Trump Calls on Republicans to Move Past “Disaster” McConnell

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

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Former President Donald Trump attacked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for the umpteenth time, calling him a “disaster” for allowing the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill to pass through Congress, and asserting that Republicans need new leadership.

“Mitch McConnell is a disaster,” Trump told Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” program.

“The Republicans have to get a new leader. Mitch McConnell allowed this to happen. The ‘un-frastructure’ bill, I call it ‘un-frastructure,’ not infrastructure,” Trump said.

Trump claimed that only 9% of the funds allocated by the legislation will go to actual infrastructure projects.

“There was no way that that should have been passed. It should have been 100% for infrastructure,” Trump said.

Depending on which estimate one relies on, the actual percentage of funds being spent on projects historically considered to be “infrastructure” ranges from 46% to 80% – far higher than Trump claimed.

Trump also blasted McConnell for allowing Democrats to raise the debt ceiling without gaining more concessions from them, and implying that the Democratic push to pass voting rights legislation is the result of McConnell’s weakness.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I don’t think this shvuntz realizes that most of the Republicans in the Senate support McConnell and could care less about his rants. Notwithstanding my contempt for the guy’s policies, McConnell has done an incredible job for Repubicans on getting conservative Supreme court justices confirmed and slowing Biden’s agenda.