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Lakewood Yeshiva Cancels Massive Purim Mesiba; Rabbonim Issue “Kol Koreh”; Bochrim Should Not Go Collecting

The Roshei Yeshiva and leading Rabbonim of Lakewood have released a Kol Koreh ahead of Purim, with strict guidelines due to COVID-19.

Earlier Monday, Lakewood’s BMG announced that for the first time in 80 years, the Yeshiva won’t host their annual Purim Mesiba that attracts thousands. The announcement was made by Rabbi Aaron Kotler, CEO of BMG in the Asbury park Press.

The letter from the Rabbonim was released in Lashon Kodesh, with a second letter with a loose translation in English, which is posted below:

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the following is recommended for Purim:

• Broadly speaking, פורים should be celebrated with the same people you usually interact with. This means:

  • There should not be large, open מסיבות.
  • The widespread practice of going around from home to home – especially the בחורים to collect צדקה – should be avoided this year.
  • It goes without saying that this should not lead to any sort of lessening in the מצוה of לאביונים מתנות or the supporting the התורה מוסדות of Lakewood.
  • Everyone should set aside time for a לימוד סדר over פורים and be מתחזק in תורה and תפילה on this day.
  • Specifically, every Shul, Mesivta, and Bais Medrash should have a סדר for all their מתפללים and/or תלמידים during the night of פורים. After the סדר ,they can make their own private מסיבה.
  • This presents an exceptional opportunity for the תומכי תורה of Lakewood. Especially during this תקופה of uncertainty, when we can all use זכותים ,they should make themselves available for those who want to try to reach them by telephone, etc. and to sponsor the הלימוד סדרי that will be conducted over Purim.
  • In this זכות, we should be זוכה to a speedy קיום of ונהפוך הוא, and see the גאולה שלימה בקרוב.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

7 Responses

  1. Rav Moshe Feinstein was niftar on taanis esther 1986. I was a bachur in yeshiva then, and that year purim mesibas were cancelled throughout the Yeshiva world.
    Besuros tovos.

  2. Yelamdainu rabeinu ,What is the reasoning and thought process behind this? It’s a huge decision and we are sure it was done bekoved rosh

  3. meir G, I’ll give you some reasons. 1. מסיבות are not part of any mitzvah of the day. They aren’t necessary for completing the mitzvos HaYom of Purim. How beautiful would it be that going forward we never have any parties, chillul Hashem, and alcohol problems- and rather we devote some time for learning. 2. Collecting will be and should be fully online during these times.

  4. Meir G-I think it might have to do with the goyim around Lakewood might think. BMG usually stays out of the news and keeps a low profile. This time, BMG has made it very public and telling to a non jewish newspaper (which is not known for their friendliness to Yidden) which makes me think there’s a reason for that.

  5. If you have to ask “why”, than obviously you’ve been mehader mitzvah and commenced you ad shelo yadah indulgences on rosh chodesh adar.

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