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WATCH: NY Gov Cuomo Visits Rabbi Rottenberg’s House – BUT HE JUST SIGNED BAIL REFORM!

As could have been expected, NY Governor Cuomo was bright and early for this mornings photo-op at the home of Rabbi Rottenberg.

Cuomo said Sunday that the stabbing in a rabbi’s home that wounded five people was evidence of a “cancer in the body politic,” as he said the attack was fueled by intolerance and called it an act of domestic terrorism.

One person was very seriously wounded, the governor told reporters, and remained in critical condition. The rabbi’s son was also injured, Cuomo said. His status and that of the other victims was not clear.

Authorities have not provided a motive for the attack, but Cuomo said there was no doubt it was fueled by hate.

“This is an intolerant time in our country,” he said to reporters outside the rabbi’s home on Sunday morning. “We see anger, we see hatred exploding.”

He added: “It is an American cancer on the body politic.”

[CHANUKAH ATTACK IN MONSEY: Black Man Arrested In Harlem After Stabbing 5 With Machete At Shul [UPDATED 5:15AM]

He said he thought the crime was an act of domestic terrorism and expected it to be prosecuted that way.

YWN notes that Governor Cuomo signed the new “bail reform law” a few weeks ago which goes into effect on Jan 1st. With this new law, NEARLY ALL hate crime arrests will be released without any bail. Think we are joking? Read this YWN article and be SHOCKED.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. If someone has not been convicted of a crime, but is merely accused, they shouldn’t be in prison. If the sovereign has enough evidence to accuse, they should be ready to go to trial immediately. The problem isn’t with bail, but with lack of speedy trials. Guilty people belong in prison, not persons who are legally presumed innocent and in fact may actually be innocent. It is noteworthy that initial accusations are rarely supported by verdicts (either the person charged is found not guilty, or guilty of something less serious than the initial accusation.

  2. Cuomo is a total fraud who supports anti-gun laws which prevent us from actually being able to protect ourselves as well as criminal friendly laws which let these animals back in the street. But of course Jews will keep voting Democrat…

  3. This disgusting sleazeball does not let any tragedy to waste in order to get good photo-op. He is a part of the Party that promotes and honors vicious Jew-haters like Al Sharpton, Farrakhan and Ilhan Omar (yamach shmom)

  4. Has Rabbi Rottenberg or members of the community challenged him and asked how does he expect to keep the community/public safe with letting all criminals roaming the streets?

  5. Don’t attack Cuomo for showing up.

    Yes he and his liberal policies are somewhat to blame and I’m sure this visit was partly motivated by his interest in the good press it will get him.

    Even so, as long as he is paying lip service to being concerned about these crimes and combating don’t do anything to alienate him. David Dinkins, for example, didn’t even do that and he certainly made a bad situation worse by his failure and refusal to do so.

    I didn’t vote for Cuomo last time and I’m not voting for him next time. Even so, for now (unfortunately)he is the governor of NY. We should do whatever we can to work with him and act appreciative (not hostile) when he extends sympathy.

  6. If the government does not stop this ASAP, then the left could start doing this against the conservative right and start a war in all progressive cities. Look at the killing of R Kahane. If the government would have done it’s job, they would have caught the bombers of the world trade center.
    The government needs to put in all necessary will and capital to stop this now. Else, we could face a fight from the left against conservative America using this idea.

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