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NYC: ‘Blocking The Box’ To Become Costly

inter box.jpgThe NY Times reports: “Blocking the box” could get more expensive for New York City drivers.

The City Council is backing state legislation that would raise the penalty for cars that creep into congested intersections, become stuck and prevent traffic from moving. It is a familiar — and, for many drivers and pedestrians, infuriating — sight in Midtown Manhattan.

Right now, obstructing traffic at intersections is a moving violation that costs drivers $90 and results in two points on a driver’s license, and tickets can, in most cases, only be given out by police officers. The City Council overwhelmingly passed a resolution on Thursday in support of a state bill that would reclassify the offense as a parking violation, with a fine of a $115, but no points. The tickets could be issued, fairly quickly, by the city’s 2,800 traffic enforcement agents, who also work for the Police Department but have different authority than police officers.
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg initially made the proposal in May 2007. It was wrapped into a larger bill that included congestion pricing, the mayor’s proposal for charging drivers $8 a day to enter Manhattan south of 60th Street.

The goal, for both the Bloomberg administration and the Council, is wider enforcement of the anti-gridlock rule — and a lot more tickets.

The Council also passed a resolution that backs a plan to install cameras along bus routes in the city. The cameras would be used to photograph — and electronically ticket — vehicles that illegally travel in designated bus lanes.

(Source: NY Times)

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  1. And then they wonder why everyone is leaving NYC? Thank you to those councilmembers that are making it unaffordable. They should reduce the fine to make uo for the signicant amount of increased tickets. No they increase the price, increase the fine, and reduce the cities expences as less people will fight it as there are no points.

  2. The issue is not the fine. The real issue is that it is now considered a parking ticket, meaning any traffic agent can issue it. Traffic agents are not as accountable as Police officers and we know what their reputation is. Look for an increase in agents getting hit by cars, trying to run into the street to give a ticket to a moving vehicle. I hope that someone takes this to court and makes away with it.

    Bloomberg needs to stop nickel and diming the hard working New Yorkers.

  3. Tickets that can be issued by traffic cops will result in significantly more revenue – and the fine goes up, to boot.

    Let them target the city buses that creep into the intersection just as the light is changing and block ALL 4 LANES of traffic. I see this at least once a day.

  4. It is better for citizens if the law is passed and people drive legally. Do not drive into intersection when you don’t have room to drive accross. Violations cause major gridlock, can be spotted anytime on sadova ring road…

  5. Make more rules to provide safety and better driving conditions, just make sure that the proper car and driver are ticketed. They deserve to pay the bucks!!!

  6. I believe in strict enforcement of ALL moving violations. Moving violations are a threat to human life and/or (as in this case) a traffic hazard.

    Less focus on parking violations and more on moving.

  7. It’s not enough, mabey 4 points plus $250.00 will help
    and if the city really needs the money, let them put a few of those on 13th Ave.

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