FRIGHTENING TIMES: Security At Jewish Schools In High Gear [VIDEO & PHOTO ROUNDUP]


In response to the tragic events that took place in Jersey City yesterday afternoon, Police Departments around the tri-State area added heavy security to jewish institutions.

The Lakewood Police Department increased both marked and unmarked patrols town wide.

Chief Meyer tells YWN that he would to ensure the public that “we will do whatever is in our power to protect all residents of Lakewood, as well as those traveling our roadways.”

Lakewood Municipal Counter Terrorism Coordinator Lt. LeRoy Marshall has been working very closely with local, county and state counterparts and says he will adjust operations accordingly as they receive additional information. “We would like to remind the public that if you see something, say something.”

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Meanwhile, in NYC, the NYPD was seen inside a Bais Medrash on Wednesday morning, while heavily armed SWAT Units were patrolling outside many Jewish schools.

In Jersey City, the school bus taking the children to Cheder was escorted by a police car.

At Satmar Yeshivas in Williamsburg, the schools were placing “security booths” outside the buildings.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The city will give satmar a fine for that “unauthorized permanent apparatus” i kid you not. Having 10 cops in 1 area makes no deterence when 9 other schools have no armed, liberal logic is straight from sodom

  2. K I think it is clear that it is a wake up call, but what can we do differently? I think i am awake but than i hear about all these tragic instances and I second guess myself. I need chizuk!! i need Direction!!

  3. Time to get up and leave and go to Eretz Yisroel…Moshiach will be here very soon….. sooner than you think…….See Biur halochoh taf Kaf Ches…..very soon…..