Two Yeshiva Bochirm Make Kiddush Hashem On Interstate Highway In Georgia [VIDEO]


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On Monday, YWN published a video on our Instagram and WhatsApp Status accounts of two Yeshiva Bochrim making a Kiddush Hashem. The story was now published on Facebook by the woman who was helped by the two boys.

The following is what she wrote:

“After a great Easter visit with my folks in FL, we loaded up a golf cart they were getting rid of, and I headed home to SC. Half way through my trip, I began to struggle with what I thought was a tall load and wind gusts! Thankfully two young Jewish men waved me over and alerted me to a flat tire! They stopped alongside me and offered me help

I am so grateful for their positive, persistent, gracious attitude! They refused money and when I insisted on doing something in return for their kindness, they said “just share on social media that two Jewish boys stopped to help”.

Well, they did and I am so grateful.

I hope some way that this post makes it to them, their parents, their faith community! They are two young, generous, polite and service oriented boys on they’re way home to NY and they stopped to help me in my time of need. Things could have gone really bad if they hadn’t taken the time to alert me, and then help me. THANK YOU Shimon and Meir. You were my hero’s yesterday! 🙏❤️🙏


After a great Easter visit with my folks in FL, we loaded up a golf cart they were getting rid of, and I headed home to…

Posted by Renee Dion Kauffman on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Nice story. While I don’t get the opportunity to do such actions as well as the previous CPR story, I humbly think we should all wear masks. And even if we’re not totally covered, I think covering the chin is better than nothing. I personally think we should do it to prevent killing someone else but if that doesn’t cause you to do it please do it for the above reason.

  2. I live in South Carolina. The vast majority of the population holds conservative beliefs and strongly supports Israel. We even offer a “SC stands with Israel” license plate.

  3. in my opinion that’s dumb!!
    very nice that they pulled over to help but why do they have to take photo ops to show the public? it just makes it look like they pulled over for a picture.
    just last night I was driving threw Maryland and I stopped to help a random person (black incase someone was wondering) changed his tire and moved on with life. if your stopping to help, then just help no need to take pictures or send it to a news site for publicity!!

  4. kugs, it was the lady they helped who took the photos and posted it to social media, not the boys themselves. But thank you for helping as well!

  5. Kugs, why the hate?!? Alright I get it you also want some fame. Shout out to you for helping someone. So proud of you!

    Hope you got the attention you wanted.