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Governor Paterson Gives Port Authority Deadline On WTC Plans

paterson 3.jpgToday, Governor David A. Paterson sent a letter to Chris Ward, the new Executive Director of the Port Authority, calling for a complete audit of the schedule and budget for rebuilding the World Trade Center site. Paterson called for Ward to deliver the assessment by June 30th.

The Governor’s letter to Ward follows:

Since taking my oath of office, I have made a commitment to be candid and upfront with the people of New York. If we are going to be true to this principle, it must start with projects like the World Trade Center rebuilding.

The rebuilding of the World Trade Center site is critical to New York City, the State and the nation. In the past two years the site has made progress – from a virtual complete stop to a burgeoning construction site. Yet despite the progress made so far, it has become clear that the overall project faces likely delays and cost overruns. In fact, recently the announcement came that the second consecutive deadline for the Port Authority to complete excavation work in the East Bathtub will be missed by a few weeks, with some schedule and cost impacts.

We must ensure public confidence in the ongoing reconstruction of this site and transparency throughout this process – in the rebuilding schedule, the budget and the overall management of the project. The rebuilding of the World Trade Center site must encompass clear and achievable timelines and budget goals that must be met at every step of the way. Furthermore, the stakeholders and the public must be kept up to date on progress in meeting the timetables and budgets as we move forward.

Accountability means demanding results and accepting responsibility and that is what we must do if we want to recapture public confidence. New Yorkers can accept challenges, but they need real information that reflects the reality on the ground

To this end, I am asking you – in your role as the new Executive Director of the Port Authority – to complete a comprehensive assessment to determine if the current schedules and cost estimates for reconstruction are reliable and achievable. If they are not, I would like an evaluation of what viable alternatives exist to get the project back on track or whether we need to alter our targets to meet the reality on the ground. Any new schedule must reflect an aggressive but realistic approach to completing these vitally important projects. This assessment should detail the current status, timeline and cost for each project on the site. I ask that you work with all of the various stakeholders to get their input as you establish a path forward, ensuring that what is developed reflects all of the assessments that have been generated to date.

I have every confidence in your ability and the ability of the Port Authority to deliver on this incredibly important rebuilding effort. Your full assessment, with a plan to accountably deliver on the promise of rebuilding Lower Manhattan, must be the next step to achieving that mandate.

I expect you to provide an update on the status of this effort to both Governor Corzine and me, the Port Authority Board, and to the public by June 30th.

(Eli Gefen – YWN Queens Ops’ Desk)

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  1. Hey sammygol, don’t get carried with your comments and thoughts.
    Seyog lachochma shetika as your post indicates.
    Please don’t make dumb posts that are accusatory, unless you have backing.
    There is a difference between an opinion and a fact.
    How are you such a buki on every topic? Where did you go to school?

  2. sammy – ignoration is the best medication. By responding (sharply) to #1, you’re proving that his comment accomplished what it was supposed to.

  3. sammygol,
    You accuse a person of be involved in scandals in a sarcastic way without any backing. That’s dumb. And very mean spirited, my friend. You are way to macho with accusing, blaming, and understanding the mindset of others. You have a good perception of right and wrong for others but are way to sensitive when opposed or simply confronted on issues that you brought up!!
    Those who give it can’t take it.
    You are a bright guy and you are getting way to carried away with yourself so i’m trying to help and direct you. That’s my ayin tov at work.
    I hope youre mochel me and I won’t comment on you again.
    And yes, I do want to know how youre such a buki and where you went to school.

  4. sammygol,
    Ouch. Your true colors of anger and hate is rearing it’s ugly head. I think an issue you should write about is kaas gaavah sinas yisroel and bitul zman.
    Name calling “the one eyed”; what a talent and so well used.
    The editors are to busy with important stuff sammy, but of course they will get to you.
    Once again, I’m sorry and please relax.
    I still want to know where you went to school and how are you such a buki.

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