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HE WAS GOING TO KILL ME: Jewish Man Brutally Attacked In Crown Heights Speaks Out

As YWN reported on Tuesday, the NYPD are looking for the man that attacked 63-year-old Rabbi Abraham Gopin at Lincoln Terrace Park in Crown Heights around 8:00AM, Tuesday morning. The attacker threw a large brick at the victim.

Gopin defended himself by punching back, but the attacker picked up another rock and threw it.

He lost two teeth and broke his nose in the attack, and received several stitches.

Talking to ABC News, Gopin says “he was going to kill me”.

See the videos below of various interviews given to the media.

Meanwhile, NY Governor Cuomo released a statement to YWN on Wednesday afternoon at 2:00PM – more than 30 hours after the brutal attack – condemning the assault, and offering his assistance.

“I am sickened to learn of the vicious attack on a Hasidic Jewish man in Lincoln Terrace Park in Brooklyn. This incident is unfortunately just the latest in a string of horrific anti-Semitic attacks happening across the state and the country – part of the cancer of division and hate that has been injected into the body politic of this nation.

“In New York, we have zero tolerance for bigotry and hate-fueled violence of any kind, and I am directing the State Police Hate Crimes Task Force to provide the NYPD with any resources necessary to investigate this incident and bring the individual responsible to justice.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish community – and any community targeted by such vile acts – and no matter what happens we will always stay true to our values of dignity and respect for every New Yorker.”

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

13 Responses

  1. Out of town Jew; Isn’t Benny Friedman the son of Rabbi Manis Friedman noted Chabad Shaliach? First mention the father then the uncle.
    Rabbi Gopin should have a Refuah Shelaimah bemehairah!

  2. As always, DEMOCRAT Letitia James is nowhere to be found. No concern, no statement, no solidarity, no nothing. She’s all too busy still looking for President Trump’s tax returns from 1968. Why do we continue to pay her salary? We already know that DEMOCRAT Eric Gonzalez is indifferent to the Frum Community, but now Letitia as well?!

  3. I’m not sure when YWN standards of tznius fell to the point where a video of a news story with complete pritzus is the norm now? Quite disappointing…
    Rabbi Hoping should have a complete Refuah

  4. If Please explain your residiculis comment? Where do you see pretzis? Where is there anything not tzniyus here? Enough hate on ywn!

  5. Ikf Please explain your residiculis comment? Where do you see pretzis? Where is there anything not tzniyus here? Enough hate on ywn!

  6. As long as your Governor is up there blaming Trump (look at his veiled inference that he repeated again in this article), nothing at all will be done, and it shows the extent that he doesn’t really care.
    Second, there was a quote from Benny Friedman which said, if this were Minnesota it would be Front Page news, but in Crown Heights it is just another day. I take that a step further. This isn’t front page news anywhere. Want proof? Do a survey of who has heard of Smolett and his fake hate crimes, and see how many people have heard of this disgusting episode. Or, just look at how much coverage every fake and staged hate crime has gotten in the past 9 years, and then see how much coverage these stories get.

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