have heard that indeed many people do leave their keys in the car which is really stupid and if they knew they would be accountable I bet they wouldn’t do it again

  6. We all pay for those losses. Our insurance rates increase when the insurance companies don’t make the huge fortune they project. They pay out our money. So we all lost in these thefts.

  7. It’s so sad that some people on this comment board have to bash others cause they have money, especially when they are good people who do good with their money.
    As humbled said, look at all the good that is done, not the fact that they have fancy cars, which they have the right to drive anyway (directed at Rebmoish and chevraman)

  8. Humbled & Fat36 pls tell me what I said is insane or wrong. If they drive Ferrari’s in this world what are they gonna drive in the next world for all the good deeds done?

  9. wow some jealous people! If you want to be jealous – be jealous of the awesome KEDUSHA of this community. Due to the fact that this community does so much chesed many people don’t realize how much Torah Learning goes on in this community! And there Tefilah is so powerful- every word pronounced out loud. And the kovod they give Rabbonim is amazing. Instead of being jealous of their gashmius be jealous of their ruchniyos. This community has moved into the neighborhood where i live so i am hoping when moshiach comes they can let me live right next to them when they get the true reward for what they deserve!

  10. Their money, their decisions how to spend it. And the Deal community is legendary in their chesed and tzedaka. But seriously…. leaving cars unlocked with the keys in? I would suggest the police stop investigating these thefts.

  11. You know what? they are 100 % allowed to do what they want it is not an aveirah to drive such fancy cars However it’s not the right way to live a torahdik life it’s one thing to drive a balebatish car like a lexus or MDX but to drive a car that’s in everyone’s face that cost 100’s of thousands of dollars isn’t the right way