Flatbush Family Loses Everything in Chanukah Blaze [PHOTOS]


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A fast-moving blaze tore through a Flatbush home on the third night of Chanukah, causing extensive damage and undermining the structure’s integrity.

The fire began just after 8 pm on East 5th Street near Avenue V. Thankfully, all of the home’s inhabitants were able to safely evacuate.

The FDNY and NYPD responded to the inferno within minutes, and successfully brought the fire under control after approximately 45 minutes.

The family unfortunately lost all of its valuables in the fire. Flatbush Shomrim has been assisting the family with their most pressing needs and are working tirelessly to obtain necessities, such as clothing, that the family no longer has.

An emergency fund has been set up to assist the family. Please donate generously.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I would would give to this cause, except that, here and on the donation page, an important detail was left out…
    Did the family have home/rental insurance?
    If yes, does it cover the value of whatever was lost?
    Editor, please update article or reply in comments.

  2. on all these campaigns
    no one has home insurance ?
    renters insurance ?
    life insurance?
    where is the achrayus to ones family?
    or is money only for the important things in life such as 8 dollar donughts and pesach in orlando

  3. WHY??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    ever year we have these stories….


    please be careful…5 more days/nights…

  4. @yossies, I know the family personally. I can vouch that they are not getting $4 donuts and are not going away for pesach. Pls, let’s be kind, ppl read comments about their tragedy and will see these comments.

  5. @nikkichum, I am part of the community and can vouch for it. There is also a drive going on to get them clothing and shoes. Dropoff is at 2382 E5th street. @ywnmod if you want I can add the details of the sizes they need and you can add to post. Also I can show verification that the clothing/shoe drive is legit.

  6. I wanted to post a useful piece of knowledge for anyone who ever needs
    If there’s a fire and the clothes reek of smoke but are not actually burned , they can be cleaned
    Wash with large amounts of vinegar and some baking soda
    May need a second wash but smell should disappear