WATCH: “Badatz” Malinovsky Misquotes The Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Discussions are currently being held in the Knesset’s “Religious” Services Committee on the government’s proposed reforms to giyur, and the committee’s chairman, Yisrael Beiteinu MK Yulia Malinovsky, made a statement on Tuesday revealing her utter ignorance about halachah.

“Israel’s responsibility is to make sure that the giyur process will be respectful and warm…we have 600 and something mitzvos and ultimately the Lubavitcher Rebbe chose ten of them and said ‘at least these’ so we can also reduce them [the number of mitzvos necessary for giyur],” she said.

Sources in Chabad responded, as quoted by Kikar H’Shabbat: “It’s ignorance and foolishness to say that the Rebbe, who was makpid al kalah k’bachamurah, chose only 10 mitzvos.”

“The Rebbe did have ten Jewish mivtzaim (projects) like tefillin, Torah – that he urged his chassidim to be mazekeh the rabbim with. But it’s impossible to deduce from this that this minimizes other mitzvos – and by the way one of the Rebbe’s projects was kashrus – to be makpid that Jews eat kosher.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Does this mean MK Yulia Malinovsky is a Chabadsker, or does she want to become one? Does she realize that not all chareidim subscribe to the shitos and minhagim of Chabad? In fact, most of the Yeshivish and Chassidish world clearly don’t follow the derech of Chabad. Some even call themselves “misnagdim” to Lubavitch. So what is her point???

  2. “600 and something” should be the headline of this article. We’re dealing with people who say shema yisroel Hashem elokeinu leolam vaed or whatever netanyahu said a few years back, and this lovely woman who doesn’t know how many mitzvos there are, yet sits on a committee for religious issues. Utter, indefensible incompetence.

  3. The irony is, that the one topic that the Rebbe consistently discussed in heated tones, every single Shabbos, with no exception, is the idea of Mi Hu Yehudi…

  4. Modern physics recognizes about 31 or 32 fundamental particles. That is too confusing for me. I once read an article on the back of a cereal box that says the there are only 21. That makes me just as much an expert as a nuclear physicist. So in the interest of “Shalom”, let’s take the average and agree that there are 25 and we can all stop fighting. Using the same rationale, that is how a person totally ignorant of Halachah can claim to be an expert.

  5. Rebbetzin, be aware that the majority of Chareidim have no knowledge of the shitos and minhagim of Chabad and therefore hold their opinions for or against out of utter ignorance. However, the one thing that chabad is clear on is that acceptance of all mitzvos is a prerequisite for giyur. The article was meant to highlight Malinovsky’s ignorance. Who holds what about Chabad was not relevant.