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TROUBLE FOR CAMPS: NY State Closes “Loopholes” That Summer Camps Are Using

Many overnight summer camps are using various “loopholes” in the existing executive order, in which they were given temporary residence permits to operate this summer. On Friday, New York State issued new regulations, which will make it nearly impossible for many camps to continue to operate.

Additionally, YWN has learned of at least two camps that were given “cease and desist orders” by the State.

It remains to be seen what action the State will take, and what the response of the camps will be.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

16 Responses

  1. Let’s start praying for demise of Cuomo and his entire crime family! Will see how long this Rosha lasts.

  2. Why don’t they just say they are a “George Floyd Protest” and then how could NY state even think of interfering with such a Holy Protest?

  3. Cuomo and Zuker are rishaim. Closing the loopholes? He couldn’t care less if some jewish kid CH”v got sick. If he really cared he would let the camps stay opened. He just can’t stand stand that we outsmarted him. He knows here in NY the virus is not spreading and for sure not by some kids in a camp. Is he going to stop the BLM protests too? The double standard and hypocrisy is sickening. BTW we aren’t talking about children’s camps here. They never opened. This loophole affects mesivta and beis medrish.

  4. Wow just simply to fight with the easy Jewish targets.
    At this point it is obviously not about health – since if they are really concerned about Covid spreading around the campers they should not be sent home after being in camp the past 2 weeks.

  5. Anyone has a direct line to President Trump? Gov Coumo is stepping, spitting, & destroying the Bill of Rights and he must be stopped!

    For those who will claim that if the President does or even attempts to stop the Governor he’s being ‘authoritarian’…
    Sorry to bust your bubble, the President is not! Rather the President is upholding the constitution by stopping an authoritarian Governor!

  6. I wouldn’t comment on the specific of camps since I didn’t look into all the arguments. But just to compare the general approach of cuomo virsus Trump, it’s like night and day. Trump doesn’t follow the health experts advice since he wants to get reelected and therefore doesn’t cause tens if thousands of deaths. While coumo follows the advice of the health experts. I used to think Trump was goodcat least for Israel and the Jews, but seeing how many Jews died because of him, I realize it ain’t the case. I’m very happy that coumo is running the state and not Trump or the president of Brazil. If they were to be running, there would probably be Thousands of more Jewish deaths.

  7. Did these ‘camps’ really think they were flying below the radar when they were so well publicized across the internet?

  8. To Epis: Direct line to Trump? I can’t afford his price, but that guy Adelson can, and I think he has one. Stormy Daniels had one, but Trump bought that line back for $130,000.

  9. Jake, it is not a chilul haShem to stand up for our rights.

    Epic, the president has no authority on this. If the governor won’t budge, only the courts can stop him.

  10. Stevenn, you’re full of it. Trump did not cause even one death. Cuomo personally caused thousands of deaths with his unconscionable order to the nursing homes to deliberately introduce the Wuhan disease.

  11. The term “chilul Hashem” is a halachic term with tremendous significance. Please don’t toss it around lightly just because you disagree with someone.

  12. StevenN
    In what alternate universe do you live in?

    Coumo killed thousands of patients in NY. The death rate in NY is 10 times any other Republican state.

    Trump got all the medications, ventilators and more.

    When Trump heard about Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin + Zinc he suggested we do that… 99….% of people who took this regiment at the start of the COVID Symptoms never ended up in the hospital and they lived BH.

    What did Coumo and other Democrats do when Trump suggested the above regiment (out of France and South Korea) may be a game changer changer’, the Democrats put out a decree that no one can prescribe it unless in a hospital settings. They did that knowing that when the patient already is in the hospital it is usually TOO LATE to start this regiment.

    It boggles the mind to see how many FOOLS are living among us!!! And it’s precisely the fools who get us all these liberal dictators elected..

    Trump is the best president the US has had. I don’t vote for a president because he has a good personality, Or gives good speeches, I vote for someone who takes action when necessary and gets things done. No one beats Trump in that department.

    If you know a president that did, please put it forth and let the record speak for itself

  13. I would like to challenge these two wonderful distinguished gentlemen to find me a single person that was hospitalized in the past few weeks on account of these temporary residence type situations.

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