US To ‘Prioritize’ Nagging Israel To End Demolitions Of Terrorists’ Homes

U.S. State Department spokesperson Ned Price speaks at a press briefing. (Nicholas Kamm/Pool via AP); Home of terrorist is demolished. (IDF)

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The US will prioritize placing pressure on Israel regarding its policy of demolishing the homes of terrorists, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on Thursday.

“We attach a good deal of priority to this, knowing that the home of an entire family shouldn’t be demolished for the action of one individual,” Price said at a press briefing.

“The secretary and other senior officials here at the State Department in recent days have raised these concerns directly with senior Israeli officials, and we will continue to do so as long as this practice continues. As we’ve said numerous times now, the home of an entire family should not be demolished for the actions of one individual,” Price concluded.

The US criticism is a departure from the policy of previous administrations who did not involve themselves in Israel’s practice of home demolitions.

Price’s statement followed the US’s public condemnation of the demolition of the home of Muntassar Shalabi, who murdered yeshivah student Yehuda Guetta, h’yd, 19, and injured two others in a drive-by terror shooting attack on May 2.

The demolition was delayed for several days due to the US attempt to stop it but Israeli officials at the time said that they will ultimately carry out the demolition even if it means a conflict with the US.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office responded to the US statement on Thursday by saying: “The Prime Minister appreciates and respects the US government. At the same time, he acts only in accordance with Israel’s security considerations and the protection of the lives of Israeli citizens.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What about the entire families of the Kedoshim that were brutally murdered by these animals. And what about the entire Jewish nation that shares in their pain. The other members of these animals families are proud of the murderer and celebrate the fact that their family member took part of what they consider to be the most noble of actions. Does America have a policy that if someone commits a crime the person should not go to jail because it will affect his or her relatives and friends?! I don’t think so! So shut up you wicked Biden administration. You are nothing but terrorist sympathizers!

  2. Instead of doing what you can to help prevent future terrorist attacks against the Jewish People r’l, you are just encouraging terrorism. You are hoping for and expecting more attacks r’l, after all you are making it a priority to protect these terrorist families in the future. How dare you! You are working on building up the Gaza terrorist base so there can be more attacks against E.Y. chas v’shalom. Shame on you Biden administration. Shame on you!

  3. Of course, the State Department will also be ‘nagging’ the Palestinians to stop punishing Israeli families by attacking and murdering their family members…

  4. well, there are a few choice words for the US____i’ll let Hashem handle the US, everything else___the world is sharing it lack of heart and mostly seichal

  5. Maybe if they priorotized making sure that the families of terrorists stop receiving money from Hamas, it would help the situation…

  6. Let’s start at the beginning. Maybe America should condemn the terrorists and the would be murderers in the strongest possible way and nor send financial aid to them. Then they won’t have to deal with possible house demolitions. At this point, it is one of the only deterrents Israel has. Though when that stunning home was demolished last week, I thought how some of their own neighbours might have gloated to see it happen.

  7. This statement by the US government is completely hypocritical.

    The US government started a war in Afghanistan because they were harboring terrorists like Al Quaida. The US government’s sentiment was that one who harbors a terrorist is like the terrorist himself. Based on that line of logic, why shouldn’t the family who is harboring a terrorist also suffer the consequences due that terrorist by having their home demolished?

    Furthermore, why doesn’t the US government focus on its own actions instead of the Israeli government’s actions? Perhaps the US could stop sending funds to the Palestinian Authority which turns around and pays terrorists for their acts of terrorism against Israelis. Why doesn’t the US stop its funding of the Terrorist Incentive Plan?

  8. The Democrats can’t even control the mobs of violent terrorists running loose in American cities. They have no business telling another nation how to deal with terrorism.

  9. Aiding and abetting includes encouraging, supporting, giving safe harbor etc making the family parties and partners to the terrorists.

    The house where planning and preparation of terror took place is an instrument of crime which is forfeited to the State – even if only proven on balance of probability.

    Aside for the leeway every government has when dealing with national security issues (such as terror).

    Terror is not “just” a regular murderer, and should not be treated by normative rules applicable to criminals.

    In addition, a foreign state interfering with internal legal state policy of another state is a no-no.

    Can Israel protest US policy on capital punishment, eviction of illegal immigrants, mandatory sentences for certain crimes?!

    Israel should reply strongly that the US cannot micro manage the Israeli criminal justice system, especially on crimes of terror and national security.

  10. looks like the White House has already come down______when US believes they can tell us/me what to do or Britain can tell us what to do with our ailing children it is time to close our borders boundaries to these heathens

  11. Israel is its own sovereign country and the U.S. should mind its own simmering keg before sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong. What gall the White House and the State Department have to meddle in internal affairs of other countries? The chutzpa is beyond comprehension. Their Sinas Yisroel is so clear. They’re busy providing protection to terrorists: they don’t even realize how ill their logic is. Not a word uttered about the terrorist’s actions just support for his poor family whose getting stipends from Abbas and his Palestinian criminal cohorts. Not a word! This is the Democrats America voted for. As for Biden, does he even know what his administration’s position is?