Flatbush: Man Killed After Car Jumps Curb In Major Crash On Ave L & Coney [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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A man was tragically killed after he was struck by a vehicle following a violent crash, Sunday afternoon.

It happened just before 12:30 at the intersection of Avenue L and Coney Island Avenue, when two cars collided. One of the vehicle jumped the curb, and slammed into a bicyclist, who was pinned against the Vertzky Yeshiva building.

Flatbush Hatzolah, FDNY and NYPD all responded and worked quickly to extricate the victim, who was suffering from critical injuries.

He was rushed to the hospital by Flatbush Hatzolah Paramedics, where the approximately 35-year-old male was pronounce dead.

An additional two victims from the two cars were rushed to the hospital, both reportedly in stable condition.

Misaskim services were not needed in this tragic incident.

The cause of the crash is under investigation. Please avoid the area as the street will remain closed while the investigation is underway.

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  1. The three weeks > Tisha B’av 5779 will be 1 to remember. Hashem Yishmor.

    May they have a speedy recovery. A complete and swift Refuah Sh’leima.

    Thank you for the sensitivity of other (mechabed kol habrios) with mentioning that Misaskim where not needed.
    Besuros Tovos.

  2. All nearby blocks on Coney Island Avenue (Avenue J, Avenue K, Avenue M, Avenue N, etc.) have left turn signals- most installed within the last 30 or so days. Avenue L and Coney is the only nearby intersection that doesn’t have a signal, even though Pomegranate’s parking lot is on one corner of L and Coney, and Veretzky is on another. I would pass by the intersection, and always wonder why a left-turn signal wasn’t on this intersection as well- it leads to more conflicts between vehicles and a higher risk of a crash, which is so risky at a corner with so many pedestrians crossing.

  3. @All Clear:
    If you watch the video on YWN WhatsApp status, you’ll see the guy blowing right thru the red light at high speed. He sort of t-boned him. Nobody was turning in this particular situation.

  4. WgFPD2 I’m guessing you’re being sarcastic because the driver blew through the red light. The bicyclist was actually stopping when he was hit, and in fact it he would have survived if he just blew straight through the red light. Not saying he should, but obeying the traffic rules unfortunately doesn’t guarantee safety.

  5. People need to relize that we need to be carful not just during the 3 weeks but the 52 weeks! Bh we have Hatzaloh and people like f238 but we need to do our histadulus.