CHANUKAH PRESENT FROM DEBLASIO: Issues Vaccine Mandate On NYC Yeshivas, Private Schools


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As part of New York City’s latest vaccine push, employees at yeshivos and other private schools will be required to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The new mandate will affect approximately 930 New York City yeshivos and private schools, and over 56,000 employees.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the new mandate will help keep New Yorkers safe.

“We’re doing everything in our power to protect our students and school staff, and a mandate for nonpublic school employees will help keep our school communities and youngest New Yorkers safe,” the mayor said in a statement.

Teachers and employees at public schools have already been mandated to be vaccinated, with over 95% of public school staff and employees now vaccinated.

The new mandate is expected to face stiff opposition from yeshivos, and lawsuits are likely to be filed in the immediate future.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “The new mandate is expected to face stiff opposition from yeshivos,”


    why would it face any opposition, let alone “stiff” , thats bizzare

  2. Frankly the Yeshivos and private schools should have been encouraging vaccines on their own, even if not mandating them. It isn’t all that different from any other up-to-date immunization record that many schools and camps require.

  3. Yes unfortunately our community will thanks they are smarter than the works and most of our very smart community is against the vaccine .

  4. This is a disaster for schools. I know many teachers and rebbes who are adamantly opposed to vaccination . Many are young and already had covid

  5. But to mandate that every rebbi in every yeshiva in NYC HAVE to be vaccinated is NOT acceptable. If they want to, then they should. They shouldn’t be forced!

  6. 90% physician will tell you in behind closed doors not to touch it. And wait.

    But in public they are Afraid to speak up.
    Many doctors raised there opinion in public and few days later they where found dead

  7. Oh come on we’re not going to have a debate over here about whether people should get vaccinated, and i don’t think your brother should lose their jobs based on that.

  8. @yaakov doe (wife of yenta doe?): Aside from the fact that there definitely are frum doctors, (aside from the known anti-vax ones) who don’t feel that everyone should rush to vaccinate, are all legal experts 100% confident that this enforcement is legal?

  9. כל הכבוד and long overdue, and please mandate it:-
    1) for every Yeshiva student too
    2) for every Shul employee too
    3) for every Shul attender too
    It’s long overdue to enforce ונשמרתם מאד לנפשותיכם

  10. Looks like this mamzer has some support in our community…

    The rot is deep, we will overcome. That’s not the first rasha on history to rise up against yidden, and will bite the dust like the rest of them, b’sras Hashem

  11. When making decisions in life, most adults use a risk / benefit analysis. Knowing what we know so far anyway about Covid, is that the overwhelming majority of deaths occurred in the elderly as well as in patients with comorbidities. Since we don’t know what the long term effects of this vaccine are, as it uses new technology, it would make sense to give it to the people who are most at risk. Children have with the exception of those with comorbidities have an exceptionally low death rate from this disease. So the question that parents should be asking is, is the benefit of vaccinating young children worth the risk to vaccinate them. This question should definitely not be left up to some politician.

  12. Rebbeim are religious/synagogue/church employees, not private school employees. The State cannot mandate for church employees, specifically, that doesn’t apply to all private employers.

  13. If you want to take the vaccine – please take it and you will likely be protected so you dont have to worry if others don’t. Please stop telling everyone else what to do. Enough. Why is everyone that is vaccinated and protected so worried about those that aren’t. It is completely illogical and I feel the whole world has gone mad. BTW I have taken it and have nothing agaisnt it. I am only against forcing your opinions on others.

  14. The type of people who support this are for most part the same Resoyim who supported the red zones, which even NYS itself admits had no medical basis for. Yes I am vaccinated and think most people should get vaccinated as well. But those who try forcing it are for the most part Resoyim.

    And anyone who thinks this is being done out of concern for our community is an idiot. Back when vaccines first came out and only preferred neighborhoods got them askonim begged De Blasion to include the frum neighborhoods as preferred vaccination neighborhoods due to the (alleged) high corona rates there. He absolutely refused .YMS

  15. I couldn’t care less…Shame on all the big shots that ignored so many NY parents who were screaming for help 2 yrs ago.

    Now, the Yeshivos are eating the soup they cooked. 2 and a half years ago when so many parents were begging, pleading and crying not to kick out their precious kids that are not up to date with the mmr. We asked for help & were totally ignored by the Aguda & so many others when NY state was repealing the religious exempt forms. They were on the health department’s side. Now they lost the religious exempts for the covid vaccine.

    Shame on them! They should ask Mechilla from G-D and from all those children that were thrown out of school since religious exemption forms were considered worthless.

  16. Give me one good reason to vaccinate.
    In my family not one person vaccinated.
    In my Yeshiva where i work no one has vaccinated.

    I doubt anyone posting here vaccinates for the flu.
    Shoitim sheba’oilom.

  17. Ubiquitin, the yeshivos are adamantly against this because they will be forced to fire good teachers, on whom they depend, and will not be able to hire new teachers who are anywhere near as good. Some classes or even whole yeshivos may have to close for the rest of the year, or until the gezera is lifted. And of course the teachers will lose their livelihood and be thrown onto tzedaka. It’s a disaster.

  18. Why all the protests? Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, said that all should be vaccinated, and don’t all of the Yeshivish Yeshivos and Beis Yakovs in the NY area always push the “v’asisa kechol asher yorucha” line to make everyone toe the line? Why should this be any different?

