Top Moving Gadgets You Need to Try in 2021 For a Stress-free Home Remodeling Job


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Whether you are getting ready to move to a new place and turn over a new leaf or start a remodeling job on your current home, you should get ready for a rollercoaster of feelings: stress, anxiety, fear of failure, happiness, and excitement.

Luckily, there is a gadget for anything and everything nowadays and this includes moving and home remodeling. Without further ado, let’s check out a few of the most interesting gadgets that you should seriously consider adding to your shopping cart if you are preparing for any of these daunting tasks.

Smart Vacuum Robots

The Roomba 600 Series Vacuuming Robot is an excellent example of a gadget that will prove to be extremely handy when hiring an expert mover at to relocate to a new apartment or house. In theory, a new home should be dust- and dirt-free, especially when talking about a brand new property fresh out of the hands of construction workers. However, once the movers will start bringing in all your boxes, the mud will start pilling up, especially on a rainy day. A vacuuming robot can keep the floors looking and feeling clean and fresh for a longer time, giving you more peace of mind and comfort while settling in.

Plus, a home remodeling job that involves plenty of debris and sawdust can be kept under better control with the help of a vacuuming robot. Roomba features a set of brushes, while the majority of standard robotic vacuums only feature a single brush. If you are ready to get an online moving estimate and start packing, make sure you include buying a Roomba on your TO DO list and thank yourself later.

Pet Trackers

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you might try to explain the process of moving into a new home to your beloved pets, chances are they will feel anxious and try to escape the hassle. This is where a pet tracker comes into the picture. A gadget like the Kyon pet tracker will provide you with all the necessary GPS details that you will need to rapidly locate your dog or cat in case they decide to venture away from home during remodeling. The tracker is similar to standard collars and it comes with a special component that will light up to alert passers-by in the street through a visible “I am lost” sign. The device also relies on a special algorithm that can tell you the state your company animal is in during the relocation or home remodeling. Use these signals to try to anticipate their escape.

Item Trackers

Not only do pets need extra tracking during the hassle that any home move or remodeling project incurs. A special gadget like the Pixie Item Tracker can assist you with keeping close track of your

essential moving boxes, whether it is your box of essentials that you would not be able to spend a single night over at the new house or some important documents.

Easily put a tracker called a Pixie Point on the most important items you would like to track and use your iPhone to get the exact location of your boxes, with a precision of just a few inches. This means you will easily find that box of toiletries in a room full of unmarked moving boxes.

Color-Picking Apps

If you are moving to a new apartment or house and you would like to repaint the old walls in a different color, or your remodeling project also involves painting the walls, check out a special app like the Swatches app for iOS users. The app will ask you to point the phone’s camera at the color that you would like to learn more about and instantly receive all the details concerning the respective hue. Whether you are into Pantone colors, RGB, or Benjamin Moore, entire palettes of shades can be recognized and shared with others on the spot, so matter if you are seeing it online, on tv, or while doing grocery shopping.

Finally, smoke alarms with vocal alerts that you can control using your smartphone and home energy monitoring devices are also recommended solutions for any home moving or remodeling project.