TROUBLE IN SOUTH BLOOMING GROVE: Board of Elections Accused Of Playing With Hasidic Vote


Askanim in Orange County, NY, are accusing the Board of Elections of deliberately withholding the results of the write-in votes in South Blooming Grove’s Ward 4 district election after a major grassroots voter turnout effort and write-in effort by the Chasidic community.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the other races in the entire county had already been tabulated and publicized but for the Ward 4 District.

A federal civil lawsuit is also reportedly being considered over allegations they say amounts to voter suppression, intimidation, and blatant discrimination by officials in the Board of Elections.

Askanim involved in the matter told YWN that there appears to be a separate set of rules when it comes to this ward, adding that alleged incidents in which officials violated the NYS Election law and code of ethics and then tried covering them up are well documented.

A number of chasidim from the area also report that special FedEx couriers were seen in the Village of South Blooming Grove in the wee hours of Election Day hastily delivering absentee ballots via certified messenger. The absentee ballots had been requested nearly a month ago, according to sources, but were allegedly withheld for unknown reasons or justification by the Board of Elections.

The Orange County DA is reportedly investigating a request for 718 mail-in ballots to be sent to a single address in South Blooming Grove, with law enforcement officials believing that either an individual or several people requested the mail-in ballots on behalf of others, which is illegal.

Acting AG and gubernatorial candidate Letitia James has reportedly been briefed on the unfolding developments.

Stay tuned for more on this.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Not unique.
    I live in Madison, Brooklyn. I went to scan my mail in ballot in person but that was refused. They offered to allow me to vote in person so I agreed. I was given only one page of the two page ballot. I objected and loudly announced that they could not disenfranchise me.
    The manager (no name tag) apologized, made it right but would not take a report or document the incident.

    PS, in the last election my mail in ballot was ultimately not accepted, there is a legal way to check on this. It seems there is an attempt to delete mail in votes from Jewish areas/Jewish names.

  2. Well I just read an article on implying that it was the Hasidic Jews who were behind the 700 ballot requests.
    Is that a libel or did the Jews also plat games?