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Flatbush: Jewish Man Assaulted In Possible Hate Crime Attack On Shabbos

A Jewish man was assaulted in what is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

Sources tell YWN that an Orthodox Jewish man was walking home from a Shabbos meal at around 3:30PM, when a vehicle occupied by three white/Hispanic men passed him on Kings Highway and East 27th Street. The vehicle stopped, and anti-Semitic slurs such as “(expletive removed) Jew” were hurled at him. The victim verbally responded to the suspects, at which point they exited the vehicle, surrounded him and viciously beat him.

He was taken to Community Hospital (across the street), where he was treated for facial trauma, and received stitches on his face. He also suffered a broken finger.

The suspects fled the area in the vehicle. A description of the suspects will be published when available.

The NYPD’s 70 Precinct responded, and the hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident.

Flatbush Shomrim tells YWN that they will be increasing their patrols in the area, and encourage anyone who sees anything suspicious to immediately call 911 and their 24 emergency hotline at 718-338-9797.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. It is a very painful incident when someone is viciously beaten there’s no question about that however I think the gentleman made a huge earor 1. by answering them back when they insulted him verbally a frum Jew when insulted or confronted verbally has to continue walking and try to find the first appropriate shelter answering them back and getting the hoodlums more antagonized is a very risky and wrong approach it is very possible that if he would have just continued walking or would have gone into the first house that has a mezuzah and there’s plenty of those in Flatbush and knocked on the door he would have been saved from the beating we still have to remember one major thing we are Jews we are in goalless and they’re not. They are armed and most of us are not they are prepared to strike and hurt and we are not prepared to defend ourselves. Hashem should send them a refuah shleimah

  2. Very sad! However Rabbi Avigdor Miller says clearly, (forgot which tape), if a goy shouts at you, ignore it and walk away. By responding you are asking for trouble!

  3. walking Friday night in areas outside of the few Orthodox ones like Boro Park, is a sakana nefashot.
    Here in Jerusalem, even young girls go out for shabbos walks at night with no fear.

  4. The victim should not have responded.

    He should have just tried to memorize the license plate and report it to the police (who of course will do nothing nothing,,,,)

    What is there to gain by responding when it is three against one and you are in a very hostile environment as an Orthodox Jew?

  5. reb avigdor miller’s approach was just keep walking as if you dont hear them. and you would be fine. it just not worth it. (unless you have 50 people with you backing you up of course then i would recommend getting rid of the idiots)

  6. All of you who are judging need to STOP judging a situation you know nothing about it. How do you know what he answered or how he answered? Maybe he said something like, “I don’t want any trouble, I’m just walking home.”

  7. even if there are 500 of you you should not answer back!
    (we are still in golus)
    And if you win then once, they will never forget and chas v’sholom ‘promise revenge’ . This can be on an innocent girl walking by herself, or they can come back another time with even more, stronger guys.

    When i was about 15 one of them stopped his bike right in front of me, hoping to start up a fight.
    I did not tell him off, shout or touch him.
    I said, ‘I’m sorry!’
    He was in shock, he never expected that reaction!
    As you can imagine, I walked away unhurt!

  8. @garlic it was Shabbos afternoon, not Friday night. And I would not call East 27th and Kings Highway “outside an Orthodox area” – quite a number of frum people live there.

    However, I do agree with others that answering back was perhaps not the wisest move.

  9. I’m shocked at the number of apologetic lambs here who are criticising the person for answering back, (and taking Rav Miller zt”l out of context). Pathetic.

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