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Brothers Who Escaped Lev Tahor Revisit Cult’s Former Site, Daven at Murdered Father’s Kever

Yoel and Mendy Levy, two brothers who escaped from the clutches of the Lev Tahor cult, returned to the site of their captivity in Guatemala to daven at their father’s grave, whose death is directly attributable to the cult’s leaders.

The boys’ father, Yehoshua, died at the site of group’s settlement in the South American country from severe neglect, with Lev Tahor leaders refusing to allow him to obtain critical medical treatment. Yehoshua sadly passed away and was buried in a forest not far from the Lev Tahor camp.

After Yehoshua’s death, cult leader Nachman Helbrans – now serving a lengthy sentence in a U.S. prison – decided that the family’s children should be taken from their mother and placed in other homes.

Yoel and Mendy subsequently escaped from the group and currently live in Canada.

In their visit to their former torturous home, Yoel and Mendy roamed the grounds of the former camp and davened at their father’s kever. Their mother is still sadly a member of Lev Tahor.


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9 Responses

  1. Prison is too good for Lev Tahor garbage!
    They need to be put in general population with full disclosure of their crimes!

  2. Joseph,

    Any words of comfort for the victims of your heroes, the merry band of very frum-dressing, kidnapping, molesting murderers?

  3. Are they wearing yarmulkes?
    sad that the mother is still in the cult, but also sad (even sadder) it looks like these boys don’t keep much any more…
    can’t blame them after what they’ve been through. Hopefully they’ll recover and come back. They look like such nice, sweet boys.

  4. This is so sad I personally know someone that dealt with two girls when they escaped this crazy cult and it took tons of convincing and explaining for them to agree that what they are doing is crazy and what the normal way of life is. Hope this two guys come back one day they seem very hurt and hope they are getting healed. It’s so sad to see this when there is so much going on anyway in the frum world. Hashem should help.

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