HORRIFIC CRASH ON ROUTE 17: Vehicle Overturns, Explodes Into Fireball At Exit 129 [SHOCK VIDEOS]


A single-vehicle crash critically injured three people on Route 17, late Sunday night.

It happened at around 11:40PM near Exit 129 heading westbound in the Blooming Grove section of Orange County.

Shocking footage showed the vehicle on its side totally engulfed in flames. Three victims were critically injured. Three choppers were requested to airlift the victims to trauma centers. The helicopters landed on the highway.

At least 6 Paramedics from Kiryas Joel Hatzolah were on the scene treating the victims.

The NY State Police tells YWN that an investigation revealed that a 2003 Chevy Trail Blazer was traveling west on State Route 17 when the vehicle left the roadway on the north shoulder. The vehicle subsequently struck a guide rail, overturned and came to rest on its passenger side facing south across the westbound lanes and became engulfed in flames. All three occupants were ejected from the vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle were all transported to Westchester Medical Center. The operator of the vehicle, Wesley Smith, age 19 of New Windsor and his two passengers, Amber Santiago age 19, of Newburgh and Nageria Smith age 23, of Queens are all listed in critical condition.

State Police were assisted at the scene by Kiyras Joel EMS (Hatzolah), Blooming Grove Fire Department, South Blooming Grove Fire Department and the Monroe Joint Fire District.

This is an ongoing investigation and the State Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the accident to contact the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) at Monroe at 845-782-8311.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. If anyone happens to know a name or names for Tehillim, please let us know.
    May Hashem send a speedy recovery to all the injured.
    השם ישלח לכולם רפואה שלמה בתוך שאר חולי עם ישראל

  2. Misaskim did not appear to be needed But what is most sorely needed, is full compliance with speed limits, and total moratorium from all cell phones. Vehicles complying with speed limit, don’t just overturn nor catch fire.

  3. When will our elected officials do something about these dangerous cars? Nobody needs a car that goes over 40 mph. We should sue AAA and car manufactures.

  4. 147
    At 11:40 pm, the reason may have been simple exhaustion and trouble focusing on the road. Many highways are devoid of lights, the only illumination coming from the headlights of the car. The darkness often lulls the driver to sleep. A moment of poor focus or nodding off could easily lead to hitting a guard rail.

  5. Mommamia; Please, people that age are not nodding off at 11:40 pm. Also that highway has rumble strips on both sides, so they would have been awakened if they were drifting off the road.
    The main possibility besides reckless driving is if the driver reacted improperly to a blowout, i.e. braking hard instead of steering to a stop.

  6. The car was going west – not returning from the mountains. I saw the moment after the flip over and the subsequent initial burst of flame. I was driving home from the mountains. There was one fellow who emerged and was rolling himself on the ground to douse the flames – his clothing were aflame. Fire trucks and emergency personnel were called. Hatzalah wasn’t needed.

  7. MoisheInGolus,

    In my 35 years and probably a few million miles driven, I can promise you that you are out of your mind! You sound like you’re still driving a model T Ford. Do you think when cars couldn’t go as fast that weren’t accidents? If you do, it proves you’re out of your mind.

    There is always a reason for the accident. There could be so many reasons for this which is why they do an investigation. To rule out possible causes. It could be the driver was speeding. Could be a somebody decided up above, because of the time, the driver fell asleep. It could be they suddenly got a blowout and that cause the car to lose control.

    It could be a lot of things but I can almost guarantee you, driving at 40 miles an hour would not have helped.

  8. whitecar and Jersey Jew, get a life and some sense of humor. I was trying to demonstrate hypocrisy of hysterical responses of the Democrats with left-wing agendas blaming NRA and law abiding gun owners for the last week mass shootings.

  9. To MoisheInGollee: There is an awful car accident and you think of hysterical Democrats? Perhaps you are the one in need of a life. And what does the AAA have to do with causing auto accidents?

  10. All you demonstrate is disregard for the value of human life.
    I bet you even have a chazal to justify your warped state of mind.

  11. huju, chareidi amiti and other “moral” virtue signalers: Look at yourself in the mirror. It is YOU who are profiting from the victims. DNC and all 2020 Democrat candidates accusing Trump of mass murder and already fundraising over the dead bodies even before the victims are berried.

  12. To MoisheInkalot: What the NRA has to do with mass shooting is it has opposed every material and immaterial limit on gun purchases, which enables mass shooters to buy AK-47’s and huge magazines of ammunition.

    As for Democrats and their allegations against the president: it is a presidential campaign, candidates talk about bad stuff that happens during the incumbancy of president. And fundraising goes on no matter what happens.

    And speaking of fundraising, Trump said he did not need to raise any funds for his candidacy, and would not do so, because, you know, he has so much money. So why is he fundraising? And what flavors are the berries?

  13. huju, if you think that evildoers will be prevented from obtaining banned firearms and accessories you are a bigger moron that i suspected. Just last weekend alone over 45 people where gunned down in Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, Detroit and NYC using illegal guns. Boston Marathon bombers used pressure cooker, why don’t ban those? 3K+ Americans where murdered in 9/11, why don’t you ban commercial airplanes?

  14. huju, off course Democrats will fundraise on pain and suffering off murder victims. With all of you Marxists the ends always justify the means. “A Crisis is a Terrible Thing To Waste”. Thanks for being honest.