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HATE: Man Arrested After Dumping Human Waste Outside Florida Chabad Shul, Yelling “Jews Should Die”

Police have arrested a man who they say yelled antisemitic remarks at a rabbi and dumped a bag of human feces in front of a South Florida synagogue.

Hallandale Beach police arrested Jeffrey Carl Fleming on Monday on charges of felony stalking with a hate crime enhancement and littering human waste. He was being held Tuesday morning without bond at the Broward County Jail. Details on his arrest were not released.

Capt. Pedro Abut said in a statement that Fleming, 39, is the man who was captured on cellphone video who went on a rant outside the Chabad of South Broward on Friday.

The man, barefoot and dressed in a white robe, left and returned a short time later, carrying a bag or pillowcase that contained human feces. He dumped the bag in front of the synagogue and yelled, “Jews should die,” according to a police report.

He also spat at a menorah near a sidewalk, according to the police.

Court records do not indicate if Fleming has an attorney.



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  1. No attorney? Surprising. Most guys on the street in bathrobes, bare feet, carrying bags of feces have attorneys from prior arrests.

  2. i think the reason so many blacks are disproportionately antisemitic is the same reason they are disproportionately violent. They perceive civilized behavior as weakness. Same goes for muslims who perceive west’s aversion for violent conflict as weakness. Both can only be controlled from the position of strength, and by strength I mean violence greater than they themselves would inflict. This is the only deterrent for cultural groups that have failed to develop. Unfortunately, the will does not currently exist to try that approach.

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