Mix and Match Furniture Styles in Your Home


Is your house leaving you feeling less than inspired? Does it lack in style and uniqueness? This is a common complaint that homeowners can have and it’s not always as easy as just picking up a few new items. You want to be sure the purchases and style choices you make aren’t just trendy but reflect your personality and needs in a living space. With those factors in mind here are some of the ways you can mix and match furniture styles in your home ensuring the space has flow and cohesion.

Focus on One Statement Piece in the Room

Because each room of the house tends to have more than just one piece of furniture, you want to mix and match in a way that isn’t overwhelming. Experts often suggest you choose one piece of furniture that will act as a statement piece – while still also being a staple in the room – and then all other items can complement it.

One example can be to choose an especially interesting looking sofa in a modern or contemporary design, using a fabric or material that is eye-catching. All of the other pieces of furniture need to work with that design concept while not matching it exactly. The moment people walk into that room, the first thing they will notice is that piece of furniture. You’ve managed to create a statement piece with furniture and it’s still practical and useable.

Make Use of the Wall Space

It’s also a good idea to make use of the wall space whenever possible. Rather than just pushing furniture against all the walls in the room, think about adding interesting pieces that provide a level of function and storage to the room. Bookcases, shelving units and TV units are all excellent examples of furniture that makes use of wall space yet is great to look at.

When choosing these pieces, stick to the main theme of the room but then don’t be afraid to choose something different looking. A theme could be a particular type of wood used for the furniture, a specific colour palette, a style or any other design element. You can check out shops like Dino Fino furniture in Malta to get an idea of how wall pieces can work in your space.

Try Mixing Pieces from Other Rooms

So, what happens if you like the idea of mixing and matching furniture but don’t want to have to buy all new pieces? A budget-friendly tip is to look at moving around pieces from room to room. Combine different styles to create an eclectic look. It won’t cost you any money yet it will look like you’ve spent a small fortune on new pieces.

The great thing about this tip is that when you tire of how it looks, you can mix things up again. Nothing is permanent.

Try Refinishing Furniture to Mix Styles

Also in the money-saving category is the idea of refinishing furniture that you already have to give it a new lease of life. If you find the pieces are tired looking, not your current style, or everything matches a little too perfect and lacks in personality, refinishing can be the perfect solution. Refinishing wood furniture requires a lot of steps and can be time consuming, but the results are well worth it. There are plenty of tutorials and guides you can refer to online for tips.

If the pieces you want to refinish are fabric, then you reupholster them. This means you swap out the old fabric for new, or just put it right over the existing fabric. Just as with refinishing wood, you’ll find lots of tips online that will walk you through the process.

What happens if you don’t have any pieces you can refinish? Try visiting a second-hand store and go in with an open mind. Remember, you just need to be sure you like the size and general style of the item and that it has good bones. All the rest is cosmetic, which you can alter.

Ensure the Scale of the Pieces Work Together

The final tip is a bit more advanced, but one you’ll still want to make note of. In mixing furniture styles, you need to be aware of the scale, or the size of the pieces. It can be quite tempting to pick a bunch of oversized or small-sized pieces thinking they will work together because they are the same size. This isn’t how design works. If you have a room packed with oversized pieces, it’s not going to be pleasing to the eye, and the same goes for smaller pieces.

Just as you mix and match styles, mix and match the scale so they work together. If you have a large, oversized sofa, pick a smaller, more streamlined coffee table as an example.

These tips on how to mix and match furniture styles in your home will allow you to create something beautiful, unique, and customised. The trick is to do so in a way that the design style still flows and feels cohesive from room to room.