    In fact, since those refusing to follow Rav Chaim’s instruction are effectively ignoring a Mitzvas Asei d’Oreisa, what sort of role models are the vaccine refusers – they have no business being mechanech Heilige Yiddishe Kinder – right?

    an Israeli Yod

  19. Why not mandate concentration camps for all the vaccine refusers? Anything goes. No limits.

    You would think Jews would have an ounce of seichel and learn from their own history, but no, they cook their own goose once again and stand with the evil godless people who want to destroy them.

  20. When the government outlaws alcohol which kills plenty of people and ruins many lives suddenly youll be singing a different tune
    What ונשמרתם?
    If the vaccine works, take it and your protected.
    If it doesn’t, why should the next guy take it.

    And besides, the government doesn’t belong as the guardian of my שמירת המצוות.

    I know people who died from the vaccine.
    Is there no ונשמרתם on that???

    The issue here is should the interment have the right to coerce people into doing something they are not comfortable with, when there is no clear public benefit (certain laws, traffic, taxes, מצוות שכליות, are clearly in the purview of government. But this? Should the government outlaw smoking? It’s a known killer. Probably killed way more people than corona. Even with the skewered

  21. People are so dumb to defend this mandate, I wonder if the poor sheep have any brains at all. After the initial pandemic in March, April and May of 2020, we the people in the Jewish communities all over NY were overwhelmingly living b”H healthy lives without masks, without lockdowns, and without covid-19 poison shots that actually do not prevent covid infection nor transmissability but have a host of potential fatal or serious negative medical side effects. That the mask wearing, shot taking sheep are dumb is one thing, but that they are practically trying to force us to live like them is violating our constitutional rights.

    It is myth that generally doctors support this shot. Thousands of doctors who refused the shot or spoke against the shot were terminated from their jobs and their careers destroyed. Therefore most doctors won’t publicly speak out against this poison shot, many are even afraid to advise their patients not to take the shot because of their sheep mentality so they keep quiet.

    Those in power power are nothing more than clowns who the sheep keep on voting into office.

  22. To 147 :
    You think you know better and that your opinions have to be forced upon the klal .
    1. You’re an idiot!
    2. You’re stupid!
    3. You would have likely been a kapo if you lived in the last dor (maybe you did and now you’re repeating your mistakes)
    4. You might not even be real just a product of AI pushing the agenda of its creators.

  23. Yaakov Doe[fus]:
    “Is there a single frum physician, other than Dr. Zelenko….”

    Does it make a difference whether the disagreeing physician is from or not? Does not being from mitigate medical knowledge just being liberal does? Do you have as much experience as Dr. Zelenko does? Do you know him personally or anything else about him besides what you’ve read about him by false media reporting, and the fact that he disagrees with you?

  24. It has not been proven that the vaccine protects. If it does why do they keep telling people to get boosters, and why are there new strains of covid coming out all the time. I say, don’t vaccinate. Be proactive and take immunity booster, like vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D and quercetin. I;m not getting any shots.

  25. Many doctors that I know are privately telling their patients not to get vaccinated- especially those with certain health conditions or the young or the immune. However they are afraid to speak up publicly.
    Mandates have no place- scientifically no evidence shows that the vax protects anyone other than the person who took it. (Which we still have no idea the long or short term consequences) so any mandates to “protect” others is utter garbage. Furthermore yeshivos will absolutely lose critical staff…. Ironically now they will finally argue against government overreach into religious institutions. When parents didn’t want to vaccinate their children several years ago- many due to a serious reaction they had witnessed in their own child – they received only derision. Look how the tables have turned when the government now wants the ability to force everyone to vaccinate.
    And it’s definitely something we can fight in court but the guy who thinks he’s god made sure not to allow enough time.

  26. from website:: The cdc received 10,128 reports of death among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. and i received covid last month so i have full Natural Immunity

  27. Philosopher, I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    This needs to be repeated again and again, not shouted, because truth is loud enough and will prevail.
    Unfortunately, there are so many brainless fools (or people with brains who don’t use them).
    They say, “You can fool some people all the time, all people some of the time, and in this case the good ole’ sheeple ALL THE TIME.
    Enjoy your jabs! But leave the rest of us alone. … Take a dozen boosters and “feel” safe!

  28. Agree with all the anti-vaccine mandate posters. Yeshivos that want to increase the risk of serious illness and death for their talmidim should have an absolute right to do so without any governmental interference. It doesn’t matter if they are right/wrong regarding the benefits of greater vaccination rates among the employees. If they are willing to take the risk of increased mortality, and the parents are equally sanguine about mortality outcomes, that is their right.

  29. @charliehall, SAVE LIVES?
    My daughter, recovered and stupidly got the three shots in according to her “let-me better not mention”, miscarried for the first time after seven full pregnancies.

  30. @ZM
    You are totally right.
    Ever wondered why it’s a number (“147”), not an actual name? There are probably thousands of AI trolls that are named based on their numbers. 147 is probably the 147th troll. I don’t believe any Jewish human will even suggest that every “Yeshiva student” and “Shul Attender” should be vaccinated.

  31. there are no official injury protocols yet and no one has yet to receive one penny and compensation. What if it happens to you?

    If anyone knows a doctor treating any of the below, please enlighten us. (Israel) (USA & Canada)

    I’m looking forward for vaccine that has much better SAFETY profile and EFFICACIOUS against ALL variants, vs the original Wuhan strain. Until then I choose to rely on my natural immunity (recognized in many other countries since the whole point of a vaccine is to elicit immune response).