711 Iranian Jews In Israel Undergo Second Bris Milah

Radio host Avi Maimon tells the story of the 71-year-old Iranian Jew who underwent a second bris milah.

Hundreds of Jews in Israel from Iran underwent a second bris milah according to the p’sak of HaGaon HaRav Shlomo Machpud, Kol B’Rama Radio reported.

It was recently discovered in Israel that the brissim carried out for many Jews from the city of Shiraz and other areas were not performed according to halacha, said Rav Aryeh Amit, a mohel who works for the organization Bris Yosef Yitzchak, an international non-profit organization that provides a free bris milah for any Jew worldwide.

HaRav Machpud paskened that the Jews had to undergo a second bris milah and 711 Iranian Jews eventually underwent the procedure.

Radio host Avi Maimon spoke about the issue and HaRav Machpud’s p’sak on Kol B’Rama Radio. One of the listeners was a 71-year-old frum Iranian Jew who feared that the p’sak applied to him but understandably had great fears about going under the knife. But after he went to HaRav Machpud, who paskened that he was an arel d’oroiysa, he underwent the procedure the next day.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Modern day אברהם אבינו. May it be a זכות for all of כלל ישראל during these challenging times. רבש”ע look down and see the devotion of Your people.

  2. this article is missing very important information. people need to know to if it applies to them. what were the reasons the circumcisions were not acceptable?

  3. So, they did brit before and now they also need a bris? YWN need some cultural awareness.
    Probably, mohel used an incomplete Muslim method?

  4. terrible miss information!! This is Chabad propaganda!
    R’ Machbud never said it!! YWN you should verify your cover stories before being motzi laaz on a community in klal yisrael.