WATCH: DeBlasio Praises Hatzolah, CEO Rabbi Kalish Urges Testing, Vaccinations at Mayor’s Press Conference


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The CEO of Chevrah Hatzolah, Rabbi Yechiel Kalish, was invited to speak at NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s press conference today, in which he urged people to get vaccinated and test for Covid before traveling and gathering.

Introducing the Hatzolah CEO, Mayor de Blasio applauded the organization for the incredible work they have done throughout the Covid pandemic.

“One of the great stories of the fight against Covid has been what community organizations have done to reach people,” de Blasio said. “Hatzolah, which is an amazing ambulance corps, out there saving lives all the time… The work they have done year in and year out is amazing, but during Covid, the good people in Hatzolah have been out encouraging people to get tested, encouraging people to get vaccinated… they played a crucial role at the community level.

Chevra Hatzalah in New York has nearly 2,000 volunteer EMTs and paramedics who answer more than 70,000 calls annually with private vehicles and a fleet of more than ninety ambulances.

R’ Kalish then came on the telecast and urged all to follow the advice of health experts.

“Chanukah is coming to our community, the holidays are coming to the city of New York, and we can’t stop,” R’ Kalish said.

“We have to make sure that we know that the CDC and Dr. Long and the mayor are all urging us to test before we travel, to test before we gather,” he said. “The FDA has approved vaccines for children ages 5 to 12; make sure to speak to your medical professional – I am not a doctor – to make sure that it makes sense for your children to get vaccinated. And if you’re over 18, make sure to ask your doctor to see if you’re healthy enough to get the booster.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. YOSSIES There’s NOTHING wrong with a non-doctor telling people to speak to their doctors!

    Also, our job in Galus is to treat our rulers and politicians with some Chanupah regardless of their politics and Rabbi Kalisch did a great service to the community here. Thank you Rabbi!

  2. This particular rasha is on his way out, so why kiss his ring, why endorse this highly questionable “vaccine”, especially for children? WHY??

  3. Obviously De Blasio is considering running for governor so he now has to pretend he is a friend of the frum community.

    During the days of the red zones and NYC inspectors giving violations left and right to CLOSED shuls and businesses but only in the frum parts of the red zones I emailed a politely word protest to a some government agencies. No answer from anyone other than the NYC advocates office who said that it isn’t their office sending out inspectors.

    All of the sudden a few weeks ago I get this email from De Blasio’s office apologizing for their delay in responding and full of fluff about how they appreciate my bringing this to their attention, it is no longer an issue now but they love hearing from and helping constituents blah, blah, blah

  4. Deblasio is the worst mayor in history — But speaker here came across like a mentch representing the Jewish community . He has an organization to run— A very important one— and he had no choice.

  5. I’m sure that big pharma paid Kalisch big bucks to say this!! Have you seen him driving the latest Tesla?! I just made that up; I tried to keep it sounding similar to what nutso conspiracy people might have said.

    YOSSIES – totally agree. Why trust someone who has overseen the care of hundreds, and thousands, of sick people over the last 18 months, and who has directly seen the positive impact of vaccines. Let’s all trust what anonymous uneducated, scientifically-illiterate people say on youtube videos that circulate in whatsapp groups!!

  6. echs! I totally get it! He is definitely tiptoeing around what he can and cannot stand what he should not say! Its almost like he has a gun to his head! Do you think public figures have a choice? NO! He said that he and his wife got vaccinated but he didn’t say that about his kids! He said check with your doctor. I dont think anyone should do it but at least he is not advocating for teens and kids and people of childbearing age to do it! Read between the lines. Truth is no public figure has the gut to call it what it is! …..

  7. Ask yourself: Why was such absurd crazy efforts made by these Corrupt health bureaucrats to Block HCQ, a safe approved drug used for decades. For early treatment of Covid, certainly a good try before deadly ventilators. Why, why was it blocked? Why did hatzolah go along with not seeking early treatments